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Outrage Over Adeboye’s 3-km Long Church

Published on August 12, 2013 by   ·   77 Comments

Simon Ateba

The announcement last Saturday that the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, would build a three kilometre long auditorium in Nigeria has triggered outrage among Nigerians who call the humongous investment a waste and another cofirmation that Nigerian churches are veering off the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, announced during the Holy Ghost Service at the Redemption Camp in Mowe area of Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, that the existing auditorium which was built in 2000 with a capacity to sit one million people at once could
no longer accommodate millions of people who attend service there.

Adeboye said that the new auditorium which would be built at the mission’s camp ground at km 46, Lagos-Ibadan expressway would also be three kilometres wide. This will make the auditorium a humongous 9km square auditorium, and one of the top ten churches in the world in
area size.

The Holy Ghost Service was one of the programmes lined up for the 61st Annual Convention of the church and Adeboye promised that the project will start soonest and will be completed before the 62nd Convention in August 2014. He solicited for donations from members toward making the project a reality.

Pastor Adeboye.

Pastor Adeboye.

But not long after the announcement was made public on that Nigerians reacted angrily on social media with many describing churches in the country as business centres.

According to Lookman, Adeboye should rather build a three-kilometre farm land and employ a million unemployed youths in Nigeria instead of wasting money on a building.

“So what impact will this have on the common man? More queues on Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, making life unbearable for travellers on Lagos-Ibadan route whenever programmes are going on,” said another reader.

“While I commend such vision, I think the billions of naira that will be used for such project could do the common man good if such is used to build affordable hospitals, schools, scholarships and provide basic needs for the common man,” he added.

According to Godson, Nigerians are hungry and unemployment rate is sky-high but churches are wasting their resources on buildings and other investments rather than tackling poverty.

“Why not use that money to build a non-profit organisation and employ our youths?” Godson queried.

To Naubiko, despite constant prayers, deliverance services and vigils in these big churches, Nigeria remains stuck in darkness and corruption.

“If they like, they should convert the whole of Oyo State and Ogun State to church there’s still nothing to show for it . No light. Even the General Overseer has more bodyguards than government officials and moves about in Helicopter / Private jet,” he said, adding that the
road to Adeboye’s church is a death trap.

According to Ade, “building long auditourium means more tithe. For God’s sake these churches can industrialise Nigeria!”
To Moses, Ngeria needs job and not competing in being among the largest church in the world.

“We can see clearly that all the countries that have these large churches are economically stable in terms of infrastructure and job creation , unlike Nigeria that any idea by church only benefits the immediate people at the top . We read about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,they were all farmers creating jobs for their followers and not people that expand churches,” Moses said.

According to a reader who described himself as Folo, religion is the bane of Nigeria.

“I have said it time without number that religion is the bane of our country. Remove religion from the affairs of man and there will be peace. I have watched closely some of our colleagues who have been brainwashed to believe that prayers from the so-called men of God is all that is required to be saved,” he said, adding that church followers believe and swallow everything they are told by their pastors.

Mark Yaveli said he would not mind being given the contract for the fencing of the church.

To Ade Oolokun, it is good news Nigerians are waking up from spritual hypnotism.

“ They (Ngerian pastors) are worst than armed robbers. They are con artists who are not afraid of God’s punishment. Some of Nollywood actors and actresses have also dumped acting and joined these con artists because, it is more lucrative than acting or 419 business. ”

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77 Comments for “Outrage Over Adeboye’s 3-km Long Church”

  1. akintewe olabisi

    The building will create job opportunity becuase the building will not fall from heaven. With out people

  2. Olatunde

    I feel PM news should have been neutra on issues like this, ‘cos for d beginning of this report to d end there is absolute reflection of sentiment and bias, even this fat picture u use( so that people will say he has embezzle money) was worked on. It is not fair, u post report to suit ur sales irrespective of someones reputation at stake. Ma God forgive this reporter if he’s willing to change. Pls this is highly unfair, the mgt shuld take note.

