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Jonathan plays the game without Amaechi

Published on July 4, 2013 by   ·   68 Comments

Sunny Smiles: President Jonathan shakes hands with Chibudom . Factional Chairman of PDP in Rivers, Obuah watches in broad smiles

Ex-governor Peter Odili addresses the media after the meeting in Aso Rock

To President Goodluck Jonathan, incumbent Governor Rotimi Amaechi no longer counts in his calculus of winning Rivers State in the 2015 election as he met with his faction of the PDP in State House, Abuja today.

Among his guests was the former governor of the state, Dr. Peter Odili, who was Amaechi’s mentor and former boss. There was also former representative, Chibudom Uche, who is now an acting deputy national chairman of the PDP. Chief Felix Obuah, chairman of the Jonathan faction of the party brimmed with smiles all through the meeting with the President.

President Jonathan too played the host with mirth and laughter.

The photos at the event tell a better story


Sunny Smiles: President Jonathan shakes hands with Chibudom . Factional Chairman of PDP in Rivers, Obuah watches in broad smiles

Sunny Smiles: President Jonathan shakes hands with Chibudom . Factional Chairman of PDP in Rivers, Obuah watches in broad smiles

Ex-governor Peter Odili addresses the media after the meeting in Aso Rock

Ex-governor Peter Odili addresses the media after the meeting in Aso Rock

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68 Comments for “Jonathan plays the game without Amaechi”

  1. ibuchi

    i abeg all of you pls believe Amechi , bcos am a true believer

  2. dokun is a big fool and think he need comprehensive deliverance. mumu like u hw can u insult ur leader like that what a shame to u dokun

  3. Alade

    You pple are not being sincere, the identified culture of Yoruba tribe is RESPeCT and REGARD. Can u argue that ?

  4. he must go for 2015 nothin will stop him dat, but going dear du some good for ur people, just to tell them u r good. i am at ur back my president jonathan u r a winer

  5. marcus

    GEJ government as fail theirs Notin tu show for.. 2015 impossible for him their Is a war coming soon in pdp party watch out

  6. john

    APC is for the north and before any easterner will vote for them is unless the produce an igbo man as there flag bearer if not GEJ until he finished his second term so i want all of you to get it into your heads

  7. john

    who can tell me what Nigeria achieved for all these years abokis where in power just one thing?is it not the mess they put on ground that GEJ is trying to put in order but you people want him to correct what hausa’s used 38yrs to commit under 2yrs brodas and sisters is it possible?why can’t we leave tribe and tell ourselves the truth for once …all the problems we are facing in this country now i want to ask…did it started from this very government?..let us call a spade a spade because GEJ is not God and can not put things in order like that because the damages caused by the past governments are too many so allow this man please …how many years has he been in this very seat that the northern people will not allow him to have peace of mind?

  8. i needGOD ‘S OWN INTERVENTION,POLITICS &LAW IN NIGERIA IS ALWAYS is,QUESTION,TO BE FRANK NO HAS ANY RIGHT TO INSULT OUR PRESIDENT,unles the person lacks proper upbring,,youths, it’s our chieft buty to make dis nation a,greater one ,let buried ethnic sentiments &prejudice in name of politicking ,let us face the reality,our country political elites are remote causes of linkages in the polity, they used cats paws to diquise their evil deeds now mr president bearing the blames,my president was distorted through instrumentalist of deadly boko haram,please nigerians let us support president,i hve nt seen much bad tin from him

  9. busty

    U say yoruba’s have respect nd regards for elders? then why cant ur beloved amaechi copy from his yoruba colleagues who r only tearing him apart in the name of helping hands?

  10. zil

    Firstly we should finally sanitize the mobile phone register. Ensure all biometric data are considered and those duplicated are removed.
    Almost all Nigeria of voting age goes around with a mobile handset plus where they have one line a filter can be installed since bios of the person remain the same hence a filter can be installed to filter those with multiple lines.

    All voting should be done by either voice assisted menu or simply my selecting candidates of your choice.

    Once a vote is cast, three messages are produced automatically one to INEC through and installed filter, second to an independent result vetting consultant and the last to the voter himself/herself.

    With this innovation all voting can be done in one day, plus it will be way cheaper and less intrusive.
    Moreso double voting will be eliminated and stories of ballot snatching will be eradicated.
    Moreso, result is released in as little as 3hours after election with INEC and the independent consultant releasing their result independently.
    In the advent of discrepancies between the two, call logs will be investigated by both parties to resolve the differences.
    The voting proof should be black boxed from the telecommunication side such that records can be retrieved by special facilities.

    A quick one for the population census by NPC: before embarking on the census ensure all boarder movement are stopped.
    This is in view of the penchant of the North to import people from NIGER, CHAD and neighboring Sahara to inflate its figures.

    Secondly, questionnaires should be constructed in such a way as to determine the person ancestry as way back to great grandfather side, with ability to reconstruct family tree up to grandfather level.

  11. okey

    We really have to tell ourselves the truth. Anybody that agrees that 16 is greater than 19 and that 5 is greater than 32 needs to be checked out. Change only begins with self assessment /evaluation to know if there need to depart from the existing norms. Change requires preparedness and readiness to serve with utmost sincerity. The major underlying problem we have in this country is insincerity. Our leaders are insincere to us and we on the other hand are insincere to ourselves. Its a foundational problem.

  12. mikado

    bros amaechi is a bad guy,gej is the saddest guy what do u benefit from both of them,do u know u what I amechi did in rivers state in 2011,he is reaping what he sown

  13. Terwase

    Deceitful smiles……….

  14. Igbo community Ghana

    We always pray for persons who hate people that do not even know them so seriously, with passion.May GOD grant you and your likes, the grace to sincerely love his image.May GOD bless you.

  15. Kanselor

    Dokun u r a bastard. Ur mother is a whore and ur father is impotent. How dare u insult my President ? U will rott in hell wit maggots u pauper and smellinng inbecile

  16. Manfred

    I still wonder why ppl up till now cannot see how foolish jonathan is

  17. Olutayo

    i can boldly say that GEJ and his cohort would loose it all by the end of the day.

  18. Fola

    Jona the baby president! The igbo need not rush if they don’t want their first oppurtunity to be their last. They should start training their flag bearer and wait till 2019 fr better chance

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