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‘How To Detect Lesbian Players In Football’

Published on March 13, 2013 by   ·   2 Comments
Monsur Abdullahi

Monsur Abdullahi

Former coach of Bayelsa Queens, Monsur Abdullahi has said that lesbianism is really existing in women football in Nigeria.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS Sports in Abuja, Abdullahi strongly affirmed that the practise is happening, but the players involved in it are very secretive because they are very few among the women players.

He added suspected players must be closely obsevered very well to really detect if they are lesbians or not. One of the ways to detect them, according to Abdullahi is that the lesbians hardly tackle themselves in training. “I can say that there are lesbians in Nigerian women league, but the players are few. If two lesbians are playing in opposing team for instance in training, you will discover that the players  tackle themselves softly. The one acting as the man will be protecting her lover most times to the detriment of what the coach wants to achieve in training,” Abdullahi said.

He disclosed that some of the players give flimsy excuses that they want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, hence they are secured in the arms of a female lover. He said at times when lesbians fight, they can be very violent by using sharp objects to inflict harm among themselves, even more temperamental and terrible than a man and a woman’s conflict in relationship.

“It is sad to tell you that one of the reasons these lesbian players give is that they dont want to get pregnant, but when they fight, it can be very dangerous, more dangerous that when a man or woman is in rage with his or her lover,” he said.

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