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Reality Of Marriage

By Aidy Thomas It’s incredible how something so warm, nice, comforting and fulfilling can be challenging at the same time. Are you going to say it’s a sweet and sour package? I wouldn’t want to put that tag on it because even life itself is a mixture from different bottles. Marriage is a good thing […]

Give Love, Get Submission

By Aidy Thomas “I know you don’t love me and it shows in everything you do”. “If you loved me, you won’t treat me like this”. “I deserve some respect as the man of this house”. “My orders should be final but just now, no one listens to me at all”. The list goes on […]

Pictures Of Love (2)

By Aidy Thomas The other time, we looked at a couple who were having difficulty simply because the husband was so used to the woman he thought would be his wife. Life as we all know does not always offer what we ask for so it’s wise to position yourself to cope with what is […]

Pictures Of Love

By Aidy Thomas People love to remember good times and wish they stayed for ever. This in other words shows that the human mind is wired to connect and relate to past experiences/encounters – we tend to replay past events, relationships success and even failure. When it comes to relationship, this becomes even harder to manage […]

Building Self-Confidence

By Aidy Thomas Self-confidence is one asset anyone anticipating success in life should acquire. It starts basically from the perception you have about yourself. Being an assertive or lethargic person has an enormous impact on how others see you; there is a way you communicate the real feelings of life to them and they relate […]

Prerequisite For Marriage

By Aidy Thomas Marriage, I must tell you from experience, is one venture that’s worth preparing for- and very well at that. Your preparation is a function of who you really are, that is: personality/temperament, religion, location, family background, status/class, etc. For the purpose of precision, I will like to mention at this point that […]

Foxes Of Love

By Aidy Thomas Love is a life-giving and character-building experience everyone desires to enjoy as we journey through the surface of mother earth but to some people, the more they desire to love and be loved, the farther the reality. For me, love is like a product; put together by a thoughtful manufacturer deemed to […]

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