Ribadu Day Of Glory @ Babcock University

Humanright community welcoming Nuhu Ribadu back home.
Humanright community welcoming Nuhu Ribadu back home.
Druming for Nuhu Ribadu.
Former EFCC Chairman Nuhu Ribadu acknowledge cheers from the crowd.
Dr. Nuhu Ribadu display his award.
Dr. Nuhu Ribadu and his family.
Alhaji Aliko Dangote leading others diginitries at the occeasion.
(L) Pastor (Dr) Gilbert Waridecorating Nuhu Ribadu while Prof. Kayode Makinde VC Babcock University looks on.
(L) Babafemi Ojudu,Ahmed Barma and Marcelle Imoisili, also graced the occeation.
Mallam El-Rufai with Otunba Oyewole Fasawe.
Nuhu Ribadu happy moment.
Nuhu Ribadu happy moment.


  1. Thank god for people like Ribadu. I’m believe people like Pat Awosan are the type that are campaigning for IBB to rule again. to return us to chop I chop government style. I pray Nigerians will have courage like Ribadu, Akuyinli, Gani and other great patriots in fighting the status quo.

  2. i tink Ribadu deserve to be Honoured. Is a motivator for the Youths. More Grease to ur Elbow, Nuhu.

  3. i tink Ribadu deserve to be Honoured. Is a motivator for the Youths. More Grease to ur Elbow, Nuhu.

  4. Paul or whatever your name is. I am sure you are one of the accolades of those rogues who ran this country aground and looted the treasury. If you state that Ribadu is useless, what about the 419ers he dealt with to give this country good name before the International community? Or are you a 419er

  5. Ribadu deserve the honoure, those cut up with the Law of the land never complain about thier wrong doing. will people like Tafa Balogun, DSP Alameshia, Ajidua and others ever goes to Court to challenge EFCC for sending them to jail, so people like our so call Dr. living all is live in Canada sholud remain quiet.

  6. It is clear that the fictitious Dr Pat Awosan is right there in Nigeria, hiding under a cover. His type is well known. He is a paid writer to cast aspersion on the man who definitely has a role to play in bringing about a modern Nigeria.
    No one can honestly say Nuhu Ribadu did not serve well as an anti-corruption officer.
    Whoever is Awosan or Pat, he will stink to death.

  7. You this man in Canada (you call yourself Dr.?). You better shut your gub, why not come back home if you think you are patriotic enough. You are there enjoying the hard labour and honesty of some people who had made Canada what it is to accmmodate stupid, immigrants like you. You are there and do not feel the damages our corrupt politicians have meted out to us here. I pray you will come home one day and get robbed or shot outright by criminals made by these corrupt fellows. My advice to you is to shut up.

  8. what a way to tell someone that he needs to know things deeply before aguing on it. I think Ribadu deserves to be honoured

  9. Pat Kolawole Awosan, are you sure you’re not one of the looters that ran away from Nigeria when Ribadu’s heat was on? Well, if Obasanjo has a case to answer then ask Farida Waziri what she’s doing about it. Kolawole, learn to give honour to whom honour is due. Does it even occur to you that the award given to Ribadu is from a private christian university in the southern part of the Nigeria?

  10. Dr pat is just a doctor of stupidity, otherwise he will not open his stupid mouth to talk trash

  11. Thank you, Onye EZE and Anyi. I do not know why Boboye is in Canada.
    If this country had just 5 Ribadus.. over a period of say 10 years of our Bilated History in active service, I can assure you that we will not be where we are today and u Dr. Boboye will not be going thru slave labour in Canada.
    Will u ever come back home?
    Why are u afraid?
    What can u point at as your singular contributioj to Nigeria?
    The Nigeria of Today does not want to listen to people like you any more.
    Be Doctor whatever but SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT RECOGNIZING EXELLENCE AND SACRIFICE LACED WITH UNMATCHED PATRIOTISM AS EXHIBITED BY RIBADU….CONGRATS…My dear Ribadu and to your beautiful wife thank you for standing beside such a good man.

  12. Dr.Pat what part of Canada do you live in. You are a stupid man. I am not sure you live in Canada or you are a doctor. Probably you are a doctor of 419. I live in the US and majority of us here know the wonderful job Ribadu accomplished while he was the head of EFCC. He brought down the mighty to justice. If you are not deaf you must be blind. I am sure you are one of those 419 folks who ran away from Nigeria because of Ribadu if you are actually in Canada. Fool.

  13. Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,if this is really your name,your just a very stupid man,cant you see that this is not a rented crowd,nigerians are wiser now than before,and really know who their heros are,all the criminals who ribadu dealt with ,belive me none of them said that ribadu was wrong rather there augument is that they are not the only criminals,while you dont catch all the thiefs in a day,nigerian greatest problem is corruption and this fine gentle man fight it with his life,he deserve more than we are giving him,god has to allow yar adua to die shamefully because of the way he treated this man who has shown nigerians that corruption can be fought in this country.am happy you said your living in canada,were things works normaly,i pray you will visit nigeria one day and you and your family will be shot by armed robbers who were made by this treasury looters,then you will burn in hell.RIBADU is the best thing that has happened to nigeria since independence

  14. i think people should just think twice before opening their mouth to talk. There are some who cannot even do half of what Ribadu did for this country yet they are talking. we will like to see the positive contributions some of these can give to our country.

  15. Generality of nigerians are suffering from dementia and corrupt-ridden minds judging from the kind of ovatory treatment they are showing on the former EFCC chairman-Nuhu Ribadu who abused his office as chairman of EFCC and was charged for some corrupt practises and who was flouted Nigerian courts rulings blatantly to the extent that he was law unto himself while he held forth at EFCC.Ribadu was Obasanjo attorney openly defending Obasanjo against open corruption offences committed by Obasanjo while he was in office for eight years as president with nothing possitive to show for his tenure,as Obasanjo later claimed that he was not installed into office as president of Nigeria to develop Nigeria.Ribadu allowed himself to be used by his benefactor-Obasanjo to conduct anti corruption fight against only selected Obasanjo’d political enemies while real corrupt indicted governors went away scotfree.Ribadu fought Atiku and Alamieyeseigha on Obasanjo’s personal intrests.Nigeria has a long way to go if it has any destination with PDP hucks in charhe. Dr Pat Kolawole Boboye,Canada..

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