Salami’s Call Logs: Senior Lawyers To Sue For Libel

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Some senior lawyers accused of engaging in telephone conversations with the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Isa Salami, during hearings in the governorship appeal cases in Ekiti and Osun states have threatened to drag the petitioners and the newspapers that published the petitions to court.

Justice Salami

Some national dailies, including Nigerian Compass, Nigerian Tribune and ThisDay yesterday published the petitions sent to the presidency and the National Judicial Council, NJC, by former governors Olusegun Oni and Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Ekiti and Osun states respectively, accusing Justice Salami of engaging in telephone conversations with chieftains of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and their lawyers while the appeal cases were being heard.

The senior lawyers whose telephone numbers were published in the newspapers not only denied the allegations but threatened to sue the petitioners and the newspapers to court for wrong allegations.

Reacting to the publications, one of the senior lawyers whose telephone number was published, Chief Niyi Akintola, SAN, said the publication came as a surprise to him and vowed to take legal action against the newspapers.

Akintola described himself as a responsible lawyer who will not do anything to pervert justice, adding that it was crass ignorance to read meanings into conversation between a lawyer and a judge. “I have never spoken with any judge on a matter pending in court,” he stated categorically.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria said the only time he met Justice Salami was last year August in Kaduna at a seminar chaired by the judge.

Akintola disclosed that he only also spoke with Justice Salami during his recent tango with the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu and expressed disappointment with former Governor Segun Oni for involving him or any lawyer in the petition.

“I have handled many cases. I was the lead counsel to the Abia State matter and I handled many other cases. Human memory is very short I am highly disappointed in Oni, if not other people. I was not even a counsel in the Osun matter. The records of the court speak well of the writer of the petition. They would be joking to think they can use mind-slinging to get their cases reviewed,” Akintola stated.

He confirmed that he and others mentioned in the reports will look at the matter and take legal action. It won’t be funny because we will make example of all of them, the writers and the newspapers. All of us will take legal action against them.

“We have no apology for standing for Salami. They can’t intimidate or scare us,” he added.

Mr. Ricky Tarfa, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, whose name and telephone numbers were also mentioned in the reports denied his involvement in the cases and described the reports as baseless. “I don’t know anything about the case,” he stated.

In his own reaction, Yusuf Alli, SAN, whose telephone number, 08033340330, was also published as having interacted with Justice Salami when the appeals were being heard, vowed to take legal action against the newspapers that published the petition.

He said people can’t just sit down somewhere to write rubbish against another person.

“People know me and they know my antecedents. They can vouch for me. I was lead counsel for PDP’s former governors, Oyinlola of Osun State and Olusegun Oni of Ekiti State. I won’t do what they said against my clients. I don’t do underhand dealings with anybody,” he said defiantly.

A close associate of Justice Salami, Mr. Tunji Ijaya, who the report identified as the linkman between the Appeal Court President and ACN chieftains also denied the allegations and blamed stalwarts of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, for trying to frame him up.

Another senior lawyer mentioned in the scandal, Emeka Ngige also denied the allegations, describing it as baseless.

Ayo Fagbemi, SAN, whose telephone number was also published denied the allegation and threatened to sue the newspapers.

In its reaction to the publications, spokesman of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, described the allegations as an attempt to throw the country into avoidable crisis “over their desperation on the Ekiti and Osun governorship election petitions.



    chief omenazu tell nigerians who among PDP and ACN makes baseless allegation most. PDP is not as bad as you people in ACN want us to believe, your ACN is not a bit better than the PDP. so dont trade any blame on PDP here.


    @Chief Omenazu Jackson or whatever you call yourself,who on earth had been making hell of noise and allegations if not ACN.Among all other parties,their voice is loudest,even crying wolf when their is none.
    This is not a time to play partisanship but to face reality on the ground of these enormous allegations.
    If the alleged offence against our judges is found to be true,then where lies our hope?We are sure a doomed nation.

  3. dy

    there is no need for intimidation from anybody, who ever want to sue should sued, nigerian is awiting the outcome of this matter there must be an end to favouritism and nepotism in our judicial suystem. the published numbers are from a source so is MTN a member of PDP?

  4. Chief Omenazu Jackson(JP)

    I think making wild allegations is the trade mark of PDP we all know, but why is Oni and co crying when they know too well that they committed electoral fraud to become governors and now that the court have unearthed their crime against humanity ,they have started accusing an innocent judge .Can the PDP as a party look up to heaven and claim they truly won elections in this country .I think the lawyer so accused should take legal action against the accusers and not the press .PDP should be told that if they repeat what they did in 2007 again in 2011 we will not speak through the courts but through protest and total rejection of the illegal government.


    Why the treat by our SANs to sue the newspapers that published the petitions? You can sue the petitioners and not the newspapers who merely reported what was contained in the petition. No one should try to intimidate the press for doing its job. People want to crucify the press when they are at the receiving end but praise it when a reports favours them,


    our judiciary system is in a mess,Hon.Salami has destroyed everything he meet at the appeal court.its time both Salami and the CJN goes

  7. elijah


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