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Andrew Chan and Febyanti Herewila

An Australian drug trafficker married his girlfriend Monday on the Indonesian prison island where he is set to be executed soon, his brother said, urging the country’s president to show compassion to the newlyweds.

Andrew Chan, 31, married his Indonesian girlfriend Febyanti Herewila in a ceremony on Nusakambangan Island, home to several high-security prisons, his brother Michael said.

He could be put to death by firing squad as soon as Tuesday, along with seven other foreign drug convicts, after authorities at the weekend gave then formal notice of their executions.

“We’ve had a special day today,” Michael Chan said as he announced the marriage after returning from a visit to Nusakambangan. “We’ve celebrated with some family and close friends.

“Hopefully the president will show some compassion, some mercy, so these two young people can carry on with their lives.

“It’s in the president’s hands.”

Chan met his future wife several years ago when Herewila, a pastor, began helping inmates in the jail where the Australian was imprisoned.

Chan and fellow Australian Myuran Sukumaran, both among the group facing imminent execution, are ringleaders of the so-called “Bali Nine” heroin-smuggling gang and were sentenced to death in 2006.

Australia has mounted a diplomatic campaign to save the pair but President Joko Widodo has vowed there will be no clemency for drug traffickers on death row in Indonesia.

He says the country faces an emergency due to rising narcotics use.

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Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/25/bruce-jenner-comes-out-as-transgender/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/25/bruce-jenner-comes-out-as-transgender/#comments Sat, 25 Apr 2015 10:53:49 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=237400 Bruce Jenner: After transgender operation

Bruce Jenner: After transgender operation

US Olympic champion turned reality TV star Bruce Jenner came out as transgender on Friday, saying: “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.”

In a highly anticipated, two-hour TV interview — hailed by transgender rights’ campaigners and his own Kardashian-linked family — the 65-year-old said he had wrestled with his sexual identity since he was a kid.

“I’ve always been confused about my gender identity since I was this big,” he told ABC’s celebrity interviewer Diane Sawyer.

“Here I am, stuck — and I hate the word — (a) girl stuck in a guy’s body … As of now I have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

But asked point blank if he was a woman, Jenner said: “Yes. For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.”

Bruce Jenner Photo: radaronline.com

Bruce Jenner
Photo: radaronline.com

Speculation that the actor, race-car enthusiast and 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics decathlon gold medalist was undergoing a sex change has been rich fodder for supermarket tabloids for months.

Supposed telltale signs, based on paparazzi photos from the streets of Los Angeles, include shaved limbs, long hair worn in a ponytail and what appears to be a sports bra under a T-shirt.

Jenner said he identifies himself as “her,” but not by a specific name. The ABC interviewer used “he” and “him” throughout, which the former Olympian was comfortable with.

He stressed the difference between gender identity and sexuality. “I am not gay,” Jenner said, adding: “I am, as far as I know, heterosexual. I’ve always been with a woman, raising kids.”

Just before making the long-expected announcement, Jenner symbolically let his hair down, physically.

Bruce Jenner: has he always looked like a woman?

Bruce Jenner: has he always looked like a woman?

“Let’s take the damn ponytail out,” he told Sawyer, smiling.

Born outside New York in October 1949, thrice-married Jenner became an American sports hero when he set a world record with his Montreal decathlon victory.

Leveraging his fame, he appeared on boxes of Wheaties, a popular American cereal known as “the breakfast of champions,” then tried his hand as a movie actor, with less than stellar results.

But it was through his marriage to the former Kris Kardashian that he once again became a household name in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in which he appeared as the sometimes bemused stepfather of her flamboyant daughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.

He and Kris Kardashian have two daughters of their own, but they obtained a divorce in December, 14 months after separating — although he has been seen still wearing a wedding ring.

After the interview aired, Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself. Bruce is love. I love you Bruce. #ProudDaughter”

Jenner’s 89-year-old mother hailed her son’s announcement, comparing her pride to that when he won at the Olympics.

“I never thought I could be more proud of you. But I’m learning I can be.”

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group GLAAD welcomed Jenner’s announcement.

“Today, millions of people learned that someone they know is transgender,” GLAAD head Sarah Kate Ellis said.

“By sharing this story, Bruce Jenner has shined a light on what it means to be transgender and live authentically in the face of unimaginable public scrutiny.

“Though Jenner’s journey is one that is deeply personal, it is also one that will impact and inspire countless people around the world,” she added.

Jenner’s son Brandon tweeted simply: “Proud son,” along with an Instagram picture of himself as a young boy perched on his smiling father’s shoulders.

Step-daughter Khloe Kardashian trumpeted: “Just finished watching the #BruceJennerInterview with the family. Bruzer, I’m soooo proud of you! Dads really are heros.”

Jenner, clearly relieved to have finally come clean, said: “I’m saying goodbye to people’s perceptions of me and who I am.

“I’m not saying goodbye to me because this has always been me.”

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Islamic college bans girls from athletics for fear of losing virginity http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/23/islamic-college-bans-girls-from-athletics-for-fear-of-losing-virginity/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/23/islamic-college-bans-girls-from-athletics-for-fear-of-losing-virginity/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 09:16:56 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=237146 Victoria state Education Minister James Merlino

Victoria state Education Minister James Merlino

An Islamic college in Australia is under investigation after claims that its principal has banned girls from taking part in running competitions because they might “lose their virginity”.

