The Glory Has Long Departed From The Nigerian Tribune, Says Lagos ACN

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The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has described the Nigerian Tribune as a relic of everything that has gone wrong with the legacy left behind by the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and said the paper, by its present loss of focus, is bringing shame to the revered name of the late sage.

The party said it is reacting to the flurry of tendentious and fictitious reporting the paper has indulged in in recent times in a desperate effort to instigate crisis in Action Congress of Nigeria and urges the paper to live beyond its present pecuniary interests to appear in good light to reactionary forces that now pick its wages.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that it is unfortunate that The Tribune has thrown decorum and respect to the wind by the unending strings of fictitious stories and hatchet editorials it has been inventing lately to ingratiate itself to the PDP both at the federal and regional levels. It advises The Tribune to learn from past mistakes some papers that sacrificed principle on the altars of expediency committed and retrace its mercenary ways.

Joe Igbokwe

“It is a known fact that The Tribune was founded by the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo on the ideals of progressivism and that while he was alive, the paper did its best to remain committed to these progressive ideals. It is unfortunate to know that since Chief Awolowo’s death, a progressive degeneration has hit his legacies and the hallmark of that degeneration is the present putrid philosophy of the paper that fully promotes the dirty interests of buccaneers and irreverent as represented by the desperate politics of the PDP today. It is a great pity that The Tribune is today a propaganda organ for reactionary forces that worked against the interests and ideals of the founder. We know that The Tribune’s present desperate disposition that has made it a wet rag for the PDP is founded on the knowledge that it does not make much from sales these days because of its retrogressive philosophy.

“We are not surprised at the present position of The Tribune as it aligns with the pecuniary interests the paper has been promoting in recent times. We are not surprised that The Tribune is showing its anger at losing the clientele of the ousted PDP governors who stole their ways to power and who have cornered the paper as their mouthpiece against the people of the South West. We are not surprised that The Tribune is going out of its ways to cook false stories and fictions with the purpose of creating confusion in the ACN.

“We want our teeming supporters to note that The Tribune’s present dance of shame started during the June 12 debacle when the paper worked frenetically against the interests of progressive Nigerians who were demanding for the restoration of the mandate of Chief M.K.O Abiola. We want them to know that The Tribune has never departed from being the mouthpiece of the PDP in its twelve horrendous rape of Nigeria and for this yeoman’s job, the paper has curried so much illicit patronage but has lost the moral right to pretend to represent the voices of Nigerians. We want Nigerians to see The Tribune as another cash-and-carry organ of the present misrule of the PDP and treat its tendentious stories as such.

“We want to let the teeming supporters of the ACN to know that the stories The Tribune are dishing out about ACN presently are entirely false and do not reflect what is going on in our party and are merely regurgitated wishes of the PDP in its desperate wish to hold on to power by all means. We want Nigerians to know that The Tribune is one with the PDP in its effort to retains power for the purpose of robbing and dehumanizing Nigerians. We want to let Nigerians know that The Tribune at present is ruled by inordinate hunger for illicit patronage from the PDP both at the center and in the South West.

“We want to let South Westerners know that the glory has departed from The Tribune as it no longer cares about good name but what comes to it from the PDP font of illicit resources and for this, it is ready to do any dirty job. We want all to treat Tribune’s recent hatchet jobs on the ACN as the desperate effort of a paper that is deficient in morality and principle to please its beneficiaries and we are sure these dirty jobs will fail, just as the PDP failed in twelve years to use power to better the lives of Nigerians.”



    igbokwe why this noise every time for God sake if you are out of idea keep your dirty mouth shut it is not compulsory you must make comments in the public nobody seems to be interested in your whatever comment or noise i advice you sit at home and enjoy your share of the loots of your master {OJUYOBO}.

  2. Ola Rasheed

    My own candid opinion is directly to chairman of the party chief Bisi Akande, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Joe Igbokwe is that the supporter of ACN want free and fair primaries to pick all our representative. This issue of somebody hand pick his wife, his in-law , son and so on is BAD. we love Bola Ahmed Tinubu so much. we dont want his issue to be like that of a respected former gov of lagos state and because he turned his back to people and support Abacha govt, immediately people forget about him up till today. Pls, as a leader do what majority want. So if Tribune write about this happening, it has not derail from the line of truth.

