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Nations Cup Final: Eagles Will Win, Says T.B. Joshua

Published on February 8, 2013 by   ·   67 Comments

•Burkina Faso's midfielder, Prejuce Nakoulma and Sunday Mba of Nigeria. Photos: AFP

Super Eagles train ahead of the AFCON final match against Burkina Faso on Sunday.-PHOTO...-AFP. Inset is Prophet T.B. Joshua

The General Overseer of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, says Nigeria’s Super Eagles would defeat Burkina Faso in Sunday’s final of the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.

T.B. Joshua, who warned Eagles’ coach, Stephen Keshi to avoid conceding a late minute goal in their AFCON Group C opener against the Burkinabe, told P.M.NEWS that Nigeria’s case in the Nations Cup final this year is like the biblical Jacob who wrestled with God, saying that “on Sunday we’ll tell God unless He gives us our heart’s desire we’ll not let Him go.

“The cloud is darker over Nigeria’s Super Eagles, but with God we’ll scale through. If it were not to be the final, anything could have happened. The first match we played with Burkina Faso, it was just by the grace of God that it ended in a draw.

“On Sunday, our opponents will play defensively because they will be looking out for penalty shootout at the end of the game. They will also play through three of their strikers upfront; one of them very tall and huge player and two others.

“What I’m seeing I don’t want to say it because it would be too frightening, but I want to assure that we’ll scale through the challenge on Sunday.”

Super Eagles train ahead of the AFCON final match against Burkina Faso on Sunday.-PHOTO...-AFP. Inset is Prophet T.B. Joshua

Super Eagles train ahead of the AFCON final match against Burkina Faso on Sunday.-PHOTO…-AFP. Inset is Prophet T.B. Joshua

The prophet who established a football club, My People FC to groom young players, however, warned the Eagles not to allow Burkina Faso to score first in the final, saying that “if this happened the Burkinabe would fall back to defend the goal, which will be very dangerous for our team. I still repeat that no matter the situation, we’ll scale through.

“The Burkina Faso that we played in the group stage will not be the same team we’ll play on Sunday, even though some of their players are out of the squad due to injuries. They are still a team. But I hope for celebration.”

Joshua said as the giant of Africa, Nigeria last won the Nations Cup 13 years ago, which was too long ago for a great football nation like Nigeria.

“I think God should give us this cup to make the youths of this country happy. Winning this cup at this time of religious intolerance and violence will calm down the youths. I want to appeal to all Nigerians to pray for Eagles’ victory. I would have told you the scoreline but I would rather delay it till Sunday morning in order not psychologically distract the players and their coaches and not to demoralise the losing team.”

Prophet Joshua concluded that he would not want Keshi and his team to come to his church to celebrate their victory after the match because he is not the only one praying for the Eagles to win.

“My voice may be the one louder among the men of God in the country but this doesn’t mean that the team should come to my church to celebrate. I would rather prefer that they celebrate their victory with all Nigerians,” he said.

—Taiwo Adelu & Adebobola Alawode

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67 Comments for “Nations Cup Final: Eagles Will Win, Says T.B. Joshua”

  1. onye Nso

    i wonder!

  2. onye Nso

    I really feel TB Joshua should help Nigeria solve most of her more urgent problems , Security, Power, Corruption etc. let him prophesy that Nigeria will be good . let him pray to his god or God to save his people. This petty things are not the real issues. but i praise his Charitable deeds, provided there is nothing behind it. God will judge not me. i cannot call anybody true or false.

  3. Kennedy

    Jehova may ur will be done. hav mercy on us nigerian and make us to be successiful in jesus name Amen.

  4. adeola

    Som ppl ar out of dere sense imagin a whole pastor incharged, prophesis abt d successfulness of d super eagle bt stil yet some imbecile ar criticisin him on his vission towards d nation.

  5. Joebest

    Hnmmmm. How i pity those who spik evil of tb joshua. glad dat God is usin him mightily.if pastors can com out nd spik evil of him, hu com be dia folowa wen no fit talk rubish…may God av mercy on dem all. Up naija, up tb joshua….to God be d glory!

  6. Excessmoney

    I want to say dis alot of us dnt no what prophecy is all abut we c prophecy as what the person dat is prophecersing want to make happen NO it is reviling what is going to happon in future to u,dis is alway made posible by a higly supernatura power but we belive dat dose from God has high % of acuracy.
    Anytime i read comment abut Tbj i usualy pray dat Jesus should nt come again as a human or a child, if he come as a human he will b kill or no body will belive Him

  7. Ferdinald

    Amos 3v7, surely the LORD will do nothing except through HIS Prophet. thank you LORD JESUS 4 giving us Prohet TB.Joshua.

  8. alnasir

    I am not a christein but this man TB joshua prophecy always come to pass so may GOD make it happen in nija favor amin

  9. Olu

    God! Am short of words. Bt d bible says do nt be judge. Up eagle

  10. Mike

    Please prophet T.B. Joshua, remove God from sport. The best team should win the game. You can not pass an examination if you do not read unless you want to cheat.

  11. Mike

    Nigerians wake up. A good prophet will always speak on behalf of the masses and not for the government. A good prophet will fight for the masses and not in support of government. A good prophet will advise the government on how to lead the masses and not on how to receive gift from the government. God is every where and He will never be partial to any nation, tribe or people. The best team should win the tournament prophecy or not.

  12. Amos 3:7 (NIV
    Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.
    Man of God you a prophet of the most high.

  13. Ken

    Hi,i than God its over now. Eagles have won and thats victory for Nigerias. However,there is nothing wrong in taking side with your country-infact,always wish well for it. In terms of prophesy,only those who obtain true inspiration should prophesy-its not a do or die affair p/s,

  14. Grand

    What do u know about God & prophets? What training did David attend b4 he defeated Goliath. Did God not say dat He’ll do ANYTHING u ask in His name? What’s wrong wit askin God 2 help u win a competition, or u just want 2 condemn a man of God. Do u xpect him 2 make public his advice 2 d president? A prophet is known by his words comin 2 pass, which has just happened. Naija has gotten d cup!

  15. aree lola

    If TB joshua is a man of God indeed let him predict the country that will win 2014 World cup now that the qualify nation have not been ascertain not to use ideal and permutation to tell us when it is two days to the final. Jesus Christ said as sign of the end time”Many fake pastor will arise at the end time and if possible the elect will be deceived but because with men it is not possible so we can not be decieved but the the Children of perdition will be deceived by him”. Let me tell you what prophecy is: Prophecy is seeing future before it happen for long period of time to stand the test of time. Jesus Christ Birth was predicted 400years before it happened. King Josiah birth and his kingship was predicted 300years before it happened. If TB JOSHUA is not a fake prophet, he should tell us know the Nation that will Win World Cup in 2014. Only Men of God with Holy Spirit can do that but they are scarce in Nigeria. Truth has to be told.

  16. We hv to b careful with d way we pass out judgement. No human in dis planet earth has d rite 2 call a man of God fake. God said leave d judgment between me nd my prophect 2 me. Y not sit nd tink on how 2 make d relationship btw u nd God rite. Rather than calling anoda fake. First Remove d huge log in ur eye so u can see clearly 2 remove d speck in anoda person’s eyes. HYPOCRITES!!!

  17. Willy

    TBJ, ——- Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you (Matth. 5:11-12) including your mentor, Lord Jesus Christ. They never believe him. If they could call him names, worse names they will call you as no servant is greater than his master (Matth 10:24-25, John 15:18-20) May God continue to protect you and deposit in you more and more annointing but will attract more persecutions (Mark 10:30)

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