Victoria state Education Minister James Merlino said Thursday that if true, the claims made by a former teacher at Melbourne’s Al-Taqwa College “would be very concerning”.

“I have asked the schools regulator, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, to investigate,” he said in a statement.

The former teacher wrote to government ministers this week alleging “the principal (Omar Hallak) holds beliefs that if females run excessively, they may ‘lose their virginity'”, The Age newspaper said.

“The principal believes that there is scientific evidence to indicate that if girls injure themselves, such as break their leg while playing soccer, it could render them infertile.”

Hallak denied the allegations late Thursday in a statement and said girls were “encouraged to participate in all activities”, subject to parental consent.

“We do not believe that running excessively may cause female students to lose their virginity or that sporting injuries could render them infertile,” the statement added, according to the newspaper.

The statement did not directly address claims that girls from the college’s primary school had been blocked from taking part in some district events.

The Age published a letter that appeared to be written by the college’s cross-country team to Hallak challenging his decision to reportedly stop the primary school’s team from competing in events in 2013 and 2014.

“Just because we are girls doesn’t mean we can’t participate in running events,” the letter said, adding that the decision was “really offensive to all the girls that were going to participate”.

“It also doesn’t say that girls can’t run in the hadith (sayings of the Prophet Mohammed). As long as us girls are wearing appropriate clothes we can run.”

Al-Taqwa College is believed to be Victoria state’s largest Islamic school and had 1,701 students enrolled last year, according to government data.

The co-educational independent school takes in students up to 18 years old, and received more than Aus$15 million (US$11.6 million) in government funding in 2013.

It is not the first time Hallak has made headlines.

The principal told The Age last month that he had instructed students not to join Islamic State as the jihadist group was a plot by Israel and the United States to gain control of Middle Eastern oil.

“They are trained and equipped by them: (the) evidence is all the shiny new equipment,” Hallak was quoted as saying. “We don’t believe Muslims are creating IS.”

He added that killing innocent people was not “the Islamic way”.

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne reportedly wrote to the school seeking an explanation for Hallak’s IS comments.

Australia has become increasingly concerned about “home-grown” IS-inspired extremists.

The country raised its threat level to “high” last September and has since carried out a series of counter-terrorism raids.

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Mexican girl returns home after mistakenly sent to US http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/23/mexican-girl-returns-home-after-mistakenly-sent-to-us/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/23/mexican-girl-returns-home-after-mistakenly-sent-to-us/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 05:47:25 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=237119 Alondra Luna Nunez (M) reunited with her parents in Mexico

Alondra Luna Nunez (M) reunited with her parents in Mexico

A 14-year-old Mexican girl grabbed by police at school and sent to the United States in a case of mistaken identity was reunited with her parents Wednesday, a happy ending to a saga that captivated the country.

A video of the April 16 operation shows Alondra Luna Nunez screaming as officers shove her inside a police vehicle in the central state of Guanajuato before flying her to a woman in Texas who thought she was her daughter.

The images spread on social media and gripped Mexico.

But the teenager was finally back with her real parents after a DNA test proved on Monday that she was not the daughter of the woman in Texas.

“Ask me all the questions you want tomorrow. Right now, I want to be with my parents,” Luna said at the Guanajuato airport, where a crowd of journalists awaited her arrival.

Her parents did not rule out taking legal action against the officials and judge who ordered police to take Luna and fly her to Texas.

“I want to enjoy being with my daughter. Thank you all for supporting us,” her father Gustavo Luna told reporters.

“Right now, what I want is to speak with my daughter,” he said. “I think that all the authorities involved in this were wrong.”

Luna seemed to hold no grudge, saying she hoped the Texas woman, Dorotea Garcia, ended up finding her daughter. They spoke by phone.

“She told me to forgive her for everything she had done to us,” Luna told reporters.

– ‘Happy ending’ –

The foreign ministry said in a statement that the case dates back to 2007, when Mexican authorities received a request for the return of a minor whose father brought her to the country from the United States.

In March this year, US authorities told Mexican counterparts that the mother of the child had traveled to Guanajuato and had identified the girl as her daughter after an eight-year search.

A Mexican judge subsequently asked the international police organization, Interpol, for assistance to get the girl, even though her real family insisted it was a case of mistaken identity, the ministry said.

The DNA test showed that the woman who asked for the girl’s return was not her mother.

The woman, who has not seen her daughter for eight years, had thought that Luna had the same scar as her daughter between her eyebrows.

The foreign ministry stressed that it was “just acting as a facilitator” at the start of court proceedings and coordinated collaboration between US and Mexican authorities in the return of minors.

The governmental National Human Rights Commission has taken up the case.

Guanajuato’s Governor Miguel Marquez, who was at the airport, praised the girl’s courage during her ordeal.

“This has a happy ending. Fortunately, thank God, the family is reunited,” he said. “They didn’t lose their heads. They stayed calm.”

