Students Watch Sex Video On Mobile Phone

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The students of the junior arm of Oriwu College, Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria, who were reported to have been having sex during school hours are also said to have spent their time watching sex videos on mobile phones.

A teacher in the school who spoke under anonymity, said this was a common phenomenon in the school. She said that the students watch pornography on their phones while teaching is on.

“You can imagine some of the students watching pornographic films while the teacher is the class teaching them. The school’s principal has seized so many phones from these students. We have a big problem.”

The problem of moral decadence has been prevalent in Lagos secondary schools in recent times.

Recently, there was a report of how secondary school students take photos of their private parts with their phone camera and circulate among their peers. Such nude pictures have been finding their ways into social network sites on the internet. The practice is called ‘sexting’ among the students.

— Paul Dada & Eromosele Ebhomele


  1. Abel

    Sodom and gonorrhoea!

  2. Babalola

    The simple solution is for the state govt to ban use of mobile phone by secondary students.afterall their counterpart in some private schools are not allowed to use mobile phone.


    The world we live in today needs the Divine intervention of God. There is moral decadence, moreover the youth world is pervaded with immoral practices and perversions.
    What can we say when older women, mothers who are supose to be examples are seen everywhere with skypy dressess and the likes. We seee them dress half naked in the daylight. The media also are not left out in the polution of the mind exercise.

    I think the nation needs prayer and Gods purging. Today we copy and imitate the things that are evil from Western countries and unfortunately makes these thing our standard.

    How i wish parents, gaurdians and leaders will rise up to put thngs straight. Teach the children by examples and ways of life, and also by moral instruction. Gods word and good moral values all combined will will reposition the life of these children.

    Oh, God! Please Help Us.

  4. Steve

    There is fire on the mountain top, but no one seems to be running. Technology: what a questionable freedom. Everything in life has alternative; Live or Die, Rise or Fall, Bad or Good- ” Choose ye!” Nigerians.

  5. Akinlabi

    Na real Wahala ooo !
    No wonder we reported less than 20% success rates in NECO and other exams in the country. I believe that the efect is more widespread than this. How many of these sex scandals can we actually discover if we do thorough checks on all the schools in the country? This corruptive tendencies will continue to contribute to the decay in our system if something is not drastically done. Corruption has other babies like cultisms, ‘area boys’ sysdrone, failure of our family values, broken marriages and so on and so for. So I suggest that the drag net should be widened. I assume that Lagos state alone had more than 1000 schools. So alot of work need to be done.
    this is really disturbing to any parent and young adult in their right senses.
    I wish Lagos state ministry of education can read this!

  6. Bukola

    teach your children in the way they should go (the way of the Lord), when he/she grows, he/she will never depart from them, Parent pray for your wards and teach them, creat time for them and know the kind of friends they keep.



  8. andee

    TECHNOLOGY!!! . As much as we are happy and comfortable with the positive side of it, we must also try to get use to its negative effects.

  9. Adleka

    This is absolutely unbelievable,i cant believe such level of decadence has crept into our schools because during my days in the secondary school,if a teacher catches a student side talking in class,you know you are in serious trouble but nowadays,these youngsters have turned the world upside down and the teachers and parents are not helping matters.i think the Govt should really look into this,before it gets out of hand.

  10. ORLAR-1

    hell is already on earth, we are been ruled by satan.

  11. Gasky Truth

    Nigerian always overdo. A country wher Governors are 419ners, legislatures marry 13years olds & highest asylum seekers in the world. what do you expect.

    1. Bassey


  12. washington

    Sodom and Gomorha

  13. Godwin

    There is general moral decadence in our society. Its not an issue of afluent homes or not. Come to think of it afluent pupils in Oriwu College? They all have access to the madness that go on on TV, Internet etc as entertainment. Look at those dancing steps, adverts, scenes on home videos and soap operas and predict what the end results will be. So its general and not only in Lagos but also in other States. May God help us.


    We have serious problems on our hand. What is the society turning to? I’d bet my last kobo that majority of these students are from afluent homes, and this is the result of parental negligence, as a result of wealth pursuits.

  15. omoibadan

    we used to bend below the desk to read novels…but …what can i say?

  16. Future Leader

    There should be ban on the use of mobile phones by students of public schools. This is the practice in most private schools.
    Gov. Fashola neeeds to take serious action on government schools in Lagos State. Rather, Eko ma baje gan beyond repair.

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