Lagos ACN Warns PDP To Steer Clear Of Tinubu

The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has warned that any attempt to arrest, detain or prosecute the indefatigable leader of the party and former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on politically motivated frivolous charges would be met with the stiffest possible resistance. The party urged the PDP to woo Nigerian voters by showcasing whatever it considers its achievements in the past twelve years than to resort to infantile political witch-hunt to boost its sagging potentials ahead of next month’s poll.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said it is becoming a notorious pastime of lazy, corrupt and evil minded members of the PDP to think they can manipulate the system to achieve their nefarious political interests. The party warned them not to stretch the tolerance and patience of Nigerians to inexhaustible limits by these desperate plotting that will only serve to remind Nigerians of the misrule of the country by the PDP for twelve years.

“We have known that ever since the PDP saw Asiwaju Tinubu as the single greatest impediment to their continued stealing of the mandates of Nigerians via greatly manipulated elections, it has been embroiled in a ceaseless hatching of plots to take him out of circulation and continue their brigandage with both the electoral system and governance in Nigeria. We have seen a rash of deep layered plots, intrigues and machinations by the PDP and its closet members to tar the image of this redoubtable leader of men as a way of executing a heinous plot against him. We have seen newspapers and columnists paid to carry out a large scale smear job on Tinubu and we have seen shameless purveyors of electoral fraud dance nakedly in the square, all in an attempt to paint Tinubu black and prepare the grounds for the execution of a diabolical plot to take him out of the way for another historical electoral fraud.

“The recent callous decision to withdraw the security personnel of Asiwaju Tinubu is proof that the PDP wants to compromise his security and possibly find ways to eliminate him for we cannot understand how a country can be ran as one huge animal farm where the fancies and idiosyncrasies of the king and his courtiers. We see the withdrawal of Asiwaju Tinubu’s security as a foretaste of the desperation that has hit the PDP and the plan to arrest Tinubu and ensure he stays out of the coming election is the topping of that desperate ploy by a desperate cabal that is impervious to the hard lessons of destroy to stay in power for ever.

“While we wish PDP well in their desperate effort to take out the undisputable leader of opposition in Nigeria, Asiwaju Tinubu, we urge them to tarry awhile and draw from the lessons of history, which has never failed to over awe such transient plots to arrest the tide of history. While it is largely acknowledged that the PDP is a collection of desperadoes that is blinded by lust for inordinate power, it is germane to warn them against inciting the people to the kind of mass action that is taking place in North Africa presently. They will be the biggest casualties to such action.

“Again, we know the inordinate lust for power by members of the PDP is legendary and their plot against Tinubu is just a way of promoting that illicit lust. We know that traditionally, the PDP’s power calculation is based on such tactics as the one against Tinubu, as a way of ensuring the party steals as many elections as possible. We know the PDP is aware of its notorious standing with Nigerians who want a quick rustication of that party. We know that having wasted twelve years, the PDP needs only a a howling electoral scam that will reduce the charade of 2007 to a child’s play to remain in power from April. We know that ensuring the main opposition leader is taken out ranks topmost in its many vile means. But we must warn that such action will be the beginning of the end of the PDP and all those that have troubled and ruined the Nigerian nation for the past twelve years.

“We warn the PDP to play to the rules and await the verdict of the people in April. We warn that any attempt to intimidate the opposition or rig the coming election will unleash unprecedented resistance from the Nigerian people. We warn that continued persecution of opposition leaders because they are seen as stumbling blocks to PDP’s continued stay in power will bear negative fruits that will take with it, not only the PDP but the entire nation”.


  1. If anyone have anything against Tinubu, they had the last 3 years to do that, please and please leave him alone until after the elections because we are already viewing it as a politically motivated issue.

    I want everyone to note that man is above the law but remember that Tinubu had lost immunity for over 3 years and no body cared to punish him for owning a foreign account while in office.

    I hope this is not Bode George’s vandetta

  2. Usman and elijah,what is Tinubu’s offence dt the POVERTY DEVELOPMENT PARTy is planning to arrest him. Shame on PDP and jonathan. A president who doesnt have a mind of his own but is being push around by d likes of Obj and olebode george.

  3. What is the problem with the PDP? Is this way of unifying Nigeria ? Let all the hullaboola of arresting Tinubu be stopped and face how Nigerians will be out of uneding poverty in the land. PDP should find ways of creating jobs, provide social amenities, electricity, pipe borne water and drugs in the hospitals. PDP SHOULD STOP STEALING OUR MONEY THAT MEANT FOR THE GENERALITY OF THE POPULACE !

  4. Why is ACN so daft that they think they can hold Nigeria hostage,when PDP is busy prosecuting their own for crime[corruption],ACN is busy protecting theirs.
    Is Tinubu bigger than Nigeria?
    Why is he afraid of arrest if he is innocent,because a guiltless conscience fears no accusation.
    Let him toll the part of honour and stop all these threat of causing trouble.

  5. While I am not in support of witchunting, all the talk by ACN above did not address the issue. Indeed, it makes one think that Tinubu may really skeleton in his cupboard. If Tinubu has nothing to fear, ACN should simply go on campaigning or else they should ask TInubu to confess. The law is no respecter of persons.

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