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Lagos Replies Amnesty On Badia Evictions

Published on August 13, 2013 by   ·   13 Comments

Lagos state commissioner for Justice and Attorney General, Ade Ipaye has reacted  to the Amnesty International Report on the forced evictions in Badia East area of Lagos. He said contrary to Amnesty’s suggestions of an inhumane government, the Lagos state government was committed to the welfare of its residents and the protection of their rights.

Ipaye spoke at a news conference today, that in the main focussed on the appeal by the government against the acquittal of Major Hamzat Al-Mustapha and Lateef Shofolahan by a Federal Appeal Court on 5 July.

He stated that while government was in the process of organizing assistance for affected persons on humanitarian grounds, the public should be reminded that rights come with responsibilities and that it should not be assumed that anyone could set up residence anywhere without necessary approval and compliance with planning and public health laws.

“Illegal settlements, unapproved buildings and poor sanitary conditions cannot be justified as these may end up in painful evictions or demolitions. The particular area which was the  subject of Amnesty International report is a part of the Badia settlement which was earlier cleared of all structures in 2003. It was in fact, a swampy strip and the least built up of the entire community.

“Unfortunately, government was unable to immediately re-develop the area. It was subsequently filled up with refuse, having been used as a refuse dump since it was cleared. A few plank and shanty structures were put up there which grew gradually into a small community characterized by all the negative features of urban slum settlement, including unstructured shelter arrangements, regular flooding, unhealthy environment, insecurity and people engaging in all sorts of nefarious activities,” he explained.

He added that government had to retake possession of the land to build 1,008 estate, saying that before the retaining of possession of the slum, government had held several meetings with stakeholders in the area and that it was agreed that the illegality in the area must not be allowed to continue.

Ipaye said government was currently in the process of ascertaining the persons actually affected by this project with a view to assisting them, stressing that while such effort was ongoing, “we need to stress that we have a limitation, in that we cannot make that a standard procedure.

“Because of limited means and various competing interests, government does not have the resources to guarantee payment to any person that puts up an unapproved building on land to which he or she is not entitled.”

He added that “while we are mindful of the need to discourage such practices, obviously, once government begins to pay for illegal developments, it will have to do so in all other cases. As a responsive government, we will continue to make and implement policies that positively affect the lives of our citizens and fulfill our electoral promises while managing the impact on persons who may be adversely affected by the process.”

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13 Comments for “Lagos Replies Amnesty On Badia Evictions”

  1. paul

    God will judge you all accordingly liars

  2. lankypele

    @ Paul, yes God will judge them all and when it comes, noboddy can withstand Him. A man may acquire the best bed but may lack sleep.

  3. ifeoluwa

    These people accept……….dialogue

  4. LASTP

    This Lagos state government. Badia has been there over 40 years and those illegal houses were there all along. Where was Lagos state government when they are constructing these houses? Now all of sudden you have to evacuate people off their houses and call it illegal. Plus obtaining C of O in Lagos is a nightmare. Lagos state housing scheme is even laughable.

    • Don Mike ( De Tiger)

      @ LASTP.

      It takes a great vission for someone to sum up courage to correct the
      anomalies of 40 years. We Nigerians are so unrully and our sagacity to
      exploit weapons of divission such as enthnicity or religion to defend
      our faults abounds in us all.. . One wonders how your grandpa mud
      house will look like in your village.

      Lagos has always been over sympathetic and lenient to those illegal
      settlers over the years. If not, Ajegunle, should not even exist in its
      present form.

      No Serious Government of any metropolitan city in the world will apply
      leniency in some cases, may be out of fear or favour in manners the
      Lagos State Govt are lenient to those who contravened its
      enviromental laws..

      Any Govt that wishes to succeed must be assertive in discharge of its responsibility without any fear.

      Lets us encourage all State Governments in the Country to open up
      more Cities or invest in States capital so that Lagos and Abuja are
      not over populated with those liabilities coming from villages.

      All the best !

      Don Mike ( De Tiger )

      • LAstp

        If you dont know, this ACN government has been in Lagos since 1999, they have not provided a single housing program that is affordable by the lower working class. So citizens are forced to build mushroom houses every where . They were looking as they are building without correcting it. See in a society that is govern by rule of law , mushroom houses will not be allowed in the first place come to talk of demolishing and making huge amount of the population homeless. Try and go and obtain C of O from this state government and see how corrupt their agents are. Democratic society suppose to be government of the people by the people. But come election time LASIEC is already corrupt that the will of the people will not hold. This is why this government is getting away with taking away people home, way of life without alternative and getting away with it.

    • Julius Joel

      Better late thsn never, restoration of human dignity is paramount and Lagis government must be commended

  5. Don Mike ( De Tiger)

    @ Paul,

    When you have the God who judges a Government against its laudable
    vission to discourage slums settlements, and to create an enabling
    enviroment for healthy living among its citizens, then you better
    poison yourself and relocate to where that God rules in his
    heaven or whereever.

    Belief, is the death of intelligence. The moment a man conscript its
    belief to the theory that God will do everything, he has restricted his
    ability to utilise his intelligence for a maximum value.

    Lagos State Govt. As I learnt has consulted necessary stake holeder
    before embarking on the project. Infact, there is need for Government
    to intervene in Ajegunle case, where Niger Delta poverty has sent
    Jonathan men from Ijaw to take over Ajegunleand turned it to
    another evil planet..

    Lets learn to constructively criticise Govt. Where necessary. This
    project to reclaim slums is long overdue.

    All the best.

    Don Mike ( De Tiger )

  6. Segun Oni

    Don Mike Tiger

    You supporting Lagos State Goverment ?????????????.. Tell me is a dream.

  7. Bipi

    @ De Tiger,

    Have you ever thought of the possiblity of the present settler getting any flat in the new arrangement when finished ? Go to Tejuosho market and find out about the game. I always follow your comment with great wisdom, but in this case, you got it wrong.


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