Following the death of seven Nigerians in various prisons and deportation camps across Libya, a group, Campaign for the Rights of Nigerians in the Diaspora, CRND, has blamed the Nigerian government for the deaths.

The CRND secretary, who did not want to be identified for fear of being discriminated against, said in a statement that six Nigerians in Torisha deportation camp and one in Saba prisons, Libya, have died due to inhuman treatment by the Libyan authorities.

“Seven Nigerians among those locked up by Libyan government in several prisons and deportation camps have been confirmed dead. These Nigerians were incarcerated since October last year by the Libyan government for immigration offences.

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“It is disheartening that after all appeals made by concerned Nigerians through e-mail and text messages to the Libyan government to repatriate these Nigerians and other detained Africans to their various countries, the Libyan government continue to hold them in rotten detention,“ the group said.

CRND said imprisoned Nigerians in Libya are being held under an open roof facility exposing them to cold weather without blanket.

“They are also deprived of medical attention with no hope of release; the most pathetic thing is that three of these seven Nigerian are young girls. This nefarious act by the Libyan government is condemnable in totality for subjecting fellow African citizens to such cruel treatment,” CRND said.

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Blaming the Nigerian government, the group said: “Following the spate of killing and incarceration of Nigerians in several prisons internationally, Nigerian government has never taken proactive steps in representing these citizens through the High Commissions or facilitate their release.

“Nigerian government must be held responsible for the incarceration and death of Nigerians in Diaspora; this government has failed in all regards.

“We call on Nigerian workers, artisans and students to come together to form a formidable platform and wrest power from these thieving politicians and not be swayed by sentiments or propagandas used by these politicians to win the sympathy of the masses. We also call on Labour and Civil Society Coalition to organize a day of mass action to mobilize Nigerians at home and in Diaspora, sensitizing them on the need for a system change,” the group said.

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— Simon Ateba

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