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Patience Jonathan in Port Harcourt to mourn mum  print

Published on July 27, 2013 by   ·   49 Comments

File photo: Mrs Patience Jonathan in Port Harcourt on 27 July after her foster mum died. Right is Mrs Amaechi and left, Mrs Dickson

July 27: Judith Amaechi signs the condolence register after Dame Jonathan's mum died

Bereaved: Mrs Patience Jonathan in Port Harcourt . Right is Mrs Amaechi and left, Mrs Dickson

Bereaved: Mrs Patience Jonathan in Port Harcourt . Right is Mrs Amaechi and left, Mrs Dickson

Wife of Nigeria’s president, Dame Patience Jonathan arrived Port Harcourt Saturday, in connection with the death of her foster mother, Madam Charity Oba.

At the airport to welcome her to the Rivers State capital were Dame Judith, the wife of Governor Chibuike Amaechi and Mrs Seriake Dickson wife of the governor of Bayelsa state.

Judith Amaechi signs the condolence register

Judith Amaechi signs the condolence register

The last time she visited her home state, to attend a wedding ceremony, she created a large political storm.

Just take a look at the photos and make your comment.

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49 Comments for “Patience Jonathan in Port Harcourt to mourn mum”

  1. I hope this time she will leave rivers state in one peace enough is enough this woman knows how to cause trouble for her ss people.


    @Abdul, what trouble did she cause her people?
    She is the first citizen of Nigeria and she deserve some respect.

    • Dee

      Get this, she is not the first citizen of Nigeria and incase you have not been keeping up with the news lately she has caused quite a lot of drama (Especially in Rivers state) by acting like an elected body and putting her mouth in issues that do NOT concern or need her opinion/approval. she is NOT the Governor neither is she the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the fact that she is married to the President does not mean that she has a say in any issue. She is not recognised in the Constitution and as a result of the ridiculous behaviour and lack of composure she has displayed in recent times she has lost respect from most Nigerians and probably wont be getting it back anytime soon.

      • ndubisi

        your brain needs surgery what was her offence name them or shut up-was she in the government of obj when he and ribadu fell out with amaechi-talk sense for one

    • IDM


  3. babequit

    is dat he to wave in a ceremonial way? If u cnt do it abeg ask pple to teach u

  4. Aliu saliu

    Tell mr President to tame this Dame. Dame’s action is causing him more harm than he knows. Imagine, just bcos she is president wife she believes she can do whatever she likes. 2015 is very far but still near. Just watch out !

  5. Franklin

    She is not the first wife of the President we have ever had. Why her own is different is that she is an illeterate woman. She does not have class and she lacks style. In any case, she has met a superior combatant in Amaechi. This is a war she and her husband combined cannot win. Amaechi is far too smart for them both.

    • Umah G.

      @ Franklin. You are such a senseless goat that is supposed to be held in a barn. Most of the people who post here have given in themselves as very inconsequential animals. The report is about Nigeria’s first lady going to her home town to mourn the demise of her mother, and you idiots are writing rubbish all over the place. Do you have brain at all? What had your stupid posts got to do with the death of her mother. Block heads. mtchewwww!!

    • Mee

      You just hit the nail on the head,

    • i am diss-pointed in you Nigerians that knows the trues but will not want to talk about it especially you Franklin.Nigeria my nation your nation our nation is a far growing nation among the nation of africa weather you and i like it or not the politics of the country deserve some respect and not for some body like patience Jonathan or whatever she calls her self the first lady or not does not have any right to call a big man like gov nor amechi her own son well is not her fault sheis simple suffer from grammar so don’t blame her .All i know is that a better government is coming although Good-luck never enjoy his terms sorry for that but we want a better government not money sucker


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  7. humm

    PM, you dont need to remind us that she is a foster mother. Whether she is a foster mother or biological mother makes no difference, and this should not make her a lesser human being as a mum, so stop making the contrast, it is unnecessary. C’mon show some respect for the dead.

  8. Ogbeni N.

    I hope Madam will not start fighting everybody as usual,like she fought Fashola in Lagos,Amaechi in Rivers,Prof Soyinka (twice) on the page of national dailies & Turai YarAdua over land in Abuja.

  9. yemi akinde

    Hmmmmm madam

  10. May god hlp us hahead of 2015

  11. Ify

    I hate dat idiot woman,What kind of respect does she deserve ? Paul is like the pay you am not surprise .who is she to tell an elected governor what to do in Rivers state.if were Amaechi she would have been dead by now.

  12. Geo

    Condolences to the first lady.

  13. @Paul you are just sick monkey that can never outgrow its stupidity.

  14. Hi Nigerians,Can somebody out there help me tell Mrs. Jonathan,to walk gently as dry grass sleepy

  15. Emelis Y

    Please gentle men for gods sake we should respect our first lady its not easy to attain such height in life out of 160million Nigerians we can count how many first ladies we have seen with our fingers so respect is due to her I wish her and her husband what they wish themselves

    • Dee

      Fuck out of here! She is in that position out of luck. Do not make it seem like she worked hard to be there because she really didnt. No one has OR is going to show her respect because she is simply not worth of it! Have a nice day.

