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Right To Strike And Essential Services

By Femi Bamisile The concept of “essential services” expresses the idea that certain activities are of fundamental importance to the community, and that their disruption will have particularly harmful consequences. It is not possible to provide a uniform list of what constitutes essential services. This will arguably vary from one country to another. A developed […]

How Embarrassed Are You?

By Sharon Jane Akinyemi In today’s article I’m going to be giving you three of my BEST rapid healthy insider secrets, showing you exactly how you can balance your body’s more important fat-burning hormones with simple (yet highly effective) dietary  and physical activity strategies that you can begin using today to accelerate your fat loss […]

Our Personality And Emotions

By Modupe Eka Today we shall look at our personality and our emotions; we will consider intimate relationships, emotions such as fear and anger. What you are emotionally is who you really are! We are so much of an emotional creature that our emotions influence and determine our performance in every area of our life […]

Your Unique Leadership Style

By Modupe Eka Last time we concluded that our main priority in life is to find yourself, knowing yourself is an essential pre-requisite for all wisdom, there is little point knowing about external things if you do not understand yourself first. We established that to develop your own authentic leadership style, your own unique management […]

Self Confidence And Our Personality

By Modupe Eka Today we will begin to examine the role of our self esteem, our self-confidence, and self- concept in relation to our personality. We all know that most successful people have incredible levels of self-confidence and great levels of success; additionally, happiness is visible in their lives. We will try to examine the […]

How To Read People

By Modupe Eka Last time we looked into persuasions skills, we examined the priorities and needs of different personality types and how to effectively sell our ideas and services to each other. Today we are starting how to read people we shall call the tips ‘Read people Guide’ (This guide is published with the kind […]

Who Do You Think You Are? (5)

By Modupe Eka Selling With Style Sometimes you absolutely have to make your point. Today we will look at how to sell our ideas or services, effectively with our unique personality style. While many people do not like to sell, most of us find ourselves having to persuade someone at one time or the other. […]

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