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HSBC sorry for website porn link http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/21/hsbc-sorry-for-website-porn-link/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/21/hsbc-sorry-for-website-porn-link/#comments Tue, 21 Apr 2015 10:06:11 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236926 HSBC porn link Photo: scmp.com

HSBC porn link
Photo: scmp.com

Banking giant HSBC apologised for a website blunder on its Hong Kong page which directed unwitting visitors to a pornographic site, reports said Tuesday.

In a statement published on Monday, the bank said the link to the external website had been removed from its community projects page and made an apology.

“HSBC would like to apologise to the public for any inconvenience caused,” it said in the statement.

Video seen on the Apple Daily newspaper website showed the www.hsbc.com.hk website linking to a page that showed suggestive pictures of scantily clad women.

“It’s a new HSBC business,” Hong Konger Terry To commented jokingly on Apple Daily’s Facebook page.

The third party website for an obsolete community award, which was originally connected with the HSBC site, had expired and was taken over by a porn site, South China Morning Post reported.

The British bank added that it was not associated with the racy webpage “in any way”, adding that its website remains secure.

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Ado-Ekiti woman delivers twins after waiting for 14 years http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/20/ado-ekiti-woman-delivers-twins-after-waiting-for-14-years/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/20/ado-ekiti-woman-delivers-twins-after-waiting-for-14-years/#comments Mon, 20 Apr 2015 12:01:16 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236841 Mrs. Roseline Akinsola> Photo credit: Facebook Page

Mrs. Roseline Akinsola> Photo credit: Facebook Page

Mrs Roseline Akinsola, 50, on Monday delivered a set of twins after 14 years of childlessness.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Akinsola, who works at the Ekiti State Christian Pilgrims Board, was full of praises to God for answering her prayers.

The mother of two girls, who weighed 4.2kg and 2.3kg, advised other couples in need of children not to lose hope.

Akinsola, who on her Facebook page, says she hails from Ilawe-Ekiti, in an interview with NAN, expressed gratitude to God for giving her the children after several years.

” I thank God for the new name he has given to me; before, I was being called “Iya Iyanu’’ without a child, but today, my name has changed to “Mummy Twins.’’

“Many of my colleagues, friends and neighbours mocked and sidelined me, but because I stood firm on the words of God, He answered my prayers.

Illustration: a set of twins

Illustration: a set of twins

“I thank my husband, who inspite of the troubles and problems from family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours still believe in me and God.

“He stood by me like a father in all ways and also believed in God all through the crisis. I also thank my siblings who stood by me in prayers for years.

“Let me thank God for all those who stood by me in prayers and encouraged me not to desist from serving God.

“These children are indeed signs that God never forgets his own people who diligently seek him and believe in his words, ” she said.

The father of the twins,Babatunde,49, also expressed gratitude to God for the children.

“We fast, pray and cry unto God for the fruits of the womb for years, but I am happy that today, God has finally fulfilled his promise to my family.

“I thank members of our church under the callings of Pastor and Mrs David Ajileye for their prayers and care for my family,’’ the happy father, who is also a civil servant, said.

Ajileye, who is the General Overseer of the Way of Life Bible Church, Ado-Ekiti, thanked God for his blessings in the lives of the couple.

“We have known the couple for over 15 years and they have been steadfast and faithful in serving God inspite of the challenges they were facing.

“For years, I and my wife have been praying to God to give the couple the fruit of the womb; I am so happy that the lord has answered their prayers.

“The church witnessed a similar miracle in 2013 when a couple, members of our church delivered a set of twins, a boy and a girl after 31 years of childlessness,’’ he said.

He advised the couple to teach and train the children in the ways of the lord.

NAN reports that the mother and the twins were in good health as at press time. (NAN)

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Man burns wife to death in ‘honour killing’ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/19/man-burns-wife-to-death-in-honour-killing/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/19/man-burns-wife-to-death-in-honour-killing/#comments Sun, 19 Apr 2015 10:05:47 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236734
A lady protests honour killing in Pakistan

A lady protests honour killing in Pakistan

A Pakistani man and his father have been arrested in the country’s latest so-called “honour killing” after they set the son’s wife alight for leaving the house without asking his permission, police said Sunday.

Muhammad Siddique became enraged on learning that his wife, Shabana Bibi, 25, had visited her sister without first asking him if she could go out, her brother Muhammad Azam said.

Siddique and his father then beat Bibi before dousing her with petrol and setting her on fire in Central Pakistan’s Muzaffargarh district on Friday, Azam said.

Bibi had been married to Siddique for three years, during which time she had suffered repeated domestic abuse for the couple’s inability to have children, Azam said.

Suffering burns to 80 percent of her body, Bibi died of her injuries in hospital on Saturday.

“We have arrested the husband and father-in-law of the deceased woman and charged them for murder and terrorism,” district police chief Rai Zameer-ul-Haq told AFP. The charge of “terrorism” is regularly applied in such cases so as to expedite the legal process.

Hundreds of women are murdered by their relatives in Pakistan each year through domestic violence or on the grounds of defending family “honour”.

The Aurat Foundation, a campaign group that works to improve the lives of women in Pakistan’s conservative and patriarchal society, says more than 3,000 women have been killed in such attacks since 2008.

