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Guess who is sleeping in Aso Rock?

Published on July 2, 2013 by   ·   31 Comments

Senator Ameh Ebute sleeping in Aso Rock

Goodluck Jonathan receives Solomon Lar and Jerry Gana

Third Republic Senator Ameh Ebute, is one of President Goodluck Jonathan’s cheer leaders in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. On 17 June, he was part of the delegation of Middle-belt and South South leaders, under the aegis of the Congress for Equality and Change.

Two weeks after, he was back in the grouping of former senators from the Middle Belt, who also paid a visit to President Jonathan. If you wonder, what all the visits are all about, the answer is so simple: 2015. President Jonathan has been busy strategizing for the 2015 election.

And we guess the man sleeping away, Ameh Ebute, first right on second row, may be tired of being a frequent visitor to Aso Rock!

Senator Ameh Ebute sleeping in Aso Rock

Senator Ameh Ebute sleeping in Aso Rock

There were other faces too at the political meeting today: ex-ministers, Professor Jerry Gana and founding PDP chairman, Solomon Lar.

Goodluck Jonathan receives  Solomon Lar and Jerry Gana

Goodluck Jonathan receives Solomon Lar and Jerry Gana

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31 Comments for “Guess who is sleeping in Aso Rock?”


    Looooooooool paul lafta wan burst my belle here ooooooo i feel you, scary isn’t it?

  2. Barack

    Eh ya, men you dont have to blame that man sleeping, after travelling by road on this hot sun and he went in there a standing AC of ·3 ton blow him twice, he slept off,

  3. ayzed

    their being alive is not wat bothers me but d fact dat “vultures don’t circle d sky unless der is death looming in d land” (Abdulazeez Ibrahim)

  4. Iorkyase

    It is high time the Youths take up Leadership. This is a clear indication that the Old are tired and need rest.

  5. naubiko

    There are @ Aso Rock for pension….They wan take small money go hell-fire

  6. remy

    Those in the photogragh in the captioned story has now proven to all Nigerians that this present govt. cannot not and will never fight corruption, reason being they dine and wine with corrupt people and old men seeking relevance and pension. These old horses has nothing to render this generation when we have younger men with great ideas. You can just imagin the former gov. of kogi that was earlier decleared wanted by efcc among the visitors to ASO ROCK. The ROCK has now become the DEN of ROBBERS.
    Nigerians should shine theirs eyesooooo these are evil days. What is happening in Eygpt today might soon befall us. GEJ must be STOP at all cost to avert a greater bloodbath in this country. He is not and never fit to rule.

  7. Supo

    @Paul, you are not making sense writing nonsense about people in the PM. Your postings are useless all the time I read the messages. I am too sure you are criminally minded to post things that are irrelevant all the time.
    Think positively and get something done. Thank you.

  8. Yusuf Ibrahim

    Sure 99% of people who want sits at Aso Rock, from Northern Nigeria are old thiefs.

  9. Levi

    This kind of politics of rob my back nd i rob urs, pardy-pardy dat d federal govt is playin wil not help 2 uplift dis country

  10. Ikechukwu Immaculate

    oh God, i pray that evil the politicians do in Nigeria must surely live with them.

  11. J.T.I.

    Any moment from today, I will cease reading pmnews. It is such a stupid paper that the owners only know what they are out for. Imagine what Paul write, they are very much confortable with it but anybody that counters him, they will removed the person’s rejoinder. Stupid people, idiots.

  12. Ray

    Its not his fault ,dats his best time to do dat,after all d criminal act ova nite

  13. Oba sweet

    Paul,You go bust man beele here o.

  14. All these so called GEJ’s friend want lobby for one thing or the order, make you no blame them. You may call them old men, Gej need people that will campaign for him.

  15. olubunmi

    Which youth? The type that will buy his official residence i.e. the speaker’s house at 10million and rent it for successor at 42million naira? I beg make I rest jare.

  16. Iyke

    This is the time the president should
    be mobilizing the entire country for
    positive things. This is the time the
    president should worry about how to
    protect our little children being
    murdered in their schools.
    “Instead, he’s busy reducing the
    authority of an elected governor in
    Rivers State. Will no one rid me of this

  17. Jay

    Na u want cos bloodshed? Idiot.

  18. Juliet

    God pls save our country Nigeria

  19. U’re right jare!!REMI

  20. sam

    @ supo, you just have to give him.he cant communicate above his intelligence…that is just how he is….a retarded 40 yr old virgin

  21. Daniel yusuf

    Dey ar al foool’s at 40th,

  22. u guys shld stop causin dem if ur father is wll cause him beside dey re fathers mate ol we can say is dat weak in d office shld b impeachd 4 young blood 2 takeover bring out somtin der nt sleeping on duty z quite ovious!!!

  23. the lord is ur strent all i want is that peace should come back to our contary

  24. BEEN

    Nobody seems to be bothered about the annual basic salary of our so called senators that is #30.6m outside numerous allowances but we keep talking about GEJ that is just one person. Every time we keep hearing of rising debt of naija on the imf while hungry kills hundreds of naija pple daily. may we all change for good.

  25. Olubunmi fabusola

    @ Sake (Olubunmi) I completely behind ur comments!! Yeye youths!!!

  26. Briggs

    Y won’t he sleep when they are all tired and they refuse to retire. Youths am not in support of ur rule because you wud think of nothing else dan exotic cars nd luxurious life style.

  27. Pointblank

    These are the incompetence people who are in charge of our own affairs mismanaging it that don’t want to retire. Look at this idiot…

  28. Hans J

    See am, later they go pay am sleeping allowance. stupid pple

  29. We youth only pray for delivarance from the hand of God here in naija ooooooo!.

  30. williams


  31. Comrade Enang

    Allow the sleeping Baba to go ahead, after all his sleep allowance is assured. Wisdom: Papa you all are tired and retired, please vacate for young generations.

  32. Mr.daniel

    Who said there are no good people in nigeria?. Lets leave them for their evil deeds because he that sin will die. We volted for them to rule us well but they dumped us for their selfish acts, but a time is coming when they will be running for help or here and there, there will be no hiding place for them, even jump into the sea it will reject you, Running to the rock it will melt down, even dig yourself into the ground it shall tear apart, because the judgement of jehovah no even person is left-out!

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