Sixteen teams across Lagos State are expected to take part in the inaugural edition of Bilvic  Soccer Fiesta scheduled to kick off on 27 September at CMS Primary School, Bariga, Lagos.

•A grassroots football action at the last Boska Cup in Lagos. PHOTO: Akin Farinto.

The  football fiesta is organised by BFA Bariga Football Association and sponsored by Bilvic  Sports Consult, a subsidiary of Bilvic International Group.

The organiser of the competition, Musa John, said the competition is organised to develop the  round leather game in the area.

John said Bariga has a number of football clubs and academies and it will not be good if the  association fails to organise competitions at least once in a month for clubs in the area.

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‘We need to keep our youth busy because we don’t want them to get involved in social vices that  can ruin their careers. This competition will help the clubs prepare better ahead of high  competitions,’ he said

John expressed gratitude to the sponsor for promising to reward the winners with cash prizes.  According to him, the club that finish in the first position will go home with the sum of   N500,000, the second will go home with N250,000, while clubs that finish  third and fourth  positions will  get N150,000 and N100,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, the Cordinator of the tourney, Waheed Adekunle, has informed GSG that some clubs  have submitted their registration forms, while urging other clubs to also get theirs in good  time.

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He said the form will close next Friday and there would be no room for late registration.