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APC no match for PDP, says Governor Aliyu  print

Published on February 7, 2013 by   ·   4 Comments

Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu of Niger State on Thursday described the ongoing merger talks among Nigeria’s frontline opposition parties as normal, noting that alignments and realignments were simple political intercourse expected in every emerging democracy.

Governor Aliyu, who spoke in Abuja at the opening of a one day Pre-Implementation workshop for the 2012 Conditional Grant Scheme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), maintained that such arrangements were necessary for the growth and development of our democracy.

Aliyu who is also the Chairman of the Northern States Governors Forum (NSGF) however said the merger of opposition parties in the country cannot defeat the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The Niger State helmsman said while he agreed no democracy can grow without a credible opposition, the PDP has become a national party that is rooted across the country and it would be difficult for the merger of the opposition to defeat the party even if all opposition parties were to come together.

“I agree that no democracy grows without a credible opposition, but let me say that the PDP is a national party that cuts across all sections of this country and has touched the lives of the people positively. So, it will be difficult for these four or even all the opposition parties to defeat the PDP at the polls in 2015,” Aliyu said.

He said the current PDP internal crisis would strengthen the party, adding that the seeming disagreement among the party stalwarts was healthy for democracy, emphasizing that the party would come out stronger.

He said the PDP has done well for Nigeria in the last 14 years, especially in the area of projects and programmes that affect the life of the grassroots man.

“For instance,” he said “the MDGs office since inception has embarked on a number of critical projects in the agriculture, education and water sectors, which has led to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger.”

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4 Comments for “APC no match for PDP, says Governor Aliyu”

  1. Phil Okon

    If the purpose of putting together the new Party APC is to bring back another Hausa/Fulani back to AsoRock so that looting, Islamization and Northernization of Nigeria’s Military, the Public Service, the Judiciary, the Police Force, the Customs etc., will continue, then the new Party APC is as good as any write-off. Except for that minority section of the radical Islamic West headed by Tinubu, Aregbesola and Fashola it is going to be that political battle between the South and the North that will decide the future of Nigeria.

  2. (APC) All Pro-selfish Crooks!…Time will surely tell…….This Alliance and PDP is like six and half dozen. Check out most of the ACN, CPC activist today, they have been PDP members before. So, what changed? Was Ikimi not a prominent PDP man that he conducted the Presidential primary in 2002/2003? Akume, was a two term PDP governor but now ACN senator and minority leader. They are just politicians looking for where to survive. My fear is that Nigerians will end up being the loser in this power struggle. The Alliance main and only aim is to wrestle power from PDP (fair enough), but what do you do with the power when you get it? What is the ideology of this Alliance as different from PDPs? Do they even have any? Its a marriage of strange bedfellows. PDP in 1998 is not different from this Alliance today. So dont be deceived, we are in for a long and torturous journey….

  3. Ayour Pee

    @ Olabode … I have been reading you for many years on the internet. The only thing you are good at is whining, castigating and name calling. What have you done as a person to better this country? Are you saying that because those who have been offering themselves to serve are bad, we should go to the neighbouring countries to hire our rulers? Saul (in the Bible) was a tout and an unbeliever. If Jesus thought like many Nigerians, Saul wouldnt have been turned to Paul and made himself useful to the society.
    What solution do you really have for this country? PDP isnt good; ACN isnt good, military isnt good, merger isnt good … so where do we go from here???

    I wish the merger a success – except that such a merger shouldnt produce Buhari (though a good person but too old) or Tinubu (political strategist and good but controversial) as Presidential candidates. We strongly need an alternative to PDP and if such alternative fails, the process that brought them in will be used to bring another alternative into the system. Simple!

    As for the bragging governor. Everyone has a bragging right. Mali bragged that Nigeria was not a match for them… Nigeria defeated them by 4-1 … Let’s wait and see

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