President Jonathan Being Decorated with GCFR

Shagari Decorating Jonathan.
Shagari Decorating Jonathan.
Jonathan with Nigeria's past Head of States.
Jonathan after his decoration.


  1. Stop attacking OBJ,he is a fine gentleman if u have the grace to mmet him.I havnt but that is the truth.
    Goodluck to Goodluck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pictures are deceptive; you don’t judge by mere looks but by affirmative actions. So, let’s not judge President Jonathan by his looks, let us watch and pray he succeeds for the interest and benefits of all Nigerians.

    – Fidelis C. Obodoeze

  3. Honestly the more i see GoodLuck’s picture, the more convinced i am that he is just another ceremonial figure head. He has every opportunity to write his name in gold but like OBJ, let’s wait and watch if he will throw away the opportunity. Time shall tell

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