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Nigerian Celebrities Whose Marriages Failed

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Chika Ike, her marriage failed

Joseph Benjamin's marriage also failed

Bukky Wright, one the artistes whose marriages failled

Kate Henshaw lost her marriage to 'irreconciliable differences'

Many Nigerian entertainers are considered unlucky with relationships. While some have become eligible spinsters/bachelors, those who seem to be lucky walking down the aisles find it difficult to sustain the momentum. Divorce and separation are the order of the day. Many of the unions crash on allegations of battering and infidelity. BAYO ADETU writes about entertainers whose marriages have hit the rocks.

Chika Ike, her marriage failed

Chika Ike: Born 8 November, 1985, Chika is one of the most beautiful actresses in Nigeria.  In 2005, she got her first lead role in Bless the Child, a movie directed by Tchidi Chikere. She has so far starred in over 100 movies, some of which include One More Kiss, Royal Covenant, Tears in Marriage, Mirror of Beauty, Breaking News and Emotional Risk.

Chika’s marriage crashed last year on allegations of infidelity and irreconcilable differences. The Anambra State-born actress is the owner of Fancy Nancy Collections, a fashion store with branches in Lagos and Abuja. She is a Human Kinetics and Health Education graduate of the University of Lagos.

Joseph Benjamin’s marriage also failed

Joseph Benjamin: The latest addition to the league of  entertainers with failed marriages. The Tinsel star and one of the hosts of MTN Project Fame West Africa music talent show confirmed the collapse of his marriage few weeks ago. While confirming the development in an interview, Joseph said: “About my marriage, it has been going through crisis which I prefer not to talk about. That is why I have kept it away from the public. I am no longer in my marriage; we are separated. I have two wonderful children– a 10-year old daughter and a seven-year old son. They are an integral part of my life; their mum and I have a very good arrangement on how to balance their lives to make sure that psychologically they are stable and unaffected by our separation.”

Goriola Hassan & Ayo Adesanya: The marriage of Goriola Hassan, a movie director/producer and actress Ayo Adesanya ended on a sad note after about eight years of existence. The union hit the rock on allegations of battering and infidelity.

Hilda Dokubo: Hilda’s nine year-old marriage to screen writer and director, Akaroese Mrakpor, crashed in 2008. While Akaroese has remarried, Hilda, who served as a commissioner under former governor Peter Odili of Rivers State, is still single.

She has slipped out of reckoning in the movie industry, where she was once a luminary. She attended University of Port Harcourt, where she bagged a first degree in Theatre Arts and masters in Education.

Tchidi Chikere: Movie director credited with the discovery of many of the current generation of star actors. His nine year-old marriage to Sophia, which produced three kids, snapped early this year.

He claimed that the union failed because of irreconcilable differences. While the marriage lasted, Tchidi said he had to endure the excesses of Sophia. “I didn’t live a happy life for nine years,” he claimed.

Bukky Wright, one the artistes whose marriages failled

Bukky Wright: Two failed marriages and a disastrous affair with socialite, Bolaji Basia, mark her out as luckless in relationships.

Bukky, who clocked 45 in March, is a big fish in the movie pond. She has a mile-long list of starring roles. Her credits include Above Love, Without Shame, Shade Blade, Tolulope, The Cartel and Saworo Ide.

Fred Amata & Agatha: They seemed the perfect advertisment for a successful marriage– until their separation in 2005.  Fred, an actor, was riding high, while Agatha, host of Inside Out, was also widely admired. There were allegations that they were both unfaithful to each other. Both have moved on and are in new relationships.

 Soul E and Queen Ure Okezie: The list of entertainers with failed marriages cannot be complete without a mention of R&B singer, Soul E, who separated from his older lover, Queen Ure Okezie, barely a year after their union became a talk of the town.

Soul E and Ure, a banker, met at Pastor Chris Okotie’s Household of God Church. The duo left the church as a result of the pastor’s refusal to bless their union.

They moved on to establish a ministry inside their apartment in Omole Estate (Phase 1), but it soon faded away, just like their cougar love

Foluke Daramola: The Yoruba actress was married to Tunde Sobowale, son of former Lagos State Commissioner of Education, Professor Idowu Sobowale, but the marriage did not last.

The large-breasted actress accused Tunde of battery.


Kate Henshaw lost her marriage to ‘irreconciliable differences’

Kate Henshaw: Actress Kate Henshaw was married to Briton Roderick James Nuttal, Managing Director of Ledrop Nigeria Ltd. They opted for divorce last year for what they dubbed “irreconcilable differences”. They have a 12- year-old daughter.

 Steph Nora-Okere: Before things snapped, there had been rumours of a break-up, which were denied. Lanre Falana, her ex-husband, was speculated to be having an affair with an England-based woman.

