Following the incessant attack by people believed to be members of Eye confraternity in  Idi-Oro, Mushin , Area of Lagos State, the police have arrested about 42 people in  connection with the attack.

learned that about nine people were seriously injured during a recent attack by  the cultists and they are receiving treatment at different hospitals within the locality.

Investigations revealed that before the attack virtually all the youths within the  community have been initiated into different faction of cults who use the opportunity to  kill, maim and steal.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO Mr Frank Mba refused to comment on  the issue  but a police  source confirmed that some cultists and a drug kingpin  have  been arrested and are currently being detained at Area ’D’  Police Command, Mushin, Lagos  State, Nigeria  in connection with the recent attack on residents of Idi-Oro.

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Speaking on the issue, Taofeek Junaid Eko, a youth leader in Idi-Oro condemned the  incessant attacks by the cultists and asked for the intervention of the governor of Lagos  State, Commissioner of Police, the Inspector-General of Police  in curbing the menance.

“The residents, youths and elders of Idi-Oro condemn the attack in its totality, we  hereby seek the assistance of all government agencies in curbing the menace, in fact,  these people operate as if there is no government in Lagos State. A lot of damages have  been done, the youths have been initiated into cults, armed robbery is on the increase,  we are no more safe in the area, they should please help us before they kill all of us in  the area,’’ he said