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FIFA World cup winner sold medal to buy cocaine http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/fifa-world-cup-winner-sold-medal-to-buy-cocaine/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/fifa-world-cup-winner-sold-medal-to-buy-cocaine/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:58:51 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236706
Paulo Cesar: in his playing days

Paulo Cesar: in his playing days

Former Brazil international Paulo Cesar has admitted he sold his World Cup winners medal from 1970 to buy cocaine.

“I wasn’t in control emotionally. I should never have negotiated and sold such a precious medal,” he told Globonews television station.

“It’s a huge loss. I’ve never told anyone but now I’m ready to admit it.”

The 65-year-old former midfielder added: “The most important thing for me was cocaine. The medal was less important.”

Paulo Cesar made his name at Rio de Janeiro outfit Botafogo in the 1960s before going on to play for other leading Brazilian lights Flamengo, Fluminense, Gremio, Vasco da Gama and Corinthians.

He said he was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 17 years and had lost three appartements in Rio because of it.

His addiction began in France when playing for Marseille in 1974-75.

He ended his career at Aix-en-Provence in 1982-83, where a doctor told him he would soon die if he didn’t change his ways.

He was an unused substitute in Brazil’s 4-1 victory over Italy in the final in Mexico City.

He had started in two of Brazil’s three group games and also made two other substitute appearances, although he did not feature in either the semi-final or final.

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WHO scientists investigate ‘mysterious deaths’ in Nigerian town http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/who-scientists-investigate-mysterious-deaths-in-nigerian-town/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/who-scientists-investigate-mysterious-deaths-in-nigerian-town/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 20:37:36 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236680 Oba Olanrewaju Lebi

Oba Olanrewaju Lebi

A “mysterious” disease that kills patients within 24 hours, said to have been inflicted by an angry ‘god’, has claimed at least 18 lives in a south western Nigerian town, the government said Saturday.

“Twenty-three people (were affected) and 18 deaths were recorded,” the Ondo state health commissioner, Dayo Adeyanju, told AFP.

The government spokesman for the state, Kayode Akinmade, earlier gave a toll of 17 dead.

“Seventeen people have died of the mysterious disease since it broke out early this week in Ode-Irele town,” Akinmade told AFP by telephone.

The disease, whose symptoms include headache, weight loss, blurred vision and loss of consciousness, killed the victims within a day of falling ill, he said.

Laboratory tests have so far ruled out Ebola or any other virus, Akinmade said.

The World Health Organization meanwhile said it had information on 14 cases with at least 12 dead.

“Common symptoms were sudden blurred vision, headache, loss of consciousness followed by death, occurring within 24 hours,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told AFP by email, adding that an investigation was ongoing.

Another WHO spokesman, Gregory Hartl, told AFP that according to a preliminary report, all those affected began showing symptoms between April 13 and 15.

Akinmade said health officials and experts from the government and aid agencies, as well as WHO epidemiologists, had arrived in Ode-Irele to search for answers.

The state’s health commissioner, Adeyanju, told AFP that he and his officials had gone on a “field visit with the WHO, UNICEF, NCDC (Nigerian Centre for Disease Control)”.

“This was basically a case search to unravel the cause (of the disease),” he said in a text message.

The WHO’s Jasarevic said blood and urine samples had been taken from two victims and cerebrospinal fluid from another.

One of the victims of the god's anger. Photo Eagleonline

One of the victims of the god’s anger. Photo Eagleonline

“All samples have been sent to Lagos University Teaching Hospital this morning, and results are still pending. Investigations are still ongoing,” he said.

As the WHO experts try to offer scientific explanation for the deaths, the town’s High Chief Moses Enimade, has linked the deaths to a sacrilege done to Molokun, god of the land.

Enimade, next in command to Oba Cornelius Olanrewaju-Lebi, debunked the rumour that the deaths were caused by strange disease or Ebola virus.

No fewer than 20 youths reportedly died of severe headaches and blindness in the town recently.

Enimade contended that some stubborn youths broke into the inner room of Molokun Shrine on April 15.

“Molokun is a deity of the land, only the Chief Priest and High Chief Gboguron are qualified to enter the shrine.’’

The chief said the youths entered the shrine and made away with traditional items in a bid to acquire extra-ordinary powers and engage in money ritual.

“They were not qualified to enter the room (shrine). They had to face death penalty’’; he emphasised.

“Because these youths want to be rich at all costs, they entered the sacred place and made away with traditional items and 20 of them have died as a result of their desperate acts,

“We have to appease the gods or else many will still die and we have to bury them according to tradition. Their corpses belong to the gods and will be exhumed if buried by their families.’’

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Strange deaths in Ondo town linked with anger of god http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/strange-deaths-in-ondo-town-linked-with-anger-of-god/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/strange-deaths-in-ondo-town-linked-with-anger-of-god/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 15:01:44 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236663 Oba Olanrewaju Lebi

Oba Olanrewaju Lebi

High Chief Moses Enimade, the Oyewoga of Ode Irele in Ondo State, has linked the recent death of 20 youths in the town to a sacrilege done to Molokun, god of the land.

Enimade, next in command to Oba Cornelius Olanrewaju-Lebi, debunked the rumour that the deaths were caused by strange disease or Ebola virus.