  3. Ogunmuyiwa Sunday

    Individual differences has brought about different comments have read here. Ignorance isnt an excuse so i’ll rather advice ppl criticizing to get their facts right.
    1. RCCG, so far that i know about, has been of help in community development and helping the needy. Lets start from the parishes…let alone the camp ground. The camp ground brot about development to Mowe/Ibafo environment.
    2. Employment opportunity has been on d leading role with RCCG. I have friends that work with the department of works RCCG…no matter the church u attend. Do you know how many youths are employed in various departments of RCCG?
    3. The destitute and needy. RCCG doesn’t joke in playing its role to help the needy – the aged, widow, widower, fatherless, etc. and d destitute. Do you know what it does monthly to help the poor? Go get your facts right!
    4. Lagos – Ibadan express road. Its quite unfortunate that most ppl blame d ugly experience motorists have plying that road on RCCG. The express road is so bad dat politics is being played in awarding contract to the appropriate org that could help make it a better express way. Will an individual construct a federal gov road for the gov??? Check if ds could be done and correct me. Even state gov won’t dare it without appropriate MOU being signed by the state gov and fed gov b4 a state gov can venture in doing a fed road let alone an individual.
    5. Pastor Adeboye didnt force anyone to contribute to the realization of the said church project. Its a mata of choice. If you believe it, you go for it…otherwise, stay away.
    How do i say it all that i know…i stand to be corrected on any of the few points highlighted. Life is all about making choices…

  4. Pure Saint

    I wish doz of u criticizin d Man of God were opportuned 2 b @ d Camp durin d Annual Convention,i believ u wil undastand wit him. A situation whr by d present auditorium culdnt accomodate d whol pple,most pple dat atended sat outsyd d auditorium. Tnk God threre was no rainfall thru out dat period, Pastor Adeboye’s vision of buildn a bigger auditorium ws born out of d fact dat dia is an increase in d number of converts 2 RCCG,wich is an indication dat He is calld by God. So if u are angry wit him cos he announced dat he is goin 2 build a biga auditorium,’abeg u fit go hug high tension pole n die’ dat wil b more honorabl dan livin lyk a dead lion

  5. osm

    Community services with rccg? Go and ask people in simanwa, they will tell u how many km of new roads linking Lagos express to shagamu-ikorodu express was built by the church which I passed tonight to ikorodu to escape traffic. We in ogijo-ikorodu have lost count how many times the church graded ikorodu-shagamu express yearly. Every province of the is involved in csr. God will build the church for them in Jesus name. Pm news were indeed bias as they posted only negative comments.

  6. AdeOla

    Remember, GEJ is a number one member of RCCG of Adeboye as confirmed by his twice kneeling down in front of Adeboye like a school boy.
    Therefore, Adeboye as a school Headmaster to Jonathan, he could ask him to bring as much billions in naira as he wants to build all the forests between Lagos and Ibadan to RCCG’s worship ground.

    After all since our clueless president does not know how to invest our common wealth for our common good, a con men of gods like Adeboye, Orisajawon(lole) can rightly puppet him for their own good.

    PM News you fail to mention an all important Don Mike Tiger’s contribution. Why ?

  7. gbenga

    When Solomon built an expensive alter for God, there was no grumbling or complain. Now that redeem is proposing to build a long stretch alter. What is the concern of those criticizing the project? Church affairs is not public or Nigerian government affairs. Please mind your business talkatives and roforofo.

  8. witnessing

    Our God is a God of beauty! when solomon built a place for God, he did so with the finest of every building materials. so wat wrong with men of God doing so now?

  9. Segun

    Please note that you can not castigate a man of vision with passion without a response from the God that gave such vision,please watch it after all there can never be a penalty for those who will not contribute towards this God given vision knowing fully well that with or without human contribution God will still do his work.

  10. Sunbare

    God is a judge and search your life sir, if not for church, Nigeria will be worse off than this,speaking from personal experience, God bless Nigeria.

  11. Sunbare

    God doesnot need man to fulfil his purpose, God used Cyrus a heathen king to rebuild Jerusalem, most of the people commenting here knows the truth and whatever we want to say or do let us be mindful og Matthew 12:35-37. God bless Nigeria and all of us……….

  12. Abey

    Alexander of this day u should be careful u better dont put urself in a line of fire


    Denigrating a prophet God is a sin.The G.O has God mandate to expand Gods Kingdom on earth.Is RCCG Redeemed Christian Church of Adeboye???

    Please don’t be impediment to Gods project.Hence Gods wrath comes upon you and your generation.

    A true prophet has no honour in his own Country!

    God bless RCCG.God bless Nigeria.

  14. oba

    what u people fail to realise is dat d man of God has spoken and it will surely come to past wether u like it or not. even if u like dont contribute kobo God can raise stone in ur place to do d job. u wait and see.

