Nollywood Actress In Sex Movie Mess

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Nollywood star, Tonto Dike, is currently embroiled in a war of words with her fans  for acting in a soft porn movie called Dirty Secret, P.M.NEWS can reveal.

•Tonto Dike in a passionate kiss in the film.

In the movie produced by Sanga Entertainment, the Nollywood actress and a lover kiss  and wag tongues in a slow pace as the actress goes semi-nude, exposing private parts  to the extent never seen before in any Nigerian movie.

Another Nigerian actor, Muna Obiekwe also starred in the movie, also portraying nude  scenes.

Sanga Entertainment is a Bronx, New York-based Company with an annual turnover of  less than $500, 000 and with less than four staff. It specialises in video tapes and  disc renting service in the Bronx. The company started business in 2004.

•Tonto Dike: Calls critics pretenders.

The repeated explicit and lewd scenes in the movie have resulted in vitriolic  attacks on the internet against the 25-year old actress who grew up without a mother  in a family of nine children.

The enraged fans, mostly Ghanaians, are wondering why the light skinned pretty  actress could not draw the line between ‘professionalism and pornography’.

“Where do we draw the line between professionalism and just plain prostitution?” one  fan asks.

“How else do you guys want our movie industry to improve? Americans do it and they  are better than Africa on all grounds. This is one step forward,” one fan comes to  Tonto’s defence.

“Let’s not seem like we are encouraging this. There are better ways to make the  industry grow. Where have we thrown our sense of decency?” another fan queries.

“This is disgraceful,” says Rakaya, another fan. “Nigerians are beginning to do the  porn thing now. This is worse than Ghana movies,” another fan lashes out.

“Thank God Genevieve and Omotola did not feature in this, I would have dropped  Nollywood right away,” another disappointed fan says.

The negative internet posts, however, seem to have little effect on the actress who  always wanted to be like American stars, such as Julia Robert or Sharon Stone, the  woman who posed nude for Playboy magazine and acted in Basic Instinct, a highly  controversial lewd movie in the 1990s.

•Muna Obiekwe wearing a woman’s pant in a scene from the soft porn film.

On her twitter page she called her critics ‘pretenders’: “Why would we enjoy seeing  nudity in Hollywood? It’s a f..cking profession peeps, grow up. I am all out with my  job and you hard if you find otherwise. Rubbish f..cking pretenders. I hate  fake damn tradition. I have got a mind and heart my profession requires.”

Born on 9 June 1985, Nigerian-born Tonto Dike is one of the most beautiful faces in  Nollywood. With an increasing profile of Nollywood movies to her credit, she has  gradually acquired a large fan base among Nollywood movie fans both in Africa and in  other parts of the world such as the United States, where these movies are beginning  to gain a lot of popularity.

Growing up without her mother, Tonto was confined to the parental care of just her  father and stepmother in a large family of nine, including both parents and seven  siblings.

Tonto is a graduate of petrochemical engineering from the Rivers State University of  Science and Technology, RSUST, South South Nigeria. Tonto’s big break came in 2006  through a Nigerian reality TV show, TheNextMovie Star, where she emerged the first  runner-up, exposing her to the big world of Nigerian movie entertainment.

Very little is known about the movie titled ‘Dirty Secrets’, as the producers have  only released snippets of it in the trailer being spread around on “youtube.”

One Ghanaian commentator said online, “that it will be a shame if the movie sees the  light of day.”

