Jonathan Launches Campaign In Ibadan

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President Goodluck Jonathan stormed Ibadan, Oyo State, South West Nigeria today and said that the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, is ready to take over power from the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN in the southwest.

Addressing a campaign rally at Mapo, Ibadan in the Oyo State capital, Jonathan predicted that the PDP will take over power from “the rascals in Lagos this year and other parts of the Southwest whenever the elections in Ekiti and Osun states are held.

“Southwest is very important that the PDP cannot continue to leave power in the hands of rascals who are currently controlling it. For example, Lagos is a mini country and we cannot continue to leave it in the hands of other political parties,” Jonathan said.

He promised to tackle electricity, unemployment, economic and security problems.

He said out of the N500 billion set aside for rejuvenating the industries, N200 billion had already been made available.

Jonathan pledged that the entertainment industry will also be heavily invested in because it is creating jobs for the youths.

He also promised that rail transportation will be revived by his administration, adding that no project embarked upon by his administration will be abandoned.

Speaking also at the rally, former President Olusegun Obasanjo said that choice of Jonathan is to unite Nigerians, to strengthen the nation’s democracy and give a sense of belonging to all Nigerians.

He expressed confidence that Jonathan had been given the right tutelage to transform Nigeria.

In his speech, former ANPP Presidential aspirant, Chief Harry Akande, said the progressive in other political parties have failed Nigeria.

The National vice chairman of PDP in the southwest, Alhaji Tajudeen Oladipo, urged President Jonathan to give key positions to the people of the zone.

He asked him to develop the southwest in all ramifications.

The Speaker, House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, who described Obasanjo as ‘Ebora Owu,’ urged the youths not to allow the older generation to deny them of their rightful position in the country.

Some of the PDP bigwigs at the rally include Vice President Namadi Sambo Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, Chief Tony Anenih, former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, former Governor Segun Oni, Senator Iyiola Omisore and PDP national executives.

The southwest coordinator of Jonathan/Sambo campaign organisation and Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel was absent at the rally.

—Gbenga Adesina, Ibadan

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  1. Caleb Suleiman

    Mr. President, If it is true, you called one of us a rascal or radical, we may change our mind to vote for you. Few days ago you said the campain is not going to be personal but it will be about delivery. Our intension is to vote for ACN governors and PDP president which good for balance of power in both states and federal level. If you check history, Pa HMacauly, Eko man was radical by fight for Nigeria against colonian master till he died 1947. Awolowo fought against colonia master as well oppressors (conservatives, Emirs) till he died 1987. I think you remember Pa A. Ajasin, later Pa Adesanya, Pa Bola Ige, Pa Enahoro. Presently, Cornelious Adebayo, Pa Wole Soyinka, Gov Tinunbu, Gov Adam Oshiomole, Gov. Ifamimiko, Gov Ladoja, Gov. Aregbesola, Gov. Kayode, Gani Fawehinmi, Lawyer Falana, Dr Fasheun, Ganiyu Adams, President Obasanjo and so on. If notwe from Western part of the River Niger, Nigeria could have still be under second colonian Emirs for years. That is why you are President of Nigeria today. Many thanks

  2. Donbay

    This GEJ is goodluck of shame calling Lagos a mini country. What has been his contribution towards the achieved development of CAN in Lagos state. The rascal. Calling someone radical.

  3. Akinola

    I wonder what come over him I tink is d best candidate among non,can he GEJ and his baba OBJ match Asiwaju alone.I pity him , he just want 2 find talk ,he has find it he has seen it.he wil hear wen 2morow.

  4. Babarere

    GEJ like father like son.
    Instead of attacking ACN, Why not ask PDP Governors to learn from Fashola, Governor of Lagos state. He has done very well. He needs to be encouraged. As you continue in your campaign, please do not attack or abuse anybody. We have been learning humility, obedient, dedication and commitment. But now that the story has stated changing, what shall learn from you sir……….


    it shows true picture of pres. jonathan, he’s not worth ruling but to be ruled. ACN has imparted positively unlike PDP.

  6. ola jimoh

    Ohh Daniel what a pity,your journey to acquire the government house to your God son had been buried, i guess you want to be like Governor Emeritus Asiwaju but you fail in all hangle and even lost your senotorial ambition, GEJ is actually talking to OGD as Radicals because he is radical in all aspect of his politics. i wish you can cross over to ACN and reconcile with your God Father, it is part of the game in politics . Asiwaju … The Berlusconi of our time…

  7. wale

    It’s unfortunate that people like GEJ will win the election again come this April, as a young man compare to Obasanjo, I think he will provide us a purposeful leadership with a good programs and policies that will turn around the sleeping giant called Nigerian. But it’s unfortunate that what we can here from our so call president is calling an opposition leader rascals in a campaign where he suppose to role out his programs, I hope Mr. president sons and daughters will be listening to their father using abuse word on his fellow politician. I bet he is teaching his children how to use offensives words in the public. The Mr. President you have shown to the rest of the word and the Nigerians in particular that you are not different from the old politician; it would be good if you can stop chasing the shadows and tell us about your programs and policies and how you indent to achieve them and stop calling opposition names. I HOPE YOU WILL NOT BECOME ANOTHER DO OR DIE APOSTLE

  8. Adediran Aderogba-Alao

    GEJ shows he is a failure already, if he can tag the ACN chieftains as radicals; Then what should his PDP led government be called? Touts……i guess. I wonder what such an opportunist has in stock for Nigerians, when he has no manifestoes to read at such a sensitive rally than throwing vibes.
    What is really GOOD about Jonathan’s LUCK?

  9. akorede

    It is unfortunate,zona cordinator absent. Mr OGIDI OLE you better stand up and accept defeat may be they will compensate u with ministerial post.
    For president that call ACN Chieftain RADICALS,well! i dont blame him,his entitle to his opinion,but before thinking of taking over of South West,he should go back to his grunttled home state (BAYELSA ) and talk to the Radicals called militant,find them job so that ur state will witness state.

  10. Babarere

    Sir, I am not aware of any radical govt in Lagos state. I am fully aware of Fashola and incidentally, he is the governor of Lagos state whose contribution to the development of Lagos state in less that 4years has been very outstanding. He has been able to influence other governors positively. If and only if other state government have been like him, I am sure Nigeria would have been a great nation. Let’s join hand to support good governance rather than political parties.

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