Gov Suswam Tackles IBB, Dokpesi Over Zoning

Former Governor Gabriel Suswan of Benue State.

The hullabaloo surrounding the controversial zoning arrangement caused a mild drama,  Monday, at the Government House, Makurdi, Benue State, when Governor Gabriel Suswam,  Chief Raymond Dokpesi, IBB Campaign Director as well as Senator Kanti Bello  disagreed on the issue of zoning of the 2011 Presidency.

Gov. Suswan of Benue State.

Governor Suswam said during a courtesy call on him by General Ibrahim Badamasi  Babangida (retd), the presidential aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP,  in Government House, that zoning should not be an issue in the runup to next year’s  presidential election.

The governor stressed that the PDP should work for the emergence of a good leader  with sterling qualities to govern the country.

He reminded IBB that section 131 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of  Nigeria guarantees every Nigerian the right to aspire for the Presidency and called  on him to carry on his campaign devoid of zoning but on issues.

“That is why I am contending that the emphasis should be on achievements and  service, not zoning which could deny Nigerians the opportunity of electing credible  candidates,” Suswam said.

He, however, commended the former Head of State for his achievements, saying  “without IBB Abuja would not have been what it is today”.

But in sharp disagreement to Suswam’s position, Dokpesi and Senator Kanti Bello  insisted that the PDP zoning principle should be respected, adding that zoning was  in the interest of fairness and equity in line with the agreement reached by the  founding fathers of the party.

They contended that it was based on zoning that South West was able to produce the  immediate past president of the country for eight years, noting that it would amount  to injustice if the goal post is shifted in the middle of the match.

Dokpesi stated that Nigeria yearns for a courageous and visionary leader like IBB  who has the will power to address the problems of insecurity, power and kidnapping  that have soiled the image of the country before the international community.

In his remarks, Babangida, who was in Benue to commission his multi-million naira  campaign office, lauded Governor Suswam for his leadership style, advising him to  sustain the tempo of development of the state.

Babangida admitted that he was still new in the political terrain of the country and  pleaded for support and encouragement of all Nigerians especially Benue people to  better their lot.

Amongst those who accompanied the former military president to Benue State are  former Senate President Ken Nnamani, former governors of Ebonyi and Rivers State,  Sam Egwu and Peter Odili respectively, Salisu Buhari, erstwhile Speaker of the House  of Representatives, members of the IBB campaign directorate and other stalwarts of  the ruling PDP from across the country.

They were received by Senator George Akume at the Makurdi airport and he hosted IBB  and his team in his house.

—Ubong George/Makurdi

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  1. Obviously IBB and his team have nothing for Nigeria, that is why they are going on about zoning – what they forget is that Nigerian’s are not foolish, we know and prefer someone / people with substance over someone / people who just pretends to be doing something when in fact they are not doing anything.
    If IBB and his goons really want to rule Nigeria again (they should come out real stuff on how to better Nigeria not this nonsense about zoning)
    Nigeria is where it is today because of the mismanagement of the likes of IBB and co (so why should we even listen to him talk less of voting for him)

  2. Brown, it was as if you knew what was on my mind while reading this piece. I wasnt surprised when I got to your contribution after going through the news. The composition of his entourage tells a lot about what he has to offer. May they never live to see the good times of Nigeria. These were the idiots that bled Naija to her present situation.

  3. We are ready to fight to finish we southerners if IBB the devil allow to rule us again. All of them are bunch of rogues plus Mr foolish Dokpesi. IBB develop Abuja for the North not for Nigeria. We should not be fool. Even Gadafi said that Abuja is the north capital and it belong to the North. IBB you are a failure any time any day and nobody wants you cause you are a vampire and blood sucker. Leave Nigeria alone. Why are you so desperate about zoning? Is this what you have looking for. The south should be very careful in dealling with the north with their dirty games. The same people brought us Quater system and this draw the country backward and all the middle class ran away to foreign countries and cause brain drain in the country.Now they are talking of zoning, they always have something to fight for. After all some of them are not Nigerians they are from chad, Niger etc.Jonathan is for president and no body can do any thing. Viva Jonathan go for it and you are sure banker. All your enimies will be perished by the grace of creator. Ciroma plus his gang will fail. Go back to your teacher the British to teach you people another new games and stop playing old games.

  4. IBB’s entourage includes terrorist Raymind Dokpesi,disgraced peter Odili,confused and broke Ken Nnamani and Toronto forgery expert who is always beign identified at the wrong place-Salisu Buhari.Nigerians can see for themselves the group of theives and fraudstars that IBB is gathering together for them.IBB will nevr RULE Nigeria again even on a Military plat form.

  5. IBB should go die or remain silent as as old evil blood sucker nigeria ever produced as military dictator. I trust govnor Suswa ‘ll alwez tell IBB d truth… I ‘ve met suswa where he deliverd speech on good govnance whle in school in unilag.

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