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Nigerian student murdered in Ghana

Published on February 21, 2014 by   ·   58 Comments

Simon Ateba/Yaounde

Godwin Ayogu, a Nigerian citizen, and a 300-level student at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, has been murdered in the West African country, and his body was dumped by the roadside.

Ayogu was studying social sciences in the institution and was last seen on Tuesday afternoon, sources at the university said.

Several sources said the deceased had planned to be in Nigeria on Wednesday to see his parents who live in Ketu area of Lagos, western Nigeria, but his body was found by the roadside where it was dumped.

Godwin Ayogu: murdered

Godwin Ayogu: murdered

Although police in Ghana are saying they are investigating the matter, but many Nigerian students fear the case might be swept under the carpet.

A source quoted a Nigerian student as saying, “We need the Nigerian authorities to interfere and we need security for Nigerian students here.”

The source quoted another student as adding: “It’s sad dat a Nigerian is murdered and no one is doing anything about it. With all these things happening, this place isn’t safe.”

The deceased was the first child of his parents.

Friends say he played the drum very well and liked to referred to himself as “the drummer boy”

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58 Comments for “Nigerian student murdered in Ghana”

  1. daniel flamez

    For Real… I don’t blame his parents for taking him abroad for his studies cos if I had my way I will nt be schoolin in dis country, notin works! Last year we had ASUU strike, then ASUP, and nw COEASU… And d government is nt bothered abt it…. They re only consigned wit lootin money, and campaignin for one political position or the other.. Courses dat we study four years here are studied for 3yrs or 2 in other countries PLUS u still have several delays. I just pray that he makes HEAVEN

  2. ebony

    R.I.P Godwin, may d Lord strengthen his families… Justice has to b done on ds case, cos d rest of us nw in ds school aint safe… We nid 24hrs security Patrol on ds campus… Its so sad.. We all gona miss u ‘drummer boy’

  3. ezeaku sundy

    what about boko haram killing in nigeria

  4. shalom

    is a very sad story, hope Nigerians leaders will emulate the standard of education in Ghana, why wont they run to Ghana when Nigeria schools are always on strike, boko haram are here destroying lives and property’s, look if i have my ways i will send my brothers and sisters to Ghana to study than to waste 10 years in nigerian uiversities.

  5. tee

    this comment is extremely daft!! i personally knew this young chap and his parents sent him to ghana because Nigerian schools were not admitting and were always on strike. AMA, u are highly irresponsible for making g such a daft and insensitive comment. is it bad for parents to want a better life for their kids?
    so because he was sent to Ghana for schooling, that justifies his death???

  6. tee

    Barrister??what is your name? you are advising people to go back to Nigeria, abeg what are you doing there, four years of suffering and yet you refused to go back home. shameless and miserable disgrace to the legal profession is what you really are that is if you truly are a lawyer

  7. When I came across this story, I thought how tragic it most be for this young mans family. But what bothers me the most is some of the idiotic comments posted. Within those comments, I hear racial tensions against one another. How can some of you people of the same color, whether you are from different tribes or countries with the same skin attack each other like this WOW. It also make me reflect on my country of the “USA” where Africans say we do not stick together and treat them wrongly. Well, I beg to differ, you have just showed me and others here how ignorant you can be. Now we should wonder why the white man rules most of the world. Now I see that Africans only stick together, outside of Africa.

  8. Zeathaminor

    Students die here in our Universities, the most important issue should be that the Culprits are found and prosecuted.

  9. Okokobioko

    Ama, you are something worse than a moron!

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