No fewer than 20 youths reportedly died of severe headaches and blindness in the town recently.

Enimade contended that some stubborn youths broke into the inner room of Molokun Shrine on April 15.

“Molokun is a deity of the land, only the Chief Priest and High Chief Gboguron are qualified to enter the shrine.’’

The chief said the youths entered the shrine and made away with traditional items in a bid to acquire extra-ordinary powers and engage in money ritual.

“They were not qualified to enter the room (shrine). They had to face death penalty’’; he emphasised.

The Oyewoga said it he could not remember the last time Malokun or any other gods had to strike like this in the area.

One of the victims of the god's anger. Photo Eagleonline

One of the victims of the god’s anger. Photo Eagleonline


According to him, there is no community or town without its own culture and tradition; what happened in Irele is the judgement of the gods on stubborn youths.

“Even the Kabiesi himself is not permitted to enter the Molokun Shrine’s inner room except the Chief Priest and High Chief Gboguron. Sacrifice must be performed before they can enter.

“Because these youths want to be rich at all costs, they entered the sacred place and made away with traditional items and 20 of them have died as a result of their desperate acts,

“We have to appease the gods or else many will still die and we have to bury them according to tradition. Their corpses belong to the gods and will be exhumed if buried by their families.’’

He restated that the deaths were not caused by diseases or ebola as widely speculated.

“The death caused by Molokun is characterised by severe headache and blindness.

“Proverbs 29:1 in the Bible say: `he that had been reproved and hardened his neck shall suddenly be destroyed without remedy; so youths of nowadays must be careful’’’, Enimade said.

Some residents who spoke with NAN appealed to the chief priest to make necessary atonement to avert calamity in the town.

They said news of the deaths had given the town and state a bad name.

Mr Saheed Osuolale said he was afraid when the news broke.

Mrs Esther Bantefa said the news had given the town and the state a bad name adding that the chief priest should as a matter of urgency perform necessary rituals.

“Our people in Lagos and other towns called us to get information if it was Ebola outbreak’’, she said.

Mrs Tayo Akinyelure said parents should warn their children against going near shrines.

“Many youths do not believe in all these traditions and customs. It is high time parents warned their children against committing sacrilege’’, she said.

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US Catholic Church shells out $150m over pedophilia http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/us-catholic-church-shells-out-150-m-over-pedophilia/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/18/us-catholic-church-shells-out-150-m-over-pedophilia/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 06:53:32 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236627 Pope Francis: head of the Catholic Church

Pope Francis: head of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church in the US forked out $120 million to victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy and $30 million on pedophile prevention programs over 12 months, according to an annual report out Friday.

The bulk of the $150 million between June of 2013 and 2014 was spent on compensation, therapy and legal fees for victims, the report said, and the rest went to preventing the abuse from occurring, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops said.

The US bishops conduct an annual study of sexual abuse allegations following a church scandal over pedophile priests came under the spotlight in 2002. In the fallout senior church officials acknowledged they had protected priests responsible for the sexual abuse of children.

The report said there were 657 allegations of underage sexual abuse by priests, of which 130 have been recognized and 243 are still under investigation and the rest unproven. Most allegations relate to events that took place years earlier.

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, said: “Though our promise to protect and heal made in 2002 remains strong, we must not become complacent with what has been accomplished.

“It is my hope and prayer that as we continue to fulfill our promise, the Church will help model ways of addressing and bringing to light the darkness and evil of abuse wherever it exists.”

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Zamfara to spend N40m on mass wedding http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/15/zamfara-to-spend-n40m-on-mass-wedding/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/15/zamfara-to-spend-n40m-on-mass-wedding/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 14:19:36 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=236278 FILE PHOTO: Brides attend a wedding feast at the Kano state governor's office after taking part in a mass wedding at the central mosque in Nigeria's second city of Kano on December 19, 2013.

FILE PHOTO: Brides attend a wedding feast at the Kano state governor’s office after taking part in a mass wedding at the central mosque in Nigeria’s second city of Kano on December 19, 2013.

The Zamfara Government has earmarked N40 million to facilitate a mass wedding, organised by the Association of Widows and Divorcees in the state.

The Chairman of the Zamfara State Hisbah Commission, Dr Atiku Zawiyya, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Gusau.

He said that the State Government decided to assist the widows association to help the body to tackling its problems.

The chairman noted that the activities of the association were in line with the tenets of Islam and the promotion of the Shari’a.

The Kano grooms

Zawiyya explained that the State Government supported the initiative of the association to help in its effort to reduce immorality in society.

He called on wealthy individuals to continue to assist the activities of the association as government alone could not do everything.

The secretary of the association, Malam Sani Usman, said the money, if released by the government, would be used in sponsoring the marriages of more than 200 widows, divorcees, less-privileged and orphans.

He said that part of the money would be used to assist some couples to start businesses to sustain their marriages.

Usman recalled that no fewer than 200 couples had benefited from the programme in the past three years.

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Man who filmed police shooting ‘knew the magnitude’ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/09/man-who-filmed-police-shooting-knew-the-magnitude/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/09/man-who-filmed-police-shooting-knew-the-magnitude/#comments Thu, 09 Apr 2015 02:31:24 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=235608 Feidin Santana: Filmed police shooting

Feidin Santana: Filmed police shooting

The bystander who shot video apparently showing a white police officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man, said he knew right away the profound significance of the chilling footage he’d recorded.

