Twenty-two year-old Caroline Ukachi Mbanu has emerged the Last Girl Standing in the  ongoing reality television show, Gulder Ultimate Search 7. She beat Adaobi Oduche  who lost out during their challenge yesterday.

•Caroline the last girl standing at the ongoing ultimate search.

Elated Caroline, thus automatically won for herself additional N1million plus her  normal winning depending on the stage her search stops at the jungle.

The game for the last six ultimate warriors remaining in the contest was a  combination of brains and brawn. The game called ‘Memorise The Image’ Puzzle. The  challenge required them to run, get to a stream and use a-rope-bridge to cross the  deep stream. After that, they had to crawl under a cargo net, walk across a  balancing beam before they finally arrived at the ‘Cram The Image’ box.

The instruction was “cram the image, run back to the start point and set the image  that has been memorised”. Atiku won the challenge. He was trailed accordingly by  Adeleke, Chukwuma and Kunle respectively.

It was such a nerve racking game that left the two amazons worn out while slugging  it out for over 30 minutes. At the end, Adaobi flatly lost out and the coaxed voice  petite Caroline stands tall as the Last Girl Standing of GUS 7.

Kunle in his usual style constructed a bathroom in memory of Adaobi and in honour of  the last girl standing, Caroline.

During this year search, history was made. For the very first time since the Gulder  Ultimate Search started in 2004, the programme has registered the first male to be  evicted before female. Dandinson Strongface opened the floodgate of eviction.

The order of eviction after Strongface goes thus: Tonia Oduah, the junior sister to  Melvin Oduah who was the first runners-up in the last year’s edition of the search.  Tonia was followed by third evictee, Simeon Okorougo while 27 year old Sabdat Ahmed,  the eldest contestant became the fourth contestant to be evicted from the Omo Forest  Reserve in Area J4, Ijebu East Local Government Area. Ozioma Ofoegbu, a geologist  was next and on her heels was Mercy Ebhodaghe as the sixth evictee..

After Mercy’s eviction, the battle ring for the place of Last Girl Standing was  opened for the 22 year old Caroline and 22 year old Adaobi.

The winner of this year’s contest will be rewarded with prizes worth over  N17.5million-a cash prize of N7million, an SUV worth N10million and N500, 000 as  wardrobe allowance.

Other participants will earn amounts ranging from N350,000 to N2.5million, as  consolation, depending on the length of participation in the contest.

—Funsho Arogundade

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