Indy Label, X3M Music and Etcetera announced on Monday, 21 February, that they would no longer be working together.

•Steve and Yetunde Babaeko with Etcetera

The Lagos-based label, founded by Steve Babaeko, has pushed Etcetera for over three years, kicking against all odds to establish the singer-musician as a talent to court, in an environment where rock is so not fashionable.

Several chart-topping hits, two albums and multiple awards later, a spokesperson for the label says the point has been made and it is time to move on.

According to him, “there are no issues here, as many would want to think. We’re a small, close-knit family and we’ve put all we have into establishing whatever brands we’ve built today. We’re happy with what, together with our friends in the media and those in corporate Nigeria, we’ve been able to achieve with Etcetera, a genuinely talented musician that deserves far more than any celebration and decoration he’ll ever receive.

“But having both seen our contract, a three-year, two-album deal through and having looked at the relationship seriously, we have both agreed not to renew.

“It’s a tough decision to make, but it’s the best at this time and we plead with our friends and fans to understand and continue to support X3M and Etcetera.”

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