“As you can see in the video, the police officer just shot him in the back,” said Feidin Santana, who used his cellphone to film the dramatic and tragic encounter.

“I knew right away, I had something on my hands,” he told NBC television.

As a result of the recording which in just 24 hours has been seen around the world, the police officer, 33-year-old Michael Slager, was charged with murder on Tuesday, and could face a sentence of up to life in prison or the death penalty.

Slager stands accused of shooting Walter Scott, 50, repeatedly in the back after a scuffle that began with a traffic stop for a broken tail light in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Santana said that after filming the incident, he immediately became fearful of his own safety.

“I won’t deny I knew the magnitude of this, and I even thought about erasing the video,” the 23-year old said in a separate interview with MSNBC television.

“I felt that my life with this information might be in some danger. I thought about erasing the video and getting out of the community, leaving North Charleston,” he said.

In the video, Scott is seen being shot as he tried to run from Slager, who then handcuffs the dying man.

“It’s not something that no one can feel happy about. He has his family, Mr. Scott also has his family,” Santana — who was on his way to work when he noticed Slager and Scott, and heard a stun gun being deployed — told NBC.

“But I think, you know, (the officer) made a bad decision, and you pay for your decisions in this life.”

“Mr. Scott didn’t deserve this,” he continued. “And there were other ways that can be used to get him arrested. And that wasn’t the proper way to do that.”

He described the scene that unfolded during the fatal encounter.

“Before I started recording, they were down on the floor. I remember the police (officer) had control of the situation,” Santana said.

“He had control of Scott. And Scott was trying just to get away from the Taser (stun gun). But like I said, he never used the Taser against the cop.”

Several killings of unarmed black men by police officers in recent months have sparked sometimes violent protests across the United States, with demonstrators alleging racism in the nation’s police departments.

Officers have rarely been charged in the shootings, however — even when the incidents were recorded.

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Woman, 27, jailed 20 years for poisoning son http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/09/woman-27-jailed-20-years-for-poisoning-son/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/09/woman-27-jailed-20-years-for-poisoning-son/#comments Thu, 09 Apr 2015 01:58:54 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=235602 Lacey Spears: poisoned son with salt

Lacey Spears: poisoned son with salt

A 27-year-old US woman from New York state who killed her five-year-old son by poisoning him with salt was jailed for 20 years on Wednesday.

Judge Robert Neary said while Lacey Spears suffered from the mental illness known as Munchausen by proxy, she was guilty of a crime “unfathomable in its cruelty.”

Spears, from Scottsville, Kentucky, was convicted of second degree murder last month in the death of her son Garnett-Paul Spears.

During the trial the court heard how the woman had given her son lethal doses of salt through a feeding tube because she craved the attention it gave her.

Judge Neary said the woman’s son had suffered “five years of torment and pain.”

“One does not have to be a psychiatrist to realize you suffer from Munchausen by proxy,” Neary said as he resisted calls to give Spears a 25-year sentence sought by prosecutors.

Munchausen by proxy is a disorder which in some cases sees a caregiver fabricate or induce physical or health problems for those in their care.

District Attorney Janet DiFiore said Spears’ son had suffered “repeated hospitalizations, unneeded surgical procedures and ultimately poisoning with salt — all at the hands of the one person who should have been his ultimate protector: his mother.”

“Using the child’s ‘illnesses” to self-aggrandize herself, her actions directly lead to her son’s tortured death,” DiFiore said.

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Driver Admits Filming Boss’ Wife In The Bathroom http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/08/driver-admits-filming-boss-wife-in-the-bathroom/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/08/driver-admits-filming-boss-wife-in-the-bathroom/#comments Wed, 08 Apr 2015 12:52:26 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=235561 FILE PHOTO: Woman in shower

FILE PHOTO: Woman in shower

A 31-year old man has admitted recording a video of a woman getting undressed to take a shower while he stood outside her house. The man, a driver of Indian descent confessed to charges at Dubai Court of First Instance of sexually abusing the woman and breaching her privacy on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said on December 29, 2014, the 42-year old woman was set to jump in the shower at her home when she noticed light coming from a vent in the bathroom.

“I noticed a flash of light from the vent and I yelled and my husband came and I told him that someone was taking pictures of me while I was naked”, the woman said.

Her 32-year-old husband said it was 11:30 pm when he heard his wife shouting for help. “I tried to calm her down and she told me that someone was taking pictures of her and she saw the flash through the vent”.

“I went out and around the villa and saw the defendant and he was afraid,” he added.

At first, the driver denied the accusation, but the angry husband questioned him further and he confessed to recording the woman.

The man then claimed he had deleted the video and thrown his phone in a rubbish bin. “I went to the bin and took the phone and opened it,” the husband said.

“I saw a video of my wife taking off her clothes before screaming”.

Dubai Police officers who arrested the driver said he confessed to recording her.

“I asked him why he did that and he claimed that he liked the woman so he recorded her on video,” a policeman said.

