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Court bars Nigerian Police, SSS from arresting Sanusi

Published on February 21, 2014 by   ·   65 Comments

Akin Kuponiyi

A Nigerian Federal High Court in Lagos has barred the agents of the Nigerian police and State Security Services from arresting the suspended governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

The motion exparte was granted by Justice Ibrahim Buba today, after Sanusi’s lawyers filed an affidavit of urgency, deposed to by Malam Sanusi Lamido, in which he expressed grave fears about his freedom and personal liberty.

Sanusi himself arrived at the Federal court to swear to the affidavit at about 3.34 pm. He left instantly afterwards.

Lawyers from the chambers of former Lagos state attorney-general, Professor Yemi Osibajo were seen in Justice Ibrahim Buba’s court, where they held a closed session with the judge to argue their case, that Sanusi deserved the shield of the court from feared violations by agents of the state against his personal liberty.

The lawyers were: Mrs V.O.M. Longe, Ikem Isiekwena, Bashiru Ramini, Benjamin Omoruyi and Loretta Ossai.

•Sanusi: gets court order against arrest

•Sanusi: gets court order against arrest

Justice Buba in his ruling urged the defendants, who include the Inspector General of Police, the DG of the SSS and the attorney-general of the Federation, to maintain the status quo until “hearing and determination of the motion on notice”.

The matter was adjourned for further hearing 28 February.

Sanusi has dismissed the allegations of misconduct against him and said he believed he was removed because of his attacks on the powerful state Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Yesterday, on arrival from Niamey, Niger Republic, Sanusi was delayed at the Lagos airport and his Nigerian travelling passport seized by the SSS.

“His passport is still with them,” said Malam Nasir El-Rufai, a former minister and Sanusi’s friend.

Sanusi was suspended yesterday by President Goodluck Jonathan, few months to the end of his five-year tenure, amidst the allegations made by Sanusi that the state-owned oil corporation, the NNPC was owing the national treasury $20billion, being unremitted proceeds from oil sales from January 2012 to June 2013.

Federal Government responded by excavating an older issue of financial allegations against Sanusi as governor of the bank and shove him out of office.

Sanusi in several interviews, has promised to challenge the suspension in court of law.

His first step today, however, was to safeguard his personal liberty.

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65 Comments for “Court bars Nigerian Police, SSS from arresting Sanusi”

  1. Derrick

    One good turn deserves another….SLS’s fate lies in the prison yards! How can he explain away over 160 billions so recklessly wasted by ‘bankers’ bank’ while at the helms of affairs. N2b spent on police & ‘private guards’??? The same path others walked, he shall walk, too… The law applies to all and sundry!

  2. okey

    SLS is not our problem nor GEJ. Let us see each other as one nation, love will solve our problems.

  3. Sanusi! Big idiot arrest him 2 return all d stolen money, while fools continues 2 support d animal.

  4. Sanusi! Big idiot arrest him 2 return all d stolen money, while fools continues 2 support d animal.

  5. Ade

    Hñnnnnnnnm, GEJ increase fuel price in 2012 we cried he didn’t reverse it, he ban importation of rice, fish and planning to ban importation of used vehicle, we talk some peoples are saying we are criticizing GEJ, corruption is at its peak under this administration.
    I want to remind them that when OBJ was in power, Yoruba are the major attacker of him and some of his policies, that is the sign of being progressive minded people.

    I would like our people from South-South and South-East to emulate this to move Nigeria forward, we should all know that GEJ can not be President of Nigeria for ever, it will be turn of other Zone one day,so he should use this trust we repose in him to better the life of citizenry.

    Poverty is tooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh.

  6. Ngige

    Court bars Nigerian Police, SSS from arresting Sanusi? what about invitation? did court bar Nigerian Police, SSS from inviting Sanusi ?
    but since court can bar Nigerian Police, SSS from arresting I am going to court right away to bar Nigerian Police, SSS from arresting Me

  7. plural

    Cbn & nnpc should be probe for their reckless spending & embezzlement. How can regulatory agencies that are not in competition with any firm or agency be spending monies like that.

  8. patrick Nkai

    There is no need of sanusi raising it in a court of law. what has been done is done already. Leave everything to God. Thanks

  9. Bongoman

    Justice Ibrahim Buba who has a record of frustrating corruption cases, has concluded arrangement to stop the police and SSS from arresting a crook again, this mand did it with case of Dr. Wale Babalakin over Ibori 419 and now the same evil justice is involved with Sanusi? Corruption knows how to hid within the law.

  10. cadiri


  11. adiza osilama

    Nigeria is an amazing country. Where are the so called human rights activists? I have not heard anyone condemn this experte injunction. The likes of Bamidele Aturu will not condemn this judgment that apparently seeks to stop the law enforcement agencies from performing their constitutional duty. If it were a PDP politician or any other person they do not like his face, they would cry to high heavens that the injunction was bought and the NJC should probe the judge blah, blah… Why is Sanusi afraid to be arrested. The law empowers the police to arrest anybody suspected to have committed an offence at any time and anywhere. The only proviso the Constitution added is that the person so arrested must be charged to court within 24hours of his arrest. A court cannot stop the police from performing it’s function. Why are we always criticising the injunction the likes of Odili and Kalu Orji got in court to stop EFCC going after them? Why is nobody speaking against this injunction whether experte or perpetual?

  12. Akindele Ogundipe

    Corruption in Nigeria has come to stay permanently in the country,courtesy of
    Jonathan and Okonjo-Iweala.The NASS should introduce a bill to abrogate the
    corruption fighting agencies -ICPC and EFCC.These two agencies could not work effectively under the present dispensation.As i have already mailed your
    reputable press that GEJ is the actual repository of corruption ably supported
    by that ignoble Economy co-ordinator.There can be no progress for the Nation
    not until these rogues are removed from posts.Many structures are in terrible
    state of disrepair and these people will not care.They are rogues.

  13. jerry

    see you dont know law if you do u wont tlk like dis.ibori was a thief right and ur govt paid hell for him to be return bck to nigeria

  14. Suny Lulu

    @ New Nigeria, after reading the linked article my mind boggled because the only logical inference is that the govt had been fully aware of S L Sanusi’s double-faced involvement in the infamous boko haram insurgency and decided not to do anything about it! If this is true, why was he not arrested? All known sympathisers of boko haram should not only be removed from office, they must also be arrested and punished by the law. However, witch hunting must be avoided: it must be based only on tenable evidence!

  15. New Nigeria

    When Jonathan said long ago that there was Boko Haram in his Government people did not believe him. Sanusi once said that the causes of Boko Haram killing in the North was as a result of Poverty.He added that the meager allocations from the Federation Account ( No NNPC ACCOUNT) to the North Eastern Nigeria was responsible for the slaughtering of human being found there.Please can a poor man in Nigeria buy AK47? Please another person should occupy that seat in CBN. Sanusi is a Politician no doubt about that. The killings in Nigeria should preoccupy us not Sanusi leaving to contest Senatorial Seat in Kano.

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