Wife Beating Deji Of Akure Deposed

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Deji of Akure, Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju, has been deposed by the Ondo State Government two weeks after he led a group of individuals to beat up Bolanle Adesina, his estranged wife who had packed up out of the palace to stay at her father’s residence.

The Ondo state government announced the removal of the embattled Oba at the end of its weekly executive council meeting in Akure, Ondo State capital this afternoon.

A yet to be identified substance was also poured on the estranged queen in the course of the attack on her. The substance peeled off part of the Bolanle’s skin and she is at present being treated for the wounds in an hospital.

The action of the King had attracted criticism from human rights organizations and women groups across the country. The Ondo State Kingmakers had indicated last Monday that the monarch will be removed for bringing shame to the traditional institution, while Ogbonna Onovo, the Inspector General of Police said yesterday at the National Assembly that the king will be prosecuted for the assault on his former wife.

Oluokun Ayorinde/Abuja


  1. olanrewaju

    I really pity Adesina. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. What could Bolanle have done to deserve leaving the palace to fight her. Sorry o Adeshina. Na small boy worry you. I expect you to understand that women can be as irrational as possible, and it takes wisdom to control them, not power, more especially you who wanted to acquire as many of them as possible. Sorry o, women cause your downfall, in another life when you see woman you go run.

    1. YEYESIR

      I dey for abroad, my wife take my eye see pepper! My wife called Police to arrest me and requested that I should be jailed! Police say why? My wife say because I packed my load and dey run comot for house! I packed my thing to comot for trouble na him my wife sey I dey run commot. I commot for 3 months my wife com sue me for court for money! Women can mar and make men. In another life when I see woman i go run well, well and well

  2. DO GOOD


  3. John

    Oh, I missed some of those terrible comments about this Dare coming back. It really shows the type of people you are, supporters of paedophiles and rapists – perhaps that’s what you do….. if the beaten and battered Bolanle were your daughter, you would be happy for her husband to mistreat her, send her packing from his house in shame AND follow her all the way to your house to beat and batter her? …… You should be ashamed of yourselves! Akure and the people there are not that type of people, and they don’t need these type of men. Terrible example! As much as I don’t believe that a woman should rule over her husband, do you want to tell me that they are less of a human? Hey, God created us equal and gave us roles…… We have no right to abuse others, physically, financially or psychologically. There is nothing we have that we were not given, so think twice before you want the wicked to reign over you….. when the righteous reign, the people are happy, but the reign of the wicked brings irritation to the people, and that’s what happened on the streets of Akure…….. I have never heard that before that the respectful people of Akure would want to beat up their Oba. It’s sad. Please pray for Dare, for Bola and for the people of Akure. Thanks.

    1. toye

      you just wrote my mind. i was disturb at the breaking of the news. an a king in yoruba land beating his wife …. in fact, i am short of adjective to qualify the character of the hooligan called oba adepoju. thanks for your great piece .i am proud of you.

  4. John

    Sad, so sad. How can someone who’s had a Western experience behave like an animal? It’s really sad, in this day and age, like someone rightly commented, they have finished this man in the spirit before his misbehaviour started. I think it’s also a very good thing that no one is above the law.. …….. How can someone who is supposed to be a unique example for men in this beautiful country town be the one spoiling it? …….. Sad, really really sad. To be honest, I’m really sad about all these. But was coming, the man has been misbehaving for a long time, as I heard, and that is not what Akure is all about…….. The people of this beautiful people and culture now needs someone whose head is homely and kind.

    1. toye

      good work John, you just wrote my mind. i was disturbed at the breaking of the news. an a king in yoruba land beating his wife …. in fact, i am short of adjective to qualify the character of the hooligan called oba adepoju. thanks for your great piece .i am proud of you.

  5. omoprecious

    @ SEE ME SEE PEOPLE WITH SHORT SIGHT OF HISTORY: what do you take Akure for? Dare’s personal farm or something? Dare may chose to reunite with Bola and the other way round but let him move far away from Akureland, he has troubled the land enough. Help him to pack the rest of his personal belongings, Akureland is not for people like him.

  6. omoprecious

    The gods made Dare (former Deji) mad and exposed his secret madness to the whole world. If men were God! May good God intervane in our nation and remove the rest of them.


    UNA DON HEAR?????

  8. YEM

    good one from the Ondo state govt, now let the Nigerian Senate ‘depose’ all wife raping and paedophile senators e.g………….

  9. bayo,Swiss

    Pls, watch this film SAWOROIDE of Main Frame. This is exactly what happened.

  10. Bro. Bola Ade

    Thanks for the media that expose this ugly incidences.This shd serves as a warning for those who have been batthering the wives in the secret.Repent and give your lives to Jesus Christ NOW b4 God exposee you and put you to shame ooooooo.

  11. E. Adebare

    The woman may seperate from the man BUT she can NEVER marry if she intends to get to heaven(If she is the 1st wife), ” For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.”
    “So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.”(Rm7:2-3)
    “The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.(1Co 7:39).
    ;”Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.(Mt.19:9)”
    Ma-Cool shd get ds divine injunction right.Thanks. Ade.

  12. Omo Orisa

    @Dr Pat Kolawole Boboye, Please note that Remi Abiola MKO Abiola’s widow died 29 July 2009 in the USA, she was buried on August 28,2009. Get your facts right.

