Soyinka, Others Protest Murder Of Gay Rights Activist

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Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, authors and academics have condemned the murder of Ugandan gay activist, David Kato.

Prof. Wole Soyinka.

They called on the Ugandan government to find and prosecute those involved in the murder of David Kato who was a well-known gay campaigner in Uganda.

According to the group which include BCC award winners and best selling authors, misgiving about homosexuality should not be a matter for the government to delve into. They therefore urged African governments to expunge all anti-homosexual provisions in their constitutions.

The group said scientific research has cleared the fog of ignorance that some religions foisted on the people concerning homosexuality.

Similarly, the group called on all African governments to emulate South Africa which has expunged her laws that criminalise homosexuals or treat them as unworthy of the same rights as other citizens.

The document was signed by at least 60 signatories including Damola Awoyokun, Wale Adebanwi, Diran Adebayo, Joe Agbro and Anengiyefa Alagoa.

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  1. emma

    He who is without sin should cast the first stone. Sin is sin. None is worse that the other. Human beings naturally tend to be judgmental. Dont judge what you dont understand. To the homophobes, if you were God, everyone would be dead. and you’d probably have to kill yourself too after killing everyone because even you are’nt perfect. I leave the judgement to He who sits on the throne.

  2. ANI

    Good evening.My view of the death of Mr kato is that for now,we do not know why he was killed.So assuming he was killed for being gay may not be true.That said,homophobia in Africa is a serious problem.As a Christian who beliec=ves that homosexual practice is a sin, nevertheless I still believe that if my neighbour is gay,I shold just let him be.I should not attack or injure him.I should pray for him.What i find painful,however,is that many gays blame their woes on evangelical Christians like myself.It seems as if they think that we are all out to kill and hurt them because we believe that Homosexuality is sinful.However,there are a lot of other sins apart from homosexuality,and just because you are guilty of a sin does not mean that you are abnormal;it just means you are a sinner,and you need Christ. I conclude by saying that the only way to respond to gays is by offering them Christ’s love,not by trying to convert them(Only God can change a man,not men using bible to change men)

  3. Jethro B.

    Despite my misgivings about sodomy, I think no one deserves extra-judicial murder so the Ugandan authorities should properly investigate and bring the killer(s) to justice. Just to back up what I said previously about the ban on sodomites donating blood in Western nations, please permit me to forward the webpages of Great Britain’s and America’s policy on Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Other Men (MSM):

  4. Jethro B.

    While I have tremendous respect for Professor Soyinka. I completely disagree with his comments. Sexual perversion is a public morality and public health issue and therefore, should remain a criminal offence. As a matter of morality and culture, that deviant behaviour has no place in Africa and so does “gay marriage” and “gay adoption rights” which inevitably follows from the decriminalization of sodomy.

    Even in many Western nations where gay sex is legal and celebrated, sodomites are prevented from donating their blood to hospitals. This is because scientific research has shown that apart from intravenous drug users, persons who engage in sodomy are highest vectors of HIV/AIDS in the West. This is a fact presented on the websites of America’s Food and Drug Administration and Britain’s National Blood Service (the blood donor wing of the NHS).

    Those people who support “gay rights” should first of all request Germany to decriminalize incest between consenting adult brothers and adult sisters. They should request that polygamy currently criminalized in most Western nations as “bigamy” should become legal activity in the name of “human rights”.

  5. blaze

    open ur eyes, many nigerians are gay but they are closeted, u just cant wish it away by killing, its how they are made.

  6. Chika

    I can’t believe the comments being left here.
    What makes all these bigots think they should have more rights, including a right to life than a gay person.
    Wole Soyinka is a civil rights campaigner and I highly admire and applaud him for speaking up for the human rights of every member of the society

  7. kolawole ishola

    If the God himself could destory sodom and gomora because of these nonsense act of there i dont see the reason a common human being will want to take that as a pride
    i am so disappointed in the helder statesman like prof wole soyinka, the gay of a thing is want the two religon were against the lord himself is against it, as we all respect our HON prof we dont expect to see u in this kind of SHOW OF shame and unspeakable position like this.

  8. Tony

    The asshole of African poetry has open his yeye mouth again. Prof shut the fuck up old fool. Call the pirates out to help stop gay bashing you fucked up piece of shit.

  9. Eko

    G.O of cuts shoyinka!,foolish. gay have no right in Africa full-stop

  10. Asherubote

    The problem with the African elites is that they emulate only the bad and the ugly in the so called developed countries.This is why the Africans lack behind in good things.That the west has legalised homosexuality is no reason for Africans to do so.Prof Soyinka should stop faking the whites.He should reflect his authentic Africaness.

  11. Olatunde Okedara

    Professor Wole Soyinka I urge you to direct your energy and intellect to more worthy causes and not on gay rights.Soon and very soon, you will realize, albeit too late that homosexuality is evil and divinely forbidden.
    May almighty God open your eyes and heart to learn and know the Truth before you meet your Maker an appointment you can only wish away but cannot avoid; Hebrew 9:27 and 2 Corinthians 5:10.

  12. Prince T

    Though I do not agree or believe in gay ideals but i think it is wrong to take the life of someone because of their believes. I think this people have gone too far. Killing gay people will not make them un-gay.

  13. Dennison

    Bele and Ahmed, i am sorry you guys are still clouded in primitivities. That one is a gay does not mean He or She is not human being. Do you have a right to take a life of your fellow human because he is a guy? That we are not encouraging gay does not mean it has cease to exist. So respect Your elders and never use abusive words on people like Soyinka, for his believe in human right, or else you will not live to get to His age. A word id enough for the wise.

  14. A

    From the comments above, it seems to me that for many Nigerians homosexuality is worse than murder, since we seem to be more concerned about the honourable Professor’s view of homosexuality than about the brutal, totally unwarranted cold-blooded slaying of a human being.

  15. A

    From the comments above, it seems to me that for many Nigerians homosexuality is worse than murder, since we seem to be more concerned about the honourable Professor’s view of homosexuality than about the brutal and totally unwarranted and cold-blooded slaying of a human being.

  16. akin

    This is absolutly nonsense, shoyinka u have brought urself low, if ur dad is a gay will he give birth to u, or would u hav giving birth urself, u ought to cry when a baby is born cos u want gay. U had better receive christ into ur life

  17. Anny

    Its interesting that authors of the above comments are concerned more about the honourable Professor’s point of view on homosexuality, than they are about the brutal murder of a human being. Perhaps in their view, homosexuality is a worse ‘sin’ than murder?


    Am not surprise about the position taken by Wole Soyinka, since he doesn’t believe in the existence of God, he can use his God given talent to say any rubbish, but surely and very surely he will meet his Creator one day, when he will be held accountable with what he does with everything given to him by God just like every other human being… Personally I don’t see anything worthy of emulation in an atheist like soyinka

  19. Nijaman

    Soyinka you are a very sick-man! you know help

  20. bele

    soyinka or what ever u called ur name you are very stupid for making such a statement old man why cant u tell ur children to be come gay bastard

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