The trial has been adjourned for a verdict

Culled from: 7daysindubai.com

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100-year-old man kills wife with an ax, commits suicide http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/08/100-year-old-man-kills-wife-with-an-ax-commits-suicide/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/08/100-year-old-man-kills-wife-with-an-ax-commits-suicide/#comments Tue, 07 Apr 2015 23:14:46 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=235504 Police line logo

A 100-year-old US man who reportedly suffered from dementia killed his wife with an ax then committed suicide in their home near New York, authorities said Tuesday.

Michael Juskin, who turned 100 in November, killed his 88-year-old wife Rosalia as she slept in her bed Sunday in their home in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, according to Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli.

Juskin then used a knife to slit his wrists in the bathroom, Molinelli said, noting a history of “domestic issues” between the couple.

A family member discovered the bodies the next day and alerted police.

Juskin’s family said he suffered from dementia, according to the NorthJersey.com website, which added that police had been called three times for domestic issues since 2012.

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Prostitutes study law to help others in trouble http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/07/prostitutes-study-law-to-help-others-in-trouble/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/04/07/prostitutes-study-law-to-help-others-in-trouble/#comments Tue, 07 Apr 2015 01:33:55 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=235393 FILE PHOTO: Prostitutes

FILE PHOTO: Prostitutes

Cony’s usual work clothes are tight-fitting outfits that show off her curves as she waits for clients at the bar.

But today she has put on a modest flower-print dress to attend her first law class, one of 60 sex workers who are training to become volunteer “facilitators” in the Nicaraguan justice system.

Cony — short for Concepcion Jarquin — learned early on to survive in a hostile world, and now hopes to use her street sense to help others defend themselves.

Raped by a neighbor at age six, she dropped out of school in shame and left home to escape the rebukes of her mother, who blamed her for what happened.

Forty years and countless humiliations later, this lively, smiling woman is studying part-time in a conference room at the Supreme Court to learn the basics of the Nicaraguan civil and criminal codes.

She will then be sworn in to act as a liaison between residents of her impoverished neighborhood and an often inaccessible justice system.

The free, year-long course, which meets once every two months, was organized by the Sunflowers Sex Workers’ Association, a group set up three years ago to help prostitutes get medical care and professional training.

It is part of a broader initiative that has trained 4,300 facilitators across Nicaragua in the past 17 years to mediate in neighborhood conflicts — arguments between neighbors, disputes over money, etc. — or get help from support groups or the police in more serious cases.

The program has been so successful at reducing the caseload of the overburdened court system that eight other Latin American countries have adopted it.

But this is the first time sex workers are taking part.

Maria Davila, the head of the Sunflowers association, said prostitutes are ideal for the job.

“We are fighters who know how to overcome and find bread to feed our families,” she said at the inauguration of the program.

“We are women with rights and abilities… capable of helping our sisters and their families.”

– Helping others escape abuse –

For Cony, it is a chance to serve her community and regain some of the dignity lost doing her other job.

“Seeing a stranger on top of you is horrible. It’s not a dignified job. It’s disgusting. But that’s how we feed our children,” she told AFP at the small shack made of scrap wood and plastic where she lives in the city of Matagalpa.

Cony, who has light brown skin and delicate features, turned to prostitution to raise her two children, and continues working to support her three grandchildren.

She has slept with men of nearly every kind imaginable, she said: “Farmers, office workers, college graduates, pastors, priests, politicians….”

Nicaragua, a country of six million people, has some 14,000 prostitutes.

Often they are abused by clients, targeted for rapes and muggings, have no health care and face discrimination by the police.

Another woman taking part in the course, Alondra — her name has been changed at her request — described the horrors sex workers can face.

“I was raped twice. Once by a gang of 10 people in Managua. I nearly lost my mind,” she said.

The 36-year-old, who does not earn enough to make ends meet in her day job as a housekeeper, said she hopes to help others escape the abuse she has faced.

“I’m going to enrich myself more, empower myself more and use what I learn to help people,” she said.

There is no shortage of conflicts to resolve in these women’s neighborhoods.

In Cony’s, for example — a slum called Sor Maria — neighbors live practically on top of each other in tiny shacks made of plastic and scrap metal. The only source of water is a truck that passes every two days selling it in jugs.

Disputes, fights and domestic violence are a daily reality.

Yesenia Alston, a 35-year-old participant in the program, said she is “proud to be a sex worker” but also looking forward to doing more in her community.

The course “is an opportunity to help our families and our fellow sex workers, to use the knowledge we’re acquiring to defend our rights,” she said.

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Armed robbers breaks leg during operation, calls ambulance http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/03/31/armed-robbers-breaks-leg-during-operation-calls-ambulance/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/03/31/armed-robbers-breaks-leg-during-operation-calls-ambulance/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 07:44:18 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=234816 Ambulance Tokyo

A hapless armed robber in his 60s broke his leg while holding up a convenience store in Japan — and then used the shop’s payphone to call an ambulance, according to a report and police.

The inept thief tussled with a 35-year-old store clerk after threatening him with a knife in Chiba, east of Tokyo, on Sunday.

The crook was disarmed in the struggle, which saw him fall to the ground and break his leg before hobbling out of the shop, the local China Nippo newspaper reported.