—Simon Ateba

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  1. Mohammed Jubril Usman

    I have not watched the movie,but Allah knws Nigerians are funny.
    I wil be very neutral and philosophical on this issue.
    Ist let me ask,thoes who criticize these movies,how do U knw if they are bad if U havn’t watch them.
    And if U watch them n criticize them,Who are U deceiving?i think U enjoy them,cos if U dnt, when U hear of such of movies,u dnt buy n watch them,enjoy them then criticise them to satisfy your conscience.U only become hyprocrates,n u r worst than them,cos they openly do theirs,bt U do your secretly.
    However,we must be careful to preserve our black decent culture,and not be like some Whites who now sleep with doors and horses.
    Allah and christ be praised

  2. Dee

    Not to be rude…but i think most of these people here are just naive…acting is a proffession, what she is doing is putting food on her table….how come things like these are ok in hollywood nd not in nollywood…its not as if they are actually having sex…jst because they showed some people’s backs and a little kissing nd put some reality into motions doesnt make it porn…i think its just immature to call this porn and even more immature to make so much noise about it…u dnt like it, dont watch it. and concerning the children…dont be so naive….you dont honestly believe that children, in this day and age, dont knw about sex….its everywer…as long as ur children leave the house, they are exposed to it…they understand fully the concept of it…so even without the movies they are well aware of what the adults watch and do in private…when u see porn ull knw it nd wen nigerians start making porn,ill be the first to complain

  3. Kela

    Luv d film,tonto is a hot toto

  4. Oluwatomisin

    Pls……..go and ask God for mercy.

  5. Comedian phronesis

    Please leave her alone………………………… How much do you people pay………. And how much do you think she has made from the nigerian Film Industry? Where piracy is everywhere How many of you Nigerians request for Original copy of movies rather you prefer to buy Pirated cd please……….. You don’t know if she is the fist in her family and she has got responsibility…. Excuse me dough!!!

  6. Tolex

    my God dis is crazy! ow cud u, yeh!!! dis is terribly lugubrious. I beg go change. And pray God will save u. And i learnt u r calling ur fans pretenders, do they expose dere body as u av done. I beg no spoil nigeria 4 us. Pls i begoooooooooo

  7. Tolex

    my God dis is crazy! ow cud u, yeh!!! dis is terribly lugubrious. I beg go change. And pray God will save u. And i learnt u r calling ur fans pretenders, do they expose dere body as u av done. I beg no spoil nigeria 4 us.

  8. sunny brown

    well for me i will like to tell the actress and directors that they should remember that on judgement day the will surely give an account of their work when they were on earth, must of us watch this home videos to learn for good not for bad and coruption, if they are now making themself agent of satan to push people to sin and evil i pray that God will take their gift in jesus name amen!! that is all i have to say for now

  9. E too sweet

    D film too sweet.but there was nufin in dat film na.i mean nothing.

  10. Bishop

    whoo is her fan…the movie is suck …fuck it she is a prostituted…i don,t blame her i blame poverty .the love of money is what course it.
    samuel:you are very funny i hope by know she have call you becouse she is a bich.

  11. samuel

    Girl….ride on.we are behind u,show us more.lets not pretend we all watch foreign porn movie,including married couples and we all love them, so why cant our nigerian girl be part of it.well,Girls, if u re in benin city or close to and u need a hot guy that is good in all especially oral thru 07061966356

  12. Samson Muazu

    Let the poor girl be. If what she did was in line with her conscience, so be it. She is a grown woman, she can do whatever pleases her. The problem with Nigerians is they preach what they do not practice. We see how our legislators and our governors parade prostitude in hotel rooms every day and no one is talking, but here is a young woman that is trying to practice her profession well and every body is trying to crusify her. Where does Nigerian law says an actor should not act nude in a movie?

  13. gloria

    pls give tonto a break,dont u people have sex?dont pretend u do not like sex movies too,Nigerians are just pretenders.

  14. Apostle

    It takes two to tangle.What about the other Nigerian actors?They should all be exposed and be blacklisted. In addition this movie relict the goings in the nollywood industry which these people have decided to make public.

  15. Davies

    This filthy set up called Nollywood where some of our girls ”bare it all” in the name of acting, cant there be some sense of decency,even the so call ASHAWO or street girls will attempt presenting themselves decently. These filthy girls so call actress defy all sense of morality… they are whore.

