The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has lambasted the ACN-led administration of Lagos State,  over its claim that it has created 350,000 jobs.

The party debunked the claim as voodoo statistics meant to deceive the people, and keep them  in perpetual enslavement.

A governorship aspirant and leader of the South-West caucus of the PDP in USA, Barrister  Owolabi Salis, who made this known, lambasted the party, and accused it of being perpetually  culpable for destroying the grassroots economy.

This he corroborated by government’s use of KAI, to harass and frustrate the entrepreneurial  businesses of the poor and down trodden.

“Their targets are usually the poor people, the less privileged and down-trodden; they never  go for the rich men, but when it comes to the poor people, they pester them, harass and  intimidate them,” said Salis.

“Take the transportation sector for instance, a good number of the entrepreneurs in this  field, are the struggling ones, a lot of whom had either borrowed on loan, or through hire  purchase, but you soon discover that LASTMA, VIO and the local government task force, would  not allow them to rest.”

“In the process, a lot have become paupers, as they had either abandoned the transportation  business, or relocated to other states.

Recalling the demolition of Mosafejo market in Oshodi,  he expressed that since the  unfortunate incident, he has had numerous encounters with displaced traders of the destroyed  market for whom it appeared as if the world had come to an end, as there appears no glimmer  of hope in the horizon, especially for those among them, who had borrowed on loan, only for  the government which had sworn to protect their interests, to now preside over the  liquidation of the very soul of their existence.

He said it was unfortunate, that apologists of Fashola administration are always quick in  citing Oshodi, whenever the achievements of the incumbent governor is being recounted, while  in actual fact, Oshodi has become a nightmare that would haunt the Fashola administration  for ever, because of the thousands of displaced souls that groan in pains as a result of  their action.

“There is certainly no doubt that previous administrations could as well have demolished  Oshodi, but had refrained from doing so, because they operate with a human face, and respect  for the less privileged. This is why I have often maintained that this government actually  hates the poor with a passion. This is because they rarely give them anything except deceit.  They deceive the poor women, they deceive the youths, they deceive the market people, they  deceive everybody; they hate the poor with a passion, they deceive them as if they like  them.”

“This is why I said that this government is deceptive, it is cosmetic, and it is a  decoration government.  This is because the fundamental issues of public governance is  grossly lacking, as there is more to governance than mere cosmetic decoration of Oshodi,  Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Ikorodu road.”

“And this is why I call on the teeming numbers of progressive Lagosians to join the PDP, in  the battle to create honour, because the interests of the people, who otherwise should be  the centre point of governance has been absolutely sacrificed on the altar of rival elites  interest.”