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In Pictures: What happened to Dora Akunyili?

Published on March 25, 2014 by   ·   98 Comments

Late Dora Akunyili

Prof. Dora Akunyili at the confab

Professor Akunyili: the shocking way she was seen today. Photo Femi Ipaye

Dora sending a text message on her phone

some members of the Confab

The late Prof. Dora Akunyili

A different professor Dora Akunyili at the confab

Professor Dora Akunyili, the former strong woman of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration Agency caused a stir when she appeared at the National Judicial Institute venue of the ongoing national conference in Abuja on Monday looking very pale and emaciated, a far cry from her usual vivacious self.

Many delegates could not recognise her at first glance as they were shocked by her almost ghoulish appearance.

Dora who also served as Information Minister and who was a failed senatorial candidate in her native Anambra state, had to introduce herself to some of the delegates who found it hard to recognise her.

She debunked earlier reports that she would miss the confab because of her illness.

Professor Dora Akunyili at the confab today. Photo Femi Ipaye

Professor Dora Akunyili at the confab today. Photo Femi Ipaye

Professor Akunyili: the shocking way she was seen today. Photo Femi Ipaye

Professor Akunyili: the shocking way she was seen today. Photo Femi Ipaye

Dora sending a text message on her phone

Dora sending a text message on her phone

The old Dora on her birthday at 53

The old Dora on her birthday at 53

Prof Dora Akunyili, Chief Josephine Aninneh and former deputy gov Osun State, Olusola Obada at the confab

Prof Dora Akunyili, Chief Josephine Aninneh and former deputy gov Osun State, Olusola Obada at the confab

On her facebook page on Tuesday, the former Iron Lady who as NAFDAC DG gave drug counterfeiters hell and whose tenure was globally celebrated for the clean up of the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry admitted that she has been ill: “I just came out of a major sickness, for which I thank Almighty God for delivering me. I know that God did that for a purpose.

“I am well now but only need time to put on more weight. However, I am strong enough for this Conference and I look forward to collaborating with other delegates to chart the way for a better Nigeria,” added the former Minister who is also one of the few Ministers who spoke up against the cabal that was playing dangerous games with the country when late President Umaru Yar’ Adua was sick.

She resigned from the cabinet of President Jonathan who succeeded Yar’Adua to contest Senatorial position in Anambra, her home State under the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance, but she lost the election to Dr. Chris Ngige of the APC.

Whatever happened to Dora?

.Story and photos by Femi Ipaye

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98 Comments for “In Pictures: What happened to Dora Akunyili?”

  1. Ayus

    Madam Dora did what no one in contemporary times have done. Chasing the drug and polstar cabals. God hela and keep you strong Madam Dora. Amen.


    Prof Dora, you are a hero, all have said well about you, you will recover very soon and very well too. great lesson, how many Nigerian politician can command the submission of all that prof Dora received . ka sa. ma se dada

  3. benjamin


  4. ebun peters

    Madam dora you are A heroine.
    They can only touch ur flesh but they can take ur soul. wish u quick recovery. u are healed in jesus name

  5. viv

    Prof, I wish you God’s divine healing and speedy recovery in JESUS name. Amen!

  6. Prince Peter

    I wish u a speedily recovery in Jesus Name (Amen).

  7. Suny Lulu

    This is one lady that truly serves her motherland and sincerely deserves the prayers of all wo/men of good wishes. I am therefore joining such people to pray that God will restore her to good health and grant her a very long and peaceful life with good health, IJN, Amen.

  8. Yemisi

    Dora I wish you quick recovery,My good GOD WILL HEAL YOU AND BRING YOUR HEALTH BACK IJN.Make sure you recover well because we good people of Nigerian still need your services and your good contributions.How I wish I know how to reach you.I honestly love to look after you,The Lord who has started the good thing will complete it . The sun will rise again. remain blessed.

  9. Akonam


  10. Jay

    Your time is up!!!. You will soon die.

  11. waheed

    madam u are the mother of nig u will never die in shame u will recover by god grace if there is anywhere u offend god heaven will forgive u cos we are all sinner since 99 percent commed u as good mother god will still let u live in good heath,we still neen u mama this are the part of work to d great country.heaven will bless u mother of the world amen.

  12. Anonymous

    madam it is well

  13. Anonymous

    i wish you quick recovery IJN

  14. Anonymous

    @Nasir:I am from the north so make no mistake. you are nothing short of a mad dog like the other fellow rightly said!you think u are above and beside falling sick yay? the north has bn and will continue to be the problem of this nation make no mistake. and to think u can sit down there and blame others for what the north has caused is nothing short of insanity. u obviously have that ogogoro to talked about in your system. mahaukaci kawai!

  15. Nasir katsina

    Mahaukata dai kai munafiki ne.’hypocrite’ u ar one of our problems.wawa kawai,

  16. Ify bekee, April 4th 2014

    Professor Dora Akunyere, i was very shock to see you in this way, but thanks be to the Almighty God that you are now better, and i pray that the good Lord will make your healing permanent, and that you will be fully back to the normal stage, Dora I miss your speech so much, just be well for me, thanks

  17. Anonymous

    i pray that the most high GOD will continue to keep u for Nigeria because u are not yet through with Ur assignment for HIM here on earth in JESUS name amen quick recovery to you my role model.

  18. Jegems

    Let dora apologise to the people of OPPMDU. (a.k.a head bridge medicine dealers). This is prophesy to her & should be done as early as possible.