  16. Wähala

    I expect trouble before she leaves Rivers State, I expect her to “demand” condolences or else …that’s how stupid she is. She doesn’t look bereaved to me with that crass wave, she looks like a pit-bull.

  17. Sola

    See how cool Mrs Amaechi look,compare to beraved Faka Jonathan and Mrs Dickson,they look like women thugs,God have mercy.

  18. Ogbeni N.

    We have had many president/head of state wives that were only seen & not heard,even those that were heard were never insultive & rude to people,they were not embodiment of embarrassment & national nuisance like this woman.She has constituted herself to be god over 170,000000 people. Prof Soyinka have said ”You can take away hippopotamus from the swamp, but you cannot take swamp from away from hippopotamus’ which is the best description of her behavior.I guess people must have persuaded Mrs Amaechi to receive her in the airport,if not she dont deserve it.

  19. Corper

    May d death of d first lady’s mother b an element of peace to our lst lady n others of ha coleaques.amen

  20. Rasak

    I remember when Mrs Obama came to North Ireland, she made excellent speech so that both young ones and elders knew that she earn the well respected position of the first lady of USA and no can remember when she got involve in American domestic politics.

  21. all of u are fools,for entering jonathan/amechi problem.they will settle tmoro n drink expensive wines n laugh at all ur stupidity.just wait n see.idol worshippers like u.fools

  22. Rommel

    Mrs Patience Faka Adedibu Jezebel Jonathan,the Jesus Christ of Okrika and the personal savior of Evans Bipi

  23. yemi

    i think dis paul or saul needs deliverance wt marathon fasting 40days nd 40nights so dat he can be delivered frm evil forces dat are tormenting his life.

  24. tee

    It is unfortunate dat some many fools, vagabonds, gangsters n indeed idiots are daily on this page. Very much regret able. My. Sincere condolence to 1st Lady. It pays to b educated.

  25. akpos1

    Great First Lady – The Great President’s wife. You & your hubby are the best thing that God has provided to captain the ship of continent Nigeria in this terrible times when the North & West of continent Nigeria which have ruined & misgoverned Nigeria for 51 yrs are plotting to come back.

    Dear Patience, your foes are legion. Nice words from them are scarce…but don’t worry, they are but for a momenet. Your foes are like chaff which the wind blows away & it is soon no more.

    Your Mum will surely rest in peace. You are blessed.

  26. Kelvin

    The most popular first lady Nigeria has ever had is Dame.She is up to the task.For crying out loud,she has done nothing bad to warrant insults on her personality.Anyway,i blame the husband because he is civilzed to rule an uncivilized Nigeria.All ACN governors are crude and incase u dont know,thier wives are proud and whats new?The only democratic leader Nigeria has ever had is Goodluck.cant we think?Push Goodluck to the wall then you are pushing Nigeria to the dungeon.wait,u dis bokoharam people,leave dame alone.Hausa pls keep of blogs its not meant for u peoplle.go and comment in ur quarans

  27. Kelvin

    Soyinka is a big failure to the state Nigeria beacuse he is a professional critics who has no plan for his country home.falan is looking for cheap recognition cos he is a lagos local champion.may Fawehinmi rest in peace,he was too much wen he was alive.Shehu Sani is miserable. See lets thank God he gave us Goodluck and Dame.Guess what,i voted Buhari but thank God the fool did not emerge because i now relize i wasted my vote

  28. udy prince

    Dame take heart, God in Control may d gentle Soul of Ur Great Mother R.I.P. Goodluck Jonathan remain Nigerian president till 29 May 2019. Wheather you vote him or not, he will be

  29. Isiaka Kayode Olamide

    Ina-li-liahi wa ina-ih-lehi roji-huna Lets condole with her first b4 realizing that she is product of her past. May d soul of her mother rest in peace.


    May patience mother rest in perfect peace. Fashola’ father who died today has a waiting wife. They a a good match.

  31. jean adah

    h-I-p for the hip, p-o-p-o for the hippopo and t-a-m-u-s for the hippopotamus, hippopotamus!! Nursery rhyme!

  32. jean adah

    h-I-p for the hip, p-o-p-o- for the hippopo, t-a-m-u-s for the hippopotamus, hippopotamus! Nursery rhyme!

  33. I didn’t see anything bad in her,you people should stop this wicked criticising an innocent woman if you happen to be in her shoe,u will do worst.

  34. noca

    the only thing here is dat if amaechi is man enough he should come and run for d office of d president, d niger delta dont want vp all we want is president

  35. Tioflex

    Hmmm! Why can’t you just let this woman be?

  36. Copmrade Enang

    Mama RIP. Amen.

  37. Fulannyface

    i don t know why some people will just open their mind and typing unnecessary statement against the comment. This column saying something about the DEATH. Just let us give last respect to the mother of the first lady of the Nigeria Dame Patience Jonathan. May her soul REST IN PERFECT PEACE.

  38. M. Adebisi

    Madam, we love you just as you are. May Mama’s soul rest in perfect peace. Accept my condolence.

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