Glo 1 Set To Launch

The much anticipated Glo 1 submarine optic fibre cable single-handedly built by Africa’s telecoms giant, Globacom, is now ready for commissioning.

In a press release issued by the Office of Globacom’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Jameel, the telecoms firm said it was pleased to announce that the end-to-end testing of the Glo 1 facilities conducted in London, the United Kingdom, and Lagos, Nigeria, was hugely successful.

The statement described the successful completion of the Glo 1 submarine optic fibre cable at the Nigerian and United Kingdom end as not only a pride of Nigerian enterprise but also a giant stride by West Africa in its quest to bridge the digital divide between the sub-continent and the rest of the world.

Glo 1 is tagged as the most advanced, reliable, guaranteed, customised and cost-effective solution to West Africa’s voice, internet and bulk data requirements.

“One of the biggest, unique advantages of Glo 1 is its sole ownership which allows it to ride on the infrastructure of Globacom, Nigeria’s, and perhaps West Africa’s, most integrated telecommunication company.

The over 9,800 km submarine cable which has 16 landing points in Europe, North and West Africa has been integrated with the over 10,000 km nationwide optic fibre cable of Globacom. This means Nigerians from wherever they are can now enjoy ultra fast internet services and reliable download and upload of data from anywhere in the world once Glo 1 is commissioned”, said the statement.

The statement further listed the benefits that will accrue to the nation and the citizenry to include 99.9% up time reliability and high speed data, voice and video connectivity that will meet and support the large bandwidth requirements of direct consumers and other service providers.

“Glo 1 will provide the needed opportunity for West African countries and indeed Africa to  leap forward economically through an excellent communication network and a cost effective voice, data, video and e-commerce services across Africa, Europe  and rest of the world”, said the statement.

Glo is also planning to set up a Level 3 centre Data Centre with 75,000 square feet space to offer disaster recovery services, the first operator to do so in Nigeria. Data centres can be connected to each other using Glo 1 for disaster recovery across the globe.

Other services that Glo 1 will offer include telemedicine and seamless video conferencing. With the facility, medical information can be transferred through interactive audiovisual media. Remote medical procedures or examinations will therefore be possible. “Glo 1 will aid on-line diagnosis and video conferencing during surgery and research, while distance learning will be made easy by enabling a class of students and lecturers in West Africa to participate in a real time class in Europe, America and any other part of the world,” Globacom explained.

Glo 1 will also facilitate premium video conferencing between multiple locations across the country and the West African region, thus reducing operational cost incurred in traveling by corporate organisations.

It will improve e-governance in areas such as on-line insurance and licence issuance and other government papers as well as boost entertainment and banking industries. It will also enable the establishment of effective and efficient call centers across the nation.

Among those who will benefit immensely from the commissioning of Glo 1 are Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Telecom Carriers, Telecom Operators, Network Integrators, big corporate organisations such as banks, insurance companies, oil & gas companies, the print and electronic media, the regulatory authorities, policy makers, governments at the federal, state and local government levels and the general public.

Globacom said it will start the commissioning process by mid July by meeting with the different key stakeholders to  present Glo 1 and its benefits to them before the official launch.


  1. So much media noise about a product that is more than 2years behind in schedule. Are they paying the media to make noise for them? promised a July launch, they did it without making any noise. Why is Glo always noise, noise and no action? Is it becoming a civil service style corporate entity..?
    Let them launch and lets see. Enough of this Glo1 noise…

  2. This is a Great Achievement by Glo,and i believe we the I.T proffesionals will gain a lot from this at a cost effective price.
    The World should Glooooooooooo!!!

  3. I dont know my own business with all this nomenclature of a thing, give us the product- allow utility to judge all the much ado about optical whatever. Less talk more action. speed,reliability,affordability,appreciation,user friendly..only good words that consumer understands whenever it comes to communication

  4. After all this rhetoric we need a realistic translation of the project to real utility and not just mere newspaper ”stories that touch”

  5. Well maybe we long suffering glo mobile and internet customers will get some respite at long last.As the service we have been getting from Glo has been appauling to say the least.

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