  16. Brother

    Though I’ve not watched the movie, but if what I heard about it is true, then I am highly disappointed with the unrepented actress. Proffesionalism in African context does not pave way for immorality and uncultured behaviour. How can an african lady in her right senses shamelessly expose her private parts to the whole world and expect well meaning africans to hail her action. Tonto,you are an african not an oyigbo. You better repent from this evil act and come closer to your God. Remember, one day you will give account of all your deeds to your creator. The fact that God has given you a great body does not mean you should abuse it through evil acts of nudity and porn. You also need to ask your fans for forgiveness for calling them pretenders. May God have mercy on you and deliver you from the spirit of evil profession(porn)

  17. adekoya

    This writer is so naive quoting Ghanaians all the time. He is so ignorant that he is unaware that Ghanaian movies or what is it called, GHOLLYWOOD is too porn, as not to give them the temerity to comment on NOLLYWOOD. See what Majid and other immoral Ghanaian actors and actresses do. So, those Ghanaians should simply shut up!
    However, we must condemn in its entirety all those Ghanaian and Nigerian porn movies. But this writer should stop this ‘Ghana this and Ghana that’ next time. We Nigerians detest that now.

  18. jobby

    This show is an arrant nonsence

  19. Sir Major

    That is Americanization of Nigeria for you. If people can dress near naked into our churches and the men of God are enjoying it, I wonder what else is left than for our so-called celebrities to act naked. I expect more of that in the near future. For sure God is still in control.

  20. Abba Air Ringim

    she is not a good actress and full nigerian that’s why….

  21. adeniyi

    this nation is full of hypocrizy. after someone has heard about a movie went ahead bought and watch, they will come to criticize the actor. must you watch all movie? thesame thing happened to Big Brother Africa which is on a pay TV. after they paid and watch they come out to criticize it. Lets face reality and leave these people alone. The fact remains that what you cannot do others can do.

  22. shandy

    John Ufot, right talk, gate crashing into acting for lack of jobs! |But the girl should wise up and not sell her dignity for money, because she still has a future! That is if she thinks she has one!

  23. freze

    I think this is not the right thing for her to do.what impact will she give to her children by doing this so called ”’DIRTY SECRET””?tonto is a great actress i must say,but this not the right way to go.have not wacth the film in question,can some tell me the tittle of the film?………THANKS

  24. iyke

    i pity her father

  25. jim

    Though i have not watch the film i think we are a disciplined nation and our citizens should understand this.

  26. ladani01

    this is disgusting and disgraceful.

  27. john ufot

    Please don’t hype this neophyte, she is not a good actor. These are the people who came crashing into acting because they could not get job. I have seen a couple of movies they gave her roles, I must confess on those occasion she was everything but a greenhorn. Sex does not make a good movie, the earlier this sink in the better for these Nollywood’s up-starts.

  28. shey sho


  29. Tinjay

    Its too late for those of you that do not want the movie to show. I saw it in a Jamaican Restaurant in West Philadelphia yesterday morning! And by the way the Rastafarians love the movie. lol

  30. Tinjay

    Its too late for those of you that do not want the movie to show. I saw it in a Jamaican Restaurant in West Philadelphia yesterday morning! And by the way the Rastafarians love the movie. lol

  31. Tinjay

    Its too late for those of you that do not want the movie to show. I saw it in a Jamaican Restaurant in West Philadelphia yesterday morning! And by the way the Rastafarians love the movie. lol

  32. yinka 2010

    The poor girl is obviously confused and she needs empathy and prayers,this is one of the direct influence of’borrowing western culture and its attendant glitz’ one day very soon one of these poor thing will decide to bare it all and’do it ‘ in front of the camera,we should be prepared,my advice is this to parent and guardian please be your kids friend try to know who their ‘heros or heroines; are,educate them repeatedly on good morals and Godliness be good examples to them and pray hard for God to keep them on the straight path,as for Tonto(funny i like her) she should quickly retraced her step or else she will stigmatised herself and live her life with the unenviable title of ‘nollywood porn queen’wonder how she will defend that to her kids if she eventually have some?or what will become of her when that youthful frshness and glow dissapear with age?

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