A suspected fraudster, Eugene Kuru has made a passionate appeal to court magistrate, Mrs. E. Kubanje at Isolo, Lagos State southwest Nigeria, to set him free because he was tired of committing crimes and will not go to crime again if he was released.

•Eugene Kuru

And the magistrate grantyed his request after the complained failoed to pursue the matter deligently.

The 31-year old Eugene claimed that he has learnt his lesson because his friends abandoned him when he was arrested and since then he has been languishing in prison custody at Kirikiri, Apapa, Lagos.

The Abia state-born man said that he came to Lagos in 2008 and was introduced into the popular local 419 and he was defrauding Lagosians until he was eventually nabbed late last year.

Areas he said was their operational base include the notorious Cele bus stop along Oshodi-Mile two expressway, Ilasa, Isolo, Ejigbo, Ikotun and Igando areas.

When P.M.NEWS asked him how they operate, he could only say that it was a network thing and those who fall victims are greedy Lagosians who want o get rich overnight.

“It is a brain and network thing and those who are victims are the greedy ones who do not have brain,” he stated.

Eugene was arrested last year at Cele bus stop after he allegedly defrauded Tosin Kehinde on the false pretence of making him a millionaire.

He asked him to bring some amount so that he will change it to dollars for him to become rich.

The victim reportedly gave him N110,000 in exchange for the dollars he promised him but instead of giving him the money, he bolted away.

But Tosin, having realised that had been duped, reported the matter at the police station.

After a manhunt, he was arrested and charged to court where he had earlier pleaded not guilty and was granted bail.  But he was shocked that none of his accomplices came to bail him.

When the matter came up for hearing, the complainant was not in court.

However, he pleaded with the court to release him because he had now repented.

Eugene said he will not go back to crime if set free.

The court ruled that since the complainant had not shown interest in the matter and because  of the plea of the defendant, the matter was subsequently struck out.

After he was asked to go, the defendant told P.M.NEWS that he was heading straight to his village.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe