Dokpesi Regains Freedom, Cancels Press Conference

Raymond Dokpesi, the director general of the presidential campaign organisation of former  military dictator Ibrahim Babangida, has been released.

Raymond Dokpesi

He was arrested yesterday night in connection with bomb blasts that killed 12 persons and  injured dozens on independence day in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

He had planned to address the press this morning but the event was later cancelled.

His arrest followed an alleged revealing text message sent to the phone of one of the  suspected bombers.

Dokpesi regained freedom at about 11 p.m. last night after being interrogated.

Dokpesi was said to have reported himself to the State Security Service, SSS,  Headquarters last night following an invitation sent to him by the SSS in connection with  the bomb explosions.

He was directed to report back at the SSS headquarters at about 3 p.m. today.

A hurriedly assembled press conference scheduled for 10 a.m. today was suspended  following the decision of the IBB Campaign Organisation to consult widely before meeting  with the press over the alleged involvement of the organisation’s Director General in the  blast.

Kaseem Afegbua, spokesman to IBB Campaign Organisation said the interrogation of Dokpesi  won’t affect Babangida’s plan to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan to secure the  ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party nomination for the presidential election due early next  year.

“We’re more resolute now, more than ever before,” he said.

Journalists who thronged the Maitama District office of Ibrahim Babangida Campaign  Organisation were informed that the press briefing would no longer hold as expected owing  to the desire of the organisation to consult widely before addressing the press on the  damning allegation about the correspondence between Dokpesi and one of the suspects of  the Abuja blast.

P.M.NEWS, however, discovered that the postponement of the press parley may not be  unconnected with the directive issued to  Dokpesi by security officials who interrogated  him yesterday.

The IBB Campaign organisation may have shelved the briefing in order not to aggravate  issues for its Director General who is scheduled to return for more interrogation this  afternoon.

The alleged text message allegedly sent to one of the suspects of the blast who is  already in custody, was said to have inquired if the AIT boss had paid the balance of  their fee for the bomb attack.

—Nnamdi Felix / Abuja


  1. hakeem lawal

    I want to believe that that text message will lead to unraveling the perpetrators of the dastardly act. If it wasn’t Dokpesi who sent it, then whoever must have sent it did that to tarnish the image of the AIT boss. Surely, the suspect on whose phone the message was found is the strongest link to the blast and should be handled in all manners possible to reveal those behind unjustifiable murder of the innocent Nigerians who lost their lives in the bomb blast.

  2. Godwin

    What pains me in this country is that some people just talk without reasoning. What will raymond or IBB gain by waisting innocent souls? The IBB that I know is not a wicked man. Have u ever made out time to examine his administration critically. You will sing his praise if you do and you are sincere with yourself. But unfortunately in this country ,good leadership does not atract praises but condemnation. AIT was bombed twice. What did you people do about it. When bomb went off in Delta state what did you do. GEJ knows that he cannot stand IBB at the polls, hence all the distractions. For cying out loud, a group has already taken responsibility. Goodluck put your house in order and stop bring us badluck. By G.O

  3. Arise O Compatriot!

    For those backing IBB for president to say, we are back to the dark days…They are only saying IBB is reaping what he sowed. Only in Nigeria a man will annul the freest election only to want to be voted president. He was even quoted to have said the election must not be canceled. Shame! shame!! Shame!!!

  4. momoh

    Nomatter watmay, IBB & his cohort remains failures…..let dem knw dat violence is also in d hand of d pple of south south.

  5. adekoya

    Why is Babangida so desperate to become President again? Instead of attacking issues, he is attacking personalities. As his own brother of Northern extraction has rightly said, he and his cohorts are already expired and should bury their corrupt and murderous heads in repentant shame. No matter how IBB, Atiku, Gusau and Buhari may try, they cannot beat the momentum of a new dawn for Nigeria. President Goodluck also has the goodluck of celebrating the 50 years of our nationhood and they are so green with envy. Like Obasanjo, Nigerians are standing where God stands, which I believe is Jonathan’s Presidency. God bless Nigeria.

  6. kunle

    let us thanks God for the life of our leader and good people of nigerias.the devil people will always fail,Dopesi and IBB need to be arrest bcos they are devil,

  7. Don Kester...

    To say it is a set up is prejudicial, to say it is not is equally prejudicial!


    Dopesi may be a high chief. But nobody is too high for the law.

  9. Steve Okogie

    I hope these people are not out to harass Jonathan’s opponents. But if indeed he has a case to answer, it is in order to interrogate High Chief Dopesi, but if not intimidation will not scare opponents from competing with GEJ at the pool

  10. Jide Kolade

    Releasing this hopeless man is a big mistake. They will just cover up this and no answer will nbe found at last.

  11. Larry b

    I dont know why the sss operatives released him and told him to come back the next day.very soon, we will hear that he has disappear just like Ibori to evade prosecution.

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