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Refresh, Revitalise

Sharon Jane Akinyemi

By Sharon Jane Akinyemi How important is your health? What amount of money would you be willing to pay to buy health if you could? Would it be worth a million naira to you? It’s a relative question, isn’t it? If you are reasonably healthy, you may want to spend your money on something else. […]

A Contrived Fuel Scarcity


Following the hardship Nigerians are subjected to daily, the prevailing fuel scarcity across the country demands that a serious and urgent action be taken by government and the concerned agencies to tackle the scarcity. All the assurances from the Federal Government have failed to convince Nigerians that the crisis will soon be over. The situation […]

Still On The NYSC Scheme


By Tayo Ogunbiyi Like every other nation, Nigeria has had her own fair share of herculean challenges and difficult moments. For instance, within a few years of securing independence from the British colonial master, the country witnessed two military coups, abortive attempts to create a unitary state, and a civil war, which caused one and […]

The Immigration Recruitment Tragedy And A Crumbling Nation


By Peter Clever Opara More than the morbid count that emerged from the ill-fated recruitment exercise of the Nigerian Immigration Services last week, the graphic illustration of nearly a million Nigerians packed like sardines in stadia and various public places all over Nigeria, is enough to shock and awe even the most paranoid government out […]

Will This National Dialogue Be Any Different?

Kanayo Esinulo

By Kanayo Esinulo This conference about to begin is important for so many reasons. It is coming at a time that the 2015 political clouds are gathering, and if for any reason the conference fails to fully discuss and agree on many critical matters troubling Nigeria, the existing tension in the land may, quite likely, […]

Building A Solid Healthcare System In Nigeria


By Akunna Ejim Good public health is vital in any country, not only for the purpose of maintaining a healthy populace, but also as a matter of national security. A healthy country is a wealthy country, with a thriving human resource the country can invest in to move the nation to greater heights. Nigeria is […]

Stem Goitre Scourge Now


The goitre scourge ravaging Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State is a worrisome development that needs concerted efforts to bring it under control. Goitre, which is the swelling of the neck or larynx resulting from enlargement of the thyroid gland, has affected at least 50 residents of the area. They were diagnosed with the […]

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