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How Far Can Opposition Parties Go?  print

Published on February 7, 2013 by   ·   3 Comments

The decision of four opposition political parties to fuse into the newly named All Peoples Congress, APC, which hopes to rescue the nation from descending into a one-party state ruled by the behemoth Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is heartening.

The formation of the new party, following a meeting by ten states governors of the various coalescing parties, namely the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, and the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, more than anything else, showed a semblance of seriousness and determination by them this time.

It is also noteworthy that their effort has a national outlook, with representation from different regions of the country.  As stated in their communiqué, the governors, through Kashim Shettima of Borno State, said “having reviewed the situation in our country, we resolved that to rescue Nigeria is a task that must be done”.

Since the return to civil rule in 1999, our political history is replete with such mergers that was later torn asunder by unnecessary ego-tripping and disagreements over allocation of political offices. An instance was the unsuccessful merger of the ACN and CPC before the 2011 presidential election.

Many change-seeking Nigerians have long looked forward to a fruitful merging of political parties, with clear-cut vision to liberate the country from the shenanigans of the ruling party at the centre and offer a veritable alternative for socio-economic and political developments.

The idiosyncrasies of Nigerian politicians, which unmistakably are usually self-serving and narrow, give many a cause for concern. Since the black pot is familiar with the soot, the derision by the leviathan PDP regarding  the merger is quite understandable.

It is therefore left for the opposition APC to shrug off the cynicism and give Nigerians a veritable alternative. Sadly, no political party since the defunct First Republic had any distinct ideological leaning or sustainable programmes for development. We believe that a virile opposition is the beauty of democracy. Rather than engage in name-calling, pettiness and unnecessary exchange of vitriol with the PDP, they should tackle the ruling party in a constructive criticisms and in a manner that gives  the people positive options to what PDP has been offering since 1999.

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3 Comments for “How Far Can Opposition Parties Go?”

  1. They are just politicians looking for where to survive. My fear is that Nigerians will end up being the loser in this power struggle. The Alliance main and only aim is to wrest power from PDP (fair enough), but what do you do with the power when you get it? What is the ideology of this Alliance as different from PDPs? Do they even have any? Its a marriage of strange bedfellows. PDP in 1998 is not different from this Alliance today. So dont be deceived, we are in for a long and torturous journey…..Stupid people, E wo lo san lomo Iya Bankale. Is it dictatorial ACN in the SW or militant CPC? Everybody want to chop………

  2. Haypee Apanda

    This merger is being run in a top to bottom manner rather than bottom to top. This alone portends danger. The intent and contents of the merger is suspicious and faulty because aside from the common hatred for PDP and the ambition to control at the centre, all the parties involved do not have a common denominator. The whole set up is ad hoc.
    I would have thought a nationwide town hall meeting with the excos of all the merging parties, followed by meetings with their supporters to sell the merger ideas to them, with the ideology and manifesto driving it and the need for change at the centre. The reason for this, is because trouble will start from the local council excos. Trust Nigerians, there will be shouts of marginalization and dominance and this will eventually escalate.
    There are so many strange bed fellows in the merging and personally I wonder how these people are going to trust and work honestly with the E Rufai group knowing fully well, he can write another tell all book about them when things go awry. Politics worldwide thrives on secrecy and a squealer is regarded as a pariah.
    We need to ponder why despite their differences, the afenifere, kaduna mafia and all those political-cultural have kept their secrets to date. Suspicion and power struggle may destroy this alliance. I wish them well and I hope they can surmount the problems that will be posed by their individual egos. Long live Nigeria.

  3. sunday

    Though your analysis is good, but let us try another party. A democrazy withouth strong opposition is the same as dictatorship. So, let us pray that it works very fine and well.

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