Men of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) Alausa, Ikeja Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, have fully  commenced the enforcement of the use of the pedestrian bridge  at the Ojota area  of the state.

•Pedestrians dashing across the highway right under the foot bridge at the Ketu axis of Lagos-Ikorodu Expressway

Lagos State Government through KAI, it was gathered, commenced the enforcement about three week ago,  following the pedestrians’ disregard to the  government’s  appeal on the use of foot bridges across  the state.

P.M.NEWS observed that there was total compliance with the use of the facility at the Ojota axis of  Ikorodu Road.

KAI officials stationed at the area said the level of compliance has risen considerably. This they  said has allowed for free flow traffic in the ever busy road, just as it has helped to  reduce the  rate of accidents associated with  pedestrians while crossing the highway.

One of the officers who spoke on condition of anonymity said since the squad was commisioned to  monitor the area, pedestrians have been complying while the few erring ones were lawfully dealt with.

“Since we moved here, we have achieved 70 per cent to 80 per cent compliance. People now willingly use  the bridge but I think our policemen need to be educated on the importance of what we do here.

“Most of them will just cross the road without using the bridge and if you try to stop them, they will  say they are policemen and what is our business with their lives. They should be the ones maintaining  laws and orders, but they are the ones breaking the laws.

“Another set of people who normally gives us problem here is  the truck pushers. Just today, a truck  pusher physically engaged our men for stopping him from crossing the road, asking  how  we expect him  to carry his truck and climb the bridge,” said the KIA official.

However, at Ketu, the situation was different. It was observed that people were  crossing the highway  without using the foot bridge, and this has contributed to the traffic jam on the road.

—Ayodeji Dedeigbo

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