The PDP presidential aspirant issued  a statement this evening.

”Our democracy is at another critical stage when Nigerians will choose their leaders to various elective offices. The presidential election is the highest stage of these elections.

Atiku Abubakar

I have offered myself as presidential aspirant of the PDP because of my passion to serve Nigerians, using my wealth of experience and knowledge of governance. This is to ensure our citizens broadly feel the impact of democratic leadership.

Unfulfilled promises and disappointed expectations of the past are mainly responsible for the seeming apathy and disillusionment about elected leaders.

I have joined this presidential race to restore popular expectations towards democratic governance. I want to give the best of my experience as a former Vice President and my long involvement in democracy.

The original expectations that greeted our return to democracy in 1999 were diluted by the low quality of leadership. This was caused mainly by lack of experience, ill preparation, lack of vision, capacity and focus.

Indeed, the economy is central to the standard of living of our people. That however, depends on the quality of leaders that manage the economy. I am particularly disturbed by the paradox of rising oil prices attended by the increasing poverty of our people.

As the sixth largest oil producer, Nigeria has one of the most grinding levels of poverty. Insecurity, unemployment, decaying infrastructure, poor health standards, hunger, low educational quality and youth restiveness in the Niger Delta are all a manifestation of poor leadership quality.

I am in this presidential race to address these deficiencies in leadership. My experience speaks for me to tackle these challenges. I have consistently challenged my rivals to a presidential debate to enable Nigerians evaluate the capacity, experience, knowledge and level of preparation of individual candidates for the office of the President.

No nation can take experience for granted. A ship in the hands of an inexperienced captain is in the danger of ultimately running aground and putting the passengers in the harm’s way.

Democratic leadership is about honest service to people without seeking material rewards in return. I am in this race not for personal profit but for the passion to use my wealth of experience in the service of Nigerians.

One of my immediate priorities when I am elected, is to get into action to deal with the current erratic and unstable electricity supply. A survey has shown that Nigeria is one of the leading importers of generators in Africa and the Middle East, despite spending an estimated $16billion to salvage the situation.

I am determined to assemble the best and brightest in various fields of experience and expertise to deal with Nigeria’s decaying national infrastructure. This challenge is urgent and it requires an experienced and capable leader to handle.

My dear country men and women, democracy is such a serious business that we can’t afford to toy with it by leaving it in the hands of those ill-prepared for the challenges. These challenges are too serious to be left to chance.

As the PDP organizes the presidential primaries on January, the 13th, I call on my supporters, particularly the delegates to resist any temptation to betray the future of their children and those yet unborn. They may be confronted with huge inducements or enticing rewards, but the future of Nigeria should not be sacrificed on the altar of opportunism.

I humbly appeal for your support so, that together, we can make good things happen.

God bless you and Nigeria.

Thank you for your attention.”

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