  3. ola

    to me ACN has made a lot of mistake in this era and i’m afraid because the party hasdisappoint all their fans. when you know that you are going to impose why can you tell all other contestant that they should not vie for the post,you wasted our time and resources and the outcome is that if we are not please with the imposition we should leave the party,is that the next statement from a national leader (BISI AKANDE) is that how they treated you when you want to become a governor and moreso can you say this in the last four years just because you are now catching some state you can now open your mouth and say that, to me you are not a good leader,can you come out on election day and start running up and down how many leaders can do that on election day i’m sorry for you if you believe in money sometime money has no meaning.Tinubu a tree can not make a forest do forget your elders,dont think you are on top of the world respect elder that is my word of advice

  4. Blessed AOC Nwakpuda Topeka kansas USA

    This Joe Igbokwe man must be an “Ivorian Igbo” who like dancing the Gbagbo dance for Bola Tinubu…..what else can anyone say….a foreign Igbo man in Lagos doing the dirty job for a Yoruba corrupt prince…oh! what a shame….if indeed you are not an “Ivorian or Liberian Igbo….show us your true self ….or keep silent for ever…you are a shame and a disgrace to our “republican spirit”.

  5. Olatunde Okedara

    The Nigerian Tribune lost its reputation long before now except that many people did not notice it. Long before I left Nigeria I had ceased to read it because I observed that it had begun to pander to the ego of reactionary forces.Primary election is not the be all and end all of a political party.Oluwole Awolowo represented Apapa constituency when his father contested for the presidency of Nigeria in 1979.What primary did he contest and is he a Lagosian? The son of late Abraham Adesanya was a councillor in Apapa local government.What primary did he contest and he is from Ogun State.This issue of primary has been over-flogged as if it is the panacea to all the ills plaguing the country.Let a party decide what mode and method it wants to adopt to nominate its candidates for election and let the electorate decide at the general election on what they want.Party leaders must not however use their position to entrench their kith and kin in political positions, though I note that the temptation is strong and only men of principle can overcome such having regard to the amount of pressure they come under.Back to Tribune I believe very strongly and I hope to be proved wrong that it is only a matter of time before it goes the way of the West African Pilot.Joe Igbokwe is doing his job as the party’s publicity secretary but as to whether he is bootlicking I think it is very difficult to rise in Nigeria without some amount of ass kissing, if you are a man, and bottom power, if you are a woman.In conclusion like I said of the Supreme Court of Nigeria sometime ago, the glory is departing from the Nigerian Tribune.

  6. wale

    This is a very reckless statement from Joe Igbokwe. Safe for the commendable efforts of BRF, the truth is, it is the ACN that is losing its glory. The various anti-democratic acts by the party in Lagos is a case in point.

    In the piece, Igbokwe claimed Tribune is anti-progressive. I will ask him to go and read the manifesto of the ACN – it espouses capitalist ideals and therefore cannot be termed a progressive party. So what is he saying?

    Let the ACN check itself before it goes into oblivion; a time is coming when imposition of candidates, money and manipulation will no longer do the trick. Tunisia and Egypt are good examples.

  7. wale



    Joe IGBOKWE,i pity you,honestly acn will soon frustrate you out of its fold with their mafia-like arrangement.FASHOLA would not have been allowed a second term ticket if not for the outcry of NIGERIANS,who saw his achievements and vow to vote for him in another party,just because tinubu and his cohorts are envious of the landmarks he has achieved within four years,which dwarfed eight years of waste,wants,deprivation,and looting of tinubu.Tribune is so impartial and ideologically structured now that everyone read it in the country.JOE you are exhibiting an unusual naivity if you want it to be tinubu mouthpiece

  9. elijah


  10. Bolaji Ogundele

    So now Mr Igbokwe is telling the world that those protests and reactions, generated by the lack of transparency in the ACN’s internal affairs, were manufactured by Tribune. When people leave curing the disease for dressing the wound (won fi ete sile, won pa lapalapa). You say the ACN is populated by progressives and yet these are the same people who ran AD aground because of their personal greed and lack of vision. What we have come to realise is that Nigeria has not found the political parties with the ideological background to make the desired change happen, ACN and PDP are certainly not designed to fill this vacuum, we have only seen a few right thinking individuals who have managed to use the platforms of the parties to render the service God sent them to Nigerians. Fashola is not the same thing as ACN just Amaechi is not the same thing as PDP, they are men with ideologies who have just used managed to delivered to Nigerians, faulty as their political platforms may be. So Joe, stop smearing Tribune or attempting to rubbish the legacies of the late sage, the man to whom millions Nigerians still owe their enlightenment to, call a meeting of your party’s executives, tell yourselves the bitter truth and stop all these Kangaroo arrangements in the name of primaries. For as long as ACN continues to lack internal democracy, Tribune will continue to write about your dirts and deceits and so will all other newspapers and magazine. A word is enough for the wise.

  11. koriko

    I dont want to take sides here but i believe that if the PDP is using Tribune as their mouthpiece, the way ACN is using The Nation Newspapers, TVC,National Life, The spectator , all owned by Tinubu is more forceful and intellectually brutal to the reading public.

  12. coupper

    Joke: I am sorry for Joe Igbokwe because people that fight with Tribune always have a downfall. When a literary guru said Pa Awo should not be given a national burial, he lost the use of his legs. Don’t joke with Ijebu people o.