  13. olododo ogbagi

    This Latoosa went beserck. He treated his Efunsetan with corrosive ashes. A case of ” if i don’t marry you, no one else would”. We’ve seen nobility in Ademuwagun, in Adebobajo etc. The question is : Where did Akure get this one? How did Akure get this thug? Were the gods asleep or the kingmakers settled? Now may Akure say…….never again. The various rings displayed on Bolanle fingers like Fela’s girls also leave much to be desired. I remember the graceful Eyesorun Adesida who served as Commisioner for health in contrast to this compatible element of the cab driver. I guess the Adesinas were very much birds of the same feather. Oluwadare Adesina represents an Oba Akure did not deserve. We all say never again! I join others to wish Bolanle speedy recovery from the wounds inflicted by the area-boy called Deji. Thanks too for the timely intervention of Ondo State Council of Obas. We also need an incorruptible judge for his maximum sentence. The gods have made him mad for his ready destruction. He is the modern day Nebuchadnezzar, his office however must be quickly given to another. Chikena!

    1. toye

      good ogbagi, you just wrote my mind. i was disturbed at the breaking of the news. an a king in yoruba land beating his wife …. in fact, i am short of adjective to qualify the character of the hooligan called oba adepoju. thanks for your great piece .i am proud of you.

  14. Fadahunsi

    In as much as I do not support violence and unruly behavior by someone of Deji’s status, I still believe inm y heart that what has happened to the Deji of Akure is beyond the physical. It is beyond human comprehension. God will help us all.

  15. Kurgo

    Not just the Oba alone needs prosecution but the thugs he used should be prosecuted as well to reduce those of them who are often use to rig election and manipulate things. The police should squeeze them hard to ascertain their culpability not just in the beating of the Oba’s wife, but other possible dehumanizing activities they have been involved with for the said Oba or any other associate. The power behind them is deposed, they sure will spill the beans. Mimiko, you are truly progressive and I wonder what all the expose the Oba had has done to his sense of reasoning. Power corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Guess this must have been his character before now, it has finally come to the open. Wind don blow, fowl yansh don open oooo.

  16. IHaruna

    Too many UK winters must be detrimental to the brain of our erstwhile ex-Oba.

  17. don ani

    The former Oba did not need to wait for Mimiko to fire him. He should have resigned that Monday.. This is the beginning of our fight to respect the
    Constitution of our dear Country.

  18. Victor adelusi

    Who on this planet earth will sympatise with the ex -Deji. He had all the opportunity in life to enjoy himself on the exalted thrown . However, bad moral , indiscipline and sheer arrogance destroyed him for life. He is just starting a journey that he doesnt know where it will end. Definitely , this will have serious psychological impact on the remaining part of his life. People that live in houses made of glasses are not supposed to throw stones, he possibly know this but the excessive comsuption of hard drugs coupled with arrogance let this adage slip his mind and not only threw stone but bomb himself out of the exalted throne. Now that this guy has been kicked out , the kingmakers should ensure that people of high character quality are considered for this position . Integrity rather than high taxation should be used in the selection of candidates into this exalted position. There is need to preserve this great institution

  19. Bede (venice,italy)

    Bye bye to gangstar type of Obaship.This is a very strong warning to others who take laws into their hands.Sanni Yerima’s abuse charge should be the next issue to be looked into.The days of the monkeys are gone therefore everyone has to be very careful.Yerima MUST be brought to book for abusing a 10years little Egyptian girl.No one is above the Nigerian law.We must try to bring back sanity to our country at any cost.

  20. Aderopo

    Asasi ati edi lo mu arakunrin yi.they’ve finish up this man in the spritual realm that is the reason why he misbehave.This man ni tight at all.e go chop grass.

  21. Dr Pat Kolawole Boboye

    At last this man-Oba Oluwadare Adesina personally wounded himself so bad beyond salvage.He gotten into late MKO Abiola’s widow-Remi Abiola who brought bad omen upon the ex-Oba Adesina as he will now have himself to blame after his depositon by Governor Dr Losegun Mimiko government today.I had thought Dare would be a good symbol of the league of Akure indigenes in diaspora but he disapoint many of us who had thought one of us would be more worthy and viable in that Deji post with mass of experience having lived and worked in London,UK.But Dare Adesina refused to grow up and brought Abiola’s widow into the Deji’s palace and throne and finally destroyed himself and image of Osupa-ruling-house.Sorry for Dare as Abiola’s widow-Remi Abiola would dumped and leave Dare Adesina now that Ondo State government has sacked him from the throne.The massive curses reined upon Oba Adesina by Akure-market trades-Iyalojas finally catched up with Oba Adesina and ended his throne.Now maybe he would decide to go back to London UK after the dust has settled to begin another hopeless life again in the hands of his first wife-Rita.Shame! Dare had the utmost best opportunity but misused and abused it.Great lesson to other misguided elements indeed. Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    1. Omo Orisa

      Please note that Remi Abiola, MKO Abiola’s widow died 29 July 2009 in the USA, she was buried on August 28,2009. Get your facts right.

  22. Don

    …cool. That’s a good news. The Animal (Mr Adesina) should also be brought to book. The Govt. should make sure that he is trial and sent to jail. He deserves a life sentence atleast 25 years imprisonment.

  23. Ma-Cool

    Olori Bolanle, you better divorce him traditionally as soon as possible. God will grant you a new and humane husband and not an animal in “Oba-ship” skin.

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