  19. Nathan Eee

    You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that Madam Dora has gone through some medical challenges……. she is just a shadow of her past. If not for her patriotic commitment, it would have been wise to allow her recover fully before she is saddled with a national assignment like the National Conference. Meanwhile, Madam, here is wishing you well. May God restore your good health.

  20. May God perfect your healing, Prof and shame the enemies of righteousness who wish you ill. Long and healthy may you live in Jesus’ name, amen!

  21. Anonymous

    May God heal you my iron lady surely you will bounce back in Jesus name. Amen

  22. Anonymous

    I admire you ma.Yor courage,boldness and intelligence especially during your tenure

  23. Dr O E Nnanna

    MAy God grant you, total healing in Jesus name AMEN

  24. Anonymous

    Nasir you are a fool to talk to ur elder that way it proves that the north has nothing to offer this nation as you people know you are the problem, but beleive you me we will defeat the north as your own sword of boko haram is killing you avenging the innocent blood from the south.


  25. Frank Angela

    May you receive the divine healing from God, and your healing shall be permanent in Jesus name Amen

  26. juda agbo

    May d gud lord always be with u dora Amen

  27. john

    If I can share my life with you I will be happy doing it but I will under prayes because you fought for mother Nigeria. Get well soon.

  28. Nonso

    Wishing you Soonest RECOVER

  29. Godwin Okoye

    I could not believe you were the one when the national confab chairman asked you to sit while commenting on the president’s speech. No matter what the problem is,I know our Good Lord has taken care of it like you affirmed that day. wishing you speedy recovery.

  30. tutu

    I dont kno w you being that I dont reside in Nigeria.

    Nonetheless, being that I care about my coutry , I have head much about your good works and i am thankful to God that there Nigeria stiill have God fearing women like youu. er (Nigeria).



  31. me

    Ur healed in Jesus name Amen

  32. Cyprian

    Nwanyi nanka. Nwanyi umudara nanka nwanyi umueze isuofia. Is well wit u. Ntin is happenin to you and notin will hapen to u cos we are strongly behind u. Everytin the enemy has plan has aready fail them bcos he said by his stripes weare heal .and he is the lord that healet thee he has set his eye to watch ober us and notin will hapen to us. Mummy you are safe in his hand and he will keep you from all harm in jesus name
    He set his words and his words has healed you
    Mummy jut take susm fruits and supplement to regain ur strength cos whn i saw u i felt lik cryin bcos my uncle basil okeke tld me dat u pple were class mate in primary sch in isuofia
    Big mum were heal

  33. see me, i will reverse your illness….08102663595

  34. Anonymous

    It is clearly stated in d Holy scripture dat by His stripe we are healed.There4 believe it.Today is good friday .Jesus died to set us free from d captivity of d enemies.mummy it is well with u.

  35. Speedy recovery the great liones!

  36. Inconnu

    It is well with you, Proff. Dora, the eyes that does not sleep nor slumber will continue to watch over you in Jesus name. (Amen). Any power, any authorithy, any throne, any human or spirit that want or wish you dead shall die in your place in Jesus name. You will live to fullfill the no of your days in Jesus name.

  37. chris(USA)

    Omalicha Ada ndi Anambra, I decree a complete and comprehensive healing in JESUS name Amen. You are still loved.

  38. Dearest dora,

    The lord will heal.he will strenghten will rise will see your children will be strong again.god wil arise and have mercy.
    I am so sorry you are ill but I have faith that you are well again.omalincha nwanyi Ada

  39. Anonymous

    Quickest recovery in Jesus name.

  40. kachi

    My heart goest out to my dear madam Dora Akunyili. You are one woman I admire and have huge respect for. Whichever way things go,always know it in your heart that you have fought a good fight and you have won the race.If the voice of men is truly the voice of GOD,then I know that all GOD will have to say to you at the end is “well done my daughter”. I remain eternally proud of you. Eternally!

  41. Rotimi Olaniran

    This woman is one every right thinking man or woman should pray for. Dora, you will surely get over this trying time. Amen.

  42. Kudirat Zubair

    My Dear Dora,
    May Allah Subhanah Wa taallah grant you Good health may you bounce back to your good health I wish you well your enemies will rot in hell may you have Good health Long live and prosperity we love all the good things you have brought to our country we love you and will continue to pray for you. My friend Aisha Bello wish you quick recovery too take care and God bless.

  43. Tolani Gold

    The God that that can reserve the irreversible, will make you a living testimony in Jesus’ name.
    Please Prof make sure you are resting. You have paid your due.

  44. anon

    Please Ma you can take GNLD BETAGUARD and CAROTENOID with ALOEVERA drink coupled with enough FRUITS and VEG and watch yourself in just 1 week. I have a christian sister WHOSE condition was worse but got pack to her feet looking even better than before. Please do not ignore….we all care for you Ma. You are my mentor

  45. Douglasville

    Nasir honestly you are the most stupid person I have ever think of in the hole universe, how there you talk like that.
    You talk like someone who is not enlightened, are you a fake drug pusher because you sound like someone who doesn’t think before talking.

  46. Douglasville

    Dora no weapon fashioned against you will prosper no evil shall befall you in all your days and ways.

  47. soloebeh

    We should sit back and ask, why do good people always suffer? Perhaps or certainly, the evil ONE is at work. My heart goes to madam.

  48. Egenatoko

    Be healed in Jesus name..

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