In increasing pain and unable to get very far, the un-named man limped back an hour later and used the payphone at the store to summon an ambulance, the paper said.

Detectives are planning to arrest the suspect when he is released from hospital, the paper reported.

“A man in his 60s is being treated at the hospital he was taken to,” a Chiba police official told AFP.

“As the victim (of the threat) took the knife away, the suspect could not achieve his purpose,” the official said.

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Giant rats sniff out TB in Mozambique http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/03/24/giant-rats-sniff-out-tb-in-mozambique/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/03/24/giant-rats-sniff-out-tb-in-mozambique/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 06:00:16 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=234060 Rat Mozambique

Giant rats may strike fear and disgust into the hearts of homeowners worldwide, but researchers in impoverished Mozambique are improbably turning some of them into heroes.

At Eduardo Mondlane University in the capital Maputo, nine giant rats are busy at work — sniffing out tuberculosis-causing bacteria from rows of sputum samples.

These are no ordinary rats, as they have undergone six months of training in Tanzania. Their most distinguishing asset is their impeccable sense of smell.

Placed inside a glass cage, a rat darts from sample to sample, then stops or rubs its legs, indicating that a sample is infected with a TB causing bacteria.

Once the task is complete, it is given a treat through a syringe for a job well done.

“Within 30 minutes, the rat can test close to a hundred samples, which normally takes a laboratory technician four days,” said Emilio Valverde, TB program director at APOPO, the organisation leading the research.

The project, which started in February 2013, has brought hope to thousands of TB sufferers who sometimes receive false results and test negative using the standard laboratory system.

In 2006, tuberculosis was declared a national emergency in Mozambique, with 60,000 people in 2014 said to be infected, according to the ministry of health.

That number was a 10 percent increase from 2013.

Samples delivered to the university for testing are collected from 15 health centres across Maputo.

– Rats in training –

Belgian group APOPO is planning to expand the program to other parts of the country, while working on getting the system approved by the World Health Organization.

The organisation claims rat testing is more cost effective than other conventional methods.

Each rat costs around $6,700 to $8,000 to train, with a six-to-eight-year life span.

The cost is lower compared to rapid diagnostic test GeneXpert, which costs up to $17,000 per device, setting the state back between $10 and $17 per test.

The kitten-size rats are also used by APOPO to detect landmines by sniffing out explosives.

They are light enough to cross terrain without triggering the mines, and are followed by de-mining experts who reward the rats with bananas.

The rats weigh up to 1.5 pounds and are said to be “easier to catch and train” — according to Valverde.

Samples pointed out by the rats to contain TB bacteria are then sent for further tests using fluorescence microscopy, a more sensitive laboratory technique.

The results are sent back to health centres, allowing patients to start treatment early.

Although TB is a treatable disease, in underdeveloped countries like Mozambique it can be deadly if left untreated and is particularly harmful to people living with HIV.

Mozambique is one of the countries worst affected by TB and 1 in 10 adults is HIV-positive.

With World Tuberculosis Day being marked on Tuesday, the Mozambican Ministry of Health said it was cautiously monitoring the APOPO work.

“This technique has to be compared to others that are available and already WHO approved, such as GeneXpert or LED microscope,” said Ivan Manhica, who heads the national programme for tuberculosis at the health ministry.

According to the WHO, TB killed 1.5 million people in 2013.

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China tax policy forces couples to divorce http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/03/20/china-tax-policy-forces-couples-to-divorce/ http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2015/03/20/china-tax-policy-forces-couples-to-divorce/#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2015 06:18:54 +0000 http://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/?p=233688 Photo: traditions.cultural-china.com

Photo: traditions.cultural-china.com

Twice as many divorced couples are remarrying in China’s financial capital Shanghai as did so before fiscal changes made splitting up a way to avoid property taxes, reports showed Friday.

In 2013 China applied a 20 per cent capital gains tax on the profits owners make from selling residential property, as part of efforts to rein in rampant speculation and prices that were soaring at the time.

But the terms let couples with two properties sell them tax-free under certain conditions if they divorced and put each house into one person’s name — after which they could get back together.

The policy triggered “an avalanche of divorce cases in many cities nationwide”, the China Daily reported.

A total of 17,286 divorced couples remarried each other in Shanghai last year, it said, citing official data. In 2012, before the changes, the figure was only 8,068, according to other reports.

Similar increases have been seen in cities including the Jiangsu provincial capital Nanjing as residents retied the knot “after taking advantage” of the loophole, the China Daily said.

“The extraordinary surge in the remarriage rate shows that a large proportion of those who divorced did so in the fake way,” it quoted Ming Li, deputy director of the China Marriage and Family Counselling Centre, as saying.

Some divorcing couples would bring parents and children along when they filed for separation, she added, “as if the entire family was attending a joyful event”.

In Nanjing, nearly 25,000 divorced couples reunited last year, making up nearly 30 percent of total marriages, the city’s Yangtse Evening Post reported in January.

But new divorces have fallen as the property market has cooled, it said.

Starting from 2010, major Chinese cities limited families to one new apartment purchase and imposed other restrictions, including higher down-payments and mortgage interest rates for second homes, as price rises fuelled public anger.

The measures have been phased out in many areas in recent months as sales volumes drop.

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