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Goodluck To Jonathan But Not On Obasanjo’s Recommendation

Recently I heard someone say that history will record Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo as one of the greatest Nigerians ever. Whao! I felt my bowels do a somersault as my heart raced down to the pit of my stomach. Over and over I’ve heard people say that life is a bitch sometimes and it’s even full […]

A Day With My White Yorùbá Aunty

“Bí ó pé títí, àlejò á di onílé.” Yorùbá Proverb (In time, a sojourner becomes a native.) I usually keep to myself when I take public transport in London. The usual drill would be to grab a copy of any of the free newspapers available. If I am lucky to get to the station before […]

Lions Standing Guard For The Kongi And Other Great African Writers

The first time I came across the name Wole Soyinka was in a book titled West African Verse: an anthology by Donatus Ibe Nwoga. Mrs Oladipupo, my Literature-in-English  teacher at my college Anwar Ul Islam, Agege, Lagos State had turned that book with its yellow cover into a mini bible – you literarily had to […]

Still On June 12 And Letter To Mko Abiola

I phoned my dad, Joseph Ogundamisi, last night and I have been speaking with him for the past few days. He got to heaven two years before you were killed. I have been trying to get your phone number from him but he never liked you when he was alive. He always called you “the […]

I Witnessed The Ibori Girls Go To Jail

Account 1 – Inside the courtroom: I woke up morning of Monday 7th June 2010 to my alarm clock. I literarily flew out of bed. I really wanted the day to start. I was going to be at the Southwark Crown Court. I was going to witness the sentencing of James Ibori’s sister, Christine Ibori-Ibie […]

And My Aunty “Killed Me” With “Love”

I was born in the United Kingdom but it never really mattered to me as my parents left the United Kingdom for my dad’s country of birth Nigeria in the early seventies. My mom was originally from the Caribbean. You see, back then, it was not uncommon for Nigerians to return home after studying in […]

Starving Nigerian Journalists And Blood Stained Proprietors

All over the world, journalists do not have it easy – much like every other person in each society. We live in difficult times. In recent past, there has been an advent in the use of the internet and the emergence of new media and citizen reporters – the most recent ‘threat’ to falsehood and […]

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