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BPE And Privatisation That Is Not Beneficial To Nigerians

DG BPE Benjamin Dikko

John Tosin Ajiboye Privatisation has been defined by economic scholars and jurists “…to encompass a wide range of options for involvement of private capital and management in the running and operations of public enterprises…” It may involve the total transfer of public ownership and asset structures to private companies. Or conversion of public enterprises to […]

Youth Unemployment In A Re-based Economy


By Chido Onumah A few days after the figures of Nigeria’s rebased GDP were made public last week, The Punch newspaper carried a very frightening front page story about a young unemployed Nigerian, Sunday Omotayo, who wanted to commit suicide. The picture that accompanied the horror story showed Omotayo sprawling along Wellington Bassey Way in […]

Security tips for churches, mosques

•Frank Mba: Police officer has been arrested

By Frank Mba Places of worship such as Churches and Mosques are traditionally regarded as places of peace. They are safe heavens and sanctuaries for worshipping and experiencing God’s love, mercy and grace. They are hallowed places and somewhat immune from the troubles, conflicts and violence of the world, including wars. However, recent events in […]

News Analysis: Big blow on Nigeria’s military

•Nigerian soldiers on an operation

By Bayo Onanuga Skeptics of Nigeria’s military campaign against the murderous Boko Haram gunmen in Nigeria’s northeast now have a smoking gun to prove that all is not well with the campaign. Almost daily, Nigeria’s military authorities issue one bulletin after the other about their triumphs against the insurgents; the massive killings they have achieved, […]

Nigerian Rebasing And The Making Of A Phantom Economy


By Peter Claver Oparah And so storm tossed and weather beaten Nigerians woke up on Saturday, 5 April to hear from the figure crunchers that people her so-called economic bureaucracy that it is the biggest economy in Africa, the 26th biggest in the whole wide world (as my little kids are wont to put it). […]

Nyanya: We Better Wake Up Or Die Where We Lie


By Henry C. Onyema I do not know what to say or write here that will make sense. In other terrorism-infested climes, an attack like the one at Nyanya will not be taken lying low. This is because it is a hit at the heart of the country: Abuja. Elsewhere, I have asked: what is […]

Insecurity And Structural Injustice In Nigeria


By Femi G. Oguntoyinbo I was disheartened to read about the 17-year old boy who was beaten to death by officials of Enugu Waste Management Agency. I felt depressed, not only because of the murder of the poor, innocent boy, but because of the criminal negligence and insensitivity to the plight of the masses by […]

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