Independence Logo Launch

50TH INDEPENDENCE LOGO that was launched in Abuja.
50TH INDEPENDENCE LOGO that was launched in Abuja.
President Goodluck Jonathan reading his address to commission the Logofor the 50 celebration of Nigeria Independence.
(L) Alhaji Murtab, Oba Otudeko and Chief Emeka Anyanku, former commonwealth secretary general.
Alhaji Aliko Dangote (L) and Gov. Otunba Alao Akala (Oyo).
Gov. Alhaji Aliyu Akwei (Nasarawa State) and Dr Bukola Saraki (Kwara State).
Mrs. Erelu Obada, Deputy Gov. (Osun) (L) Oba Otudeko, Gov. Dr Olusegun Mimiko.
Past Nigeria leaders Alhaji Sheu Shagari (L) and Mohammed Buhari.
Yakubu Gowon,(L) former Nigeria Head of State andChief Enesrt Shonekan.


  1. I just wonder how many millions would it cost Nigeria to make this logo. I pray that God will direct whoever leads us. A lot of people are suffering – this is not what we need @ age 50.

    Nigeria is richly blessed even the Western world know this and are really envious of our GREAT country. If there is constant electricity in Nigeria, every other thing will fall into places.
    God Bless Nigeria – 9ja 4 LIFE and proud to be ONE !

  2. what are you talking about (LOGO)?but you forget about the WELLFARE of the MASSES that know nothing about CREATIVITY because of the SITUATION the BAD LEADERS put them (e.g MR. AKINWUNMI)who designed the nigeria’s FLAG,where is him now?No CHANGES since 1960 but SLAVE LABOUR.

  3. This should be a time for sober reflection, we shd be asking ourselves which way forward and start taking the steps forward………..

  4. What are we celebrating?24 hours of darkness or insecurity .We have nothing to celebrate,our hope is only the forthcoming election to be free & fair and the dream of VISION 2020 to be realized so that we can celebrate the 60th Anniversary evev without any LOGO!

  5. What beats me is the huge sum of money to be spent celebrating 50 years when we can even boast of 24 hours of electricity for even half of the country. We need to think deeply and get sober so we can see clearer. Mr President don’t get into celebration mood so soon because other than what the sycophants may be telling you, there indeed nothing to cheer about in this country. May Allah bless Nigeria!

  6. Don, my brother and Fellow Nigeria, the final choice in these things, is usually NOT about Creativity, but by a process called “man know man”/”who can push things for you!” Don’t lose sight of that!!

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