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Patent goldmine or Economic Thalidomide? The viable option out of recession

This is a question for the government of the day. Why do we have a legacy of $150 billion and still swim in depth and dirt of economic recession? While we have a goldmine to tap into, we keep on swallowing the economic thalidomide pill of borrowing which has proven to be our undoing for […]

Fulani herdsmen and Nigeria’s survival

If there was any time when President Buhari would see the atrocities of the marauding Fulani herdsmen as a national emergency, which poses a threat to national unity; that time is now. With the massacres and incessant clashes between herdsmen and farmers across the country, Nigeria appears headed for another crisis, this time on too […]

Data Rate Hike: Time To Call Buhari To Order

The Yorubas have a saying: ‘Agilinti ti n se ginniginni, iku apaa, ambelente opolo to fi ojojumo gbe ara re sanle’ – a cameleon that threads with caution dies, how much more the toad that hops around with much energy. The recent report on the move by the Nigerian Communications Company (NCC) acting on the […]

The evil of corruption

Evil and corruption works together, so when we say the evil of corruption, we simply refer to people who enjoy harming others. People who do evil things without minding the harmful effect on other people. We are also referring to those forces that cause bad things to happen, people with morally bad behaviour, people living […]

Why Nigeria’s legislature should be part-time

Against the emerging consensus that lawmakers and their executive counterparts take so much from public coffers, with no such corresponding policy outcomes as could justify the squander, which to say the least, borders on criminality, President Buhari and his APC party cannot continue to be oblivious of the wishes and aspirations of Nigerians who elected […]

What will Ondo decide?

Next Saturday is supposed to be the governorship election in my home state, Ondo but the steps of the leading political parties and of the Independent National Electoral Commission have been dogged by controversies; such that conflicts, suspicions, suspense, and confusion becloud the horizon. Will the election hold or not? Who are the candidates? Will […]

Trump, the tragic case of Bridget Agbahime and the death of a nation

Two weeks ago, while the world faced the frightening prospect of a Trump presidency in the US, an equally tragic event took place thousands of kilometres away in Nigeria. Except that in the case of Nigeria, the people did not elect—pardon the pun—to foist on themselves the cataclysm that may yet consume the nation. Both […]

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