The actress later moved out of the matrimonial home and described her time with Lanre as a “marriage in progress” that did not work.

Femi Kuti & Funke: This was one story that shook the entertainment industry. Many found it unbelievable that Funke and Femi could split. She was one of the dancers in Femi’s Positive Force band. In the divorce suit, incompatibility was the reason given for the development.

9ice, also lost his marriage

9ice & Toni Payne: Another widely publicised marital meltdown–popularly blamed on Toni’s presumed affair with rapper Ruggedman.

In an official statement, 9ice said he and Toni Payne mutually agreed to walk out of the marriage which had already produced a son, Zion.

 Saheed & Fathia Balogun: Together, they were one of the industry’s best known couples. Then came allegations ranging from infidelity to domestic violence. Efforts to reconcile them proved futile. An acrimonious split followed.

Balogun’s attempt to remarry didn’t work out. He contracted a secret traditional wedding with a lady identified as Omoh in Edo State, but the London- based lady moved out of their Ikorodu home, accusing him of indulging in extra-marital affairs.

Zakki Adzay: The Na me Go Marry Am crooner rocked the music industry in the early 2000s. The torch-totting singer recently separated from his wife, Hadiza, who accused him of threatening her to abort pregnancy.

Hadiza, who moved out of her matrimonial home, also accused Zakki of domestic violence.

 Shan George: After a number of failed relationships and marriages, fans were happy that Shan George had found love again, when she announced that she was getting married to Tony Nwosisi. They got married but as usual, the marriage did not last.

Clarion Chukwura

Clarion Chukwura: She has found marriage a slippery terrain. Long after famously having a child for Sir Shina Peters, she married a younger brother of the late MKO Abiola before moving on to marry Femi Oduneye in 2004. But after some years, the marriage also packed up.

 Frank Edoho & Katherine: They are both popular TV personalities who got married years back after courting for a long time. They were divorced last year. Though reasons for their separation are sketchy, Frank, who presents Who Wants To be a Millionaire, said he has moved on.

 Jibola Dabo & Binta Ayo Mogaji: Dabo and Binta were regarded as one of the most respected couples on the entertainment scene. When they decided to go their separate ways, it came as a surprise to their fans.

Dabo walked out of the relationship due to his partner’s alleged immorality.

Eucharia Anunobi: The actress divorced her husband three years ago on many grounds, which included abandonment of her and his responsibility to their only child. She told a court how her husband, Charles Ekwu, allegedly slept with their 13-year-old housemaid times in their matrimonial home.

Eucharia made this allegation while giving evidence in a divorce suit she instituted against her husband.

Eddy Montana & Kenny St. Ogungbe: Former member of the defunct Remedies music group, Eddy Montana, was married to Kenny St. Ogungbe, the younger sister of Keke Ogungbe of Kennis Music. The marriage, which produced two kids, collapsed on grounds of alleged infidelity.

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7 Comments for “Nigerian Celebrities Whose Marriages Failed”

  1. Koya

    Reasons why those marriages failed are not far-fetched:
    They did not allow God, the Author of marriage to guide them in the first place. Second, they were taken away by beauty, money and fame, instead of genuine love and fear of God. Thirdly, Prov. 31 says that Favour is deceitful and BEAUTY vain, but the woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Fourthly, people nowadays prefer Olorunshogo to Surulere. Fifthly, Nigerian women must wake up to respect their husbands and the husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. Nigerian husbands should know that having extra-marital affairs and in the face of their wives, is unfair. Finally, they should know that the Bible means every word of it, that divorce is not allowed, and all those who have since “moved on with their lives”, with other men and women, will go to hell, if they fail to return to their spouses, if they eventually die in that condition! You think that is harsh? Well, heaven is not cheap like divorce.

  2. Tasleem

    The so called celebs are creation of d press. In a sane society such characters with high level of immorality that permeate their life wil not be recognise. But anything goes in nigeria. Afterall churches use them for conventions!

  3. smh

    After going thru all these failed marriages, from ministers of God, entertainers and all that, all I could say is THANK YOU LORD FOR KEEPING my own MARRIAGE.
    Every marriage goes thru high waters and back,but trust me; you will never make it until you tell yourselves it will work, asking GOD for assistance.

  4. Alani

    What of Stella Damasus, she is known to have a kid. Was she ever married?

  5. oseni

    marriage is more than four legs under blanket

  6. Ogbuefi

    @ Alani, Stella Damasus was different. Her husband whom she loved so much died leaving her and her kid.

  7. ainy

    Most of these celebrities marriages failed because most of them lack self control, either a man or a woman that cannot be satisfied by a lover will surely have problems in his or her marriage, because infidelity plays a lot in damaging relationship, imagine a man married to that beautiful lady (Eucharia Anunobi) and still not ashamed of sleeping with a thirteen