  15. Oluwaseun

    I pray may the lord help us not to use our mouth to bring curse open our life through Criticising the men of God and the work of God. Wait let me ask you.. Is the land any of you property or when God was creating it(earth) were you there. So if he decides to use the land through is servant, who are you guys to question him..wait again can you say at what rate HELL is increasing in both length and breath per day…so if the lord is using the expansion of the site to accommodate more souls to himself, why allow yourself to be use by satan in uttering abusive words at the work of God. You shouting of no work here and there if you pray well and believe in him as your creator, will his words in matt 7:7 pass you by..look at it at these angle again when the site is completed, is it the G.O that will guild and look after the affairs of the church environment (NO) there will still be job through the ministry for lots of people. Please let’s put the fear of God in all we do. Thanks

  16. To hell with u all who contest against the Over Adeboye’s 3-km Long Church ……This Servant of GOD IS BUILDING GOD HOUSE AND HE IS BUSY DOING GOD WORK ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTION HE RECEIVE FROM HIS FATHER JESUS CHRIST…..WHY are u people against him ???? Did he ask money from your pocket ???? Please leave my Daddy in LORD ALONE….LET HIM FINISH THE WORK OF CHRIST……PAPA CARRY ON GOD IS WITH U ALWAYS…MICHAEL ABIDJAN

  17. simisoluwa

    God bless Daddy G.O and Mummy are indeed a blessing †̥☹ our generation.we youths of nowadays don’t have respect for our elders ooo.I beg of u all,stop insulting d man of God,afterall,he didn’t say it is compulsory u donate †̥☹ the church project but it is just necessary(givers never lacks).I don’t mind donating my last Kobo †̥☹ the work of God.note:The pix on pmnews was taken many years back.JESUS LOVES US ALL.

  18. Ayodele Ale

    God bless Baba Adeboye. Anyone who lacks vision cas say anything. My sincere prayer is that God will empower me to be part of the great vision. The church of God is marching on and the gate of hell shall never prevail.

  19. Eto Lucy

    Yes Jesus fed thousands of pple, remem it was like a crusade, d pple came to hear frm him. Do u knw how many pple dat ministry n papa are feeding n take responsibilities of? pls read Exo 26, God talked abt how He’s Tabernacle shud be built, with finest clothe so u shud knw God deserves our best even in building His house. I pray God have mercy on us so we dont incur His wrath on us.



  21. Obi Obodo

    That man is sick. Period. Whatever, vision he has has nothing to do with Jesus or spreading the gospel but self delusion. Western Nigeria is about 60% muslim & 40% Christian; this man has not been able to close that gap with all his skewed evangelism. Instead, the more intelligent people watch him, the more the stick to Islam. He & his kind are an eyesore.

  22. Almuie

    God help me that I may be part of those building for God. Amen

  23. Omachoko Joseph

    I attended the 61st Convention with my family and I quite agreed with Daddy G.O. that the Auditorium can no longer accommodate worshipers any more.
    I appreciate all the reactions/ comments but we should be very careful when we are expressing ourselves especially about men of God.
    God bless Nigeria!

  24. kehinde

    God bless Pastor E.A Adeboye.
    The critics need to go gather information on how this man of God has always been of immense assistance(in all wise) to both people in the mission and outside the mission locally and internationally. The results are there for you if care to know. then, you will learn how to keep quite. Pastor Adeboye by the grace of God has done what most of the state Governors can not achieve in their years of ruling inspite of the huge allocation being doled out to them. You guys should leave the man of God alone! We, the members are not complaining because we can see what God is doing in return for all our contributions. Anyway, you can continue to making noise while we continue to moving forward.

  25. Ola

    The number of people that sat on the bare floor and the crowd at the redemption city during the convention have shown us clearly that we need a new auditorium…….it is however not important what ordinary people who have been blinded by the devil thinks or says here,they have not seen anything good in this man of God and that’s why goodness is a stranger in their lives,they have always complained and devil have made sure that there is always something to complain about in their lives,may the good Lord deliver them….God bless the children of God all

  26. NARA

    This man has a vision. Wow!!!! The man of God indeed sees that people are hungry for God and its only Christ that can bring fulfillment in peoples hearts. The so called NGOs suggested by the critics will only provide temporary security. Foward man of God foward!!!! U remind me of the love that King Solomon had for God to an extent that he built the biggest temple during his reign.

  27. Soney

    After going through all the comments, I can only but laugh because M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ dad once said to us in a business meeting that γ☺u are not considered great until people, the media, an entire nation begins to critise γ☺u.
    I also wish to correct some of γ☺u who feel the effect of d gospel hasn’t affected Nigeria positively, that if not Fø̲̣̣я̅ the gospel of Christ and prayers of the saints, Nigeria would have been worse than Sumalia and other war wrecked nations in Africa.

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