    Seriously: Tribune never fought for June 12 at all. IBB is yet to name those that told him to with hold Abiola’s mandate. At the same time, ACN is not a perfect party and should stop accusing Tribune in bad light. Ribadu is in the wrong party. PDP is no good either.


    Joe Igbokwe: Objectivity is no longer your middle name since you joined ACN. You used to wow me in those days with your write-ups when you were a “floor member.” Now that you have “joined them,” you are someone else. (By the way I honestly do not know why “they” like picking Igbo men to do these kind of dirty jobs.) So Joe Igbokwe sees nothing wrong in Tinubu running ACN like his business empire and playing a game of chess with people’s intelligence and sensibilities? Igbokwe sees nothing wrong in the selection and imposition exercise that ACN calls primaries? Igbokwe sees nothing wrong in Baba Akande adding insult to injury, telling Nigerians that as party leaders, they have a right to select whoever they want to flag the party’s flag and whoever is not satisfied with that should get lost? Believe me glory has left ACN not the Tribune as Igbokwe thinks. In fact, were it not for Fashola, ACN will not get a single vote from me in the next election. I will vote Fashola but not the other arrangee candidates of ACN in Lagos. We must rise up in Nigeria to put an end to the politics of godfatherism

  14. Blessed AOC Nwakpuda Topeka Kansas USA

    I think the Nigerian tribune Newspapers is more structured today and less supportive of any party than it has ever been.I think the paper has undergone series of transformations today than just being a propaganda instrument of the good late”Pa Awo” and the UPN. This on its own is”” a great leap for Nigerian journalism””……how the management achieved this feat ,I do not know;but I know that this is a visionary mouth piece of non-partisian Nigerians both home and abroad and we respect that. The problem of the Nigerian political elites is that they are not straight forward, , a good Nigerian politician is someone who will never tell you the truth,or the lies nor the difference between the truth and lies.A good politician will keep you more confused than anything else.The noise that the ACN is making by trying to discredit the Tribune newspapers and its management is nothing but the “Ranting of an Ant”. With the selection of Mallam Ribadu as its Presidential candidate and the underpinings to replace him and have Bola Tinubu run as General Mohammadu Buhari,s running mate, the ACN is nothing but a party of “Chicken Hearted Men Of Nigeria” No one can stand up and confront Bola Tinubu former governor of Lagos State.Nigerians, you are beautiful people stand up and fight for your rights chose your own leaders and dump all these so called big wishywashy cash and carry politicians.

  15. Babloooo( London)

    I am compelled to respond to James Ayo over his remarks that the Tribune newspapers fought for June 12 and MKO Abiola’s mandate – that is not exactly accurate! It is on record that the Awolowos led by Mrs Awolowo never supported June 12 and it was even ‘rumoured’ they supported the annulment and ‘worked’ with OONI to scuttle Abiola’s mandate! We Yorubas know our true progressive leaders and most of them are in the ACN presently and i bet you the party will sweep the entire south-west during the April elections. Furthermore, which party is more accommondating to the progressive ideals of the Youruba people than the ACN? Yoruba Ronu!!!

  16. james ayo

    GLORY DEPARTED FROM TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER? NO WAY AND I DISAGREE SIR! The problem with ACN is that they think everybody will support them all the time, even when they are carrying out injustice worse than that of PDP. Carry on Nigerian Tribune, Pls continue to be on the side of the People and not of some criminals and some decievers who now populate ACN. Look at the all the ACN primaries- catalogue of fraud and deception. Was this caused by Nigerian Tribune? When Bisi Akande-such an old Man with big lies- came out to tell People that in Britain there is no primaries- Is this not a big lie? Of course I did participate in Party primaries in Britain Labour party once, then I voted for Nick Rayford Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich. Acn used People sweats and materials wealth to run the party affairs then turn around to deny these same people of transparent primaries which they had been promised-Is this the fault of Nigerian Tribune? Of course Tribune newspaper fought for June 12 and MKO Abiola’s mandate And IBB then shut the newspaper house down before it was re-open. So enough of this lie-lie ACN- is now called Tinubu’s People Party. Pls quote this correctly-The glory has departed from ACN and not from Tribune newspaper.

  17. Olanireti Olusegun Ojo


  18. John Tapiya Joseph

    So becos the Tribune will not support the rape of democracy as being practiced by the CAN the Glory has departed then, the CAN will never cease to amaze us, we thought we have seen a saviour but just realised that what we have is another PDP or even worst, I don’t understand how one person’s opinion superceds every other Party member and people that don’t bow to that one person are damned, is that democracy ? The ACN needs to do more or else Nigerians will show em the Devil we know is better than the Angel we don’t know.

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