CAN President, Pator Ayo Oritsejafor

National President, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has wept over the incessant wanton killings of Christians in Jos, Plateau  State, Nothern Nigeria.

The CAN president in tear called on the Federal Government to do something urgent to salvage the situation as it was no longer tolerable because of several  innocent Christians that have lost their lives.

“I agree with people who say the war is political; but I am still at a loss why the perpetrators of the violence are not burning political party offices? Why  are they not targeting political opponents? Why are they not burning political flags?

“Why are they also targeting innocent Christians living in the rural areas when they can easily settle their scores among themselves? How can one explain the  killing of a man and his entire family in their sleep? What on earth do you call such barbaric act?” Oritsejafor asked weeping.

According to him, politicians must be careful not to plunge the nation into a religious war in their desperation to rule.

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“We were in Jos and Maiduguri on Saturday and we met with both governors, traditional and religious leaders in both places. We also visited some of the  victims of the crises and commiserated with them directly. We used the occasion to preach peace in the nation especially as we approach another election.

“That was on Saturday. The nation woke up the next day to the news of another violent disruption in parts of Jos and Maiduguri where several innocent  individuals, including a policeman were again sent to the great beyond. Just look at that! What kind of people take delight in slaughtering fellow human  beings?

“As far as I know, there is no religion in the world that does not acknowledge the fact that the human life is sacred. All religions believe and preach that  God created Man and therefore no man has any right to take the life of another. Only God has the right to take human life,” Oritsejafor explained.

He appealed to Christian youth in the country, especially in the North to remain calm and warned politicians that the continued killing of Christians in  parts of the North might invariably lead to reprisal attacks by aggrieved Christian youths who were daily being prevailed upon by peace-loving Christian  leaders to remain calm even in the face of provocation.

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“The Federal Government must take decisive steps now to forestall attempts by desperate politicians who are bent on scuttling the current political  transition. Christians should be isolated from political differences among political gladiators.

“Evil thrives because justice is not done to appease the wronged and to serve as deterrent to others with similar propensity to do evil.

“As we approach the critical moments of the 2011 election which is very crucial to the corporate existence of the country, there is the urgent need for the  Federal Government to nip all volatile situations in any part of the country in the bud to avoid anything that can scuttle the current democratic process,”  he warned.

“The times are evil and unless the government demonstrates the needed political will to deal with the situation and allow peace to reign and people go about  their businesses without fear and trepidation, I am afraid of what it might lead to,” he added.

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On the forthcoming voters registration, Oritsejafor urged Nigerians irrespective of their religious inclinations or tribes to troop out on 15 January when INEC begins the exercise.

“Everybody is currently clamouring for free, fair and credible election, but there cannot be any credible election unless we all register. Any Nigerian who  is above the age of 18 should go out within the 14 days allocated for the exercise to register and be prepared to vote any candidate of his/her choice  whenever INEC is ready to conduct the elections,” he stated.

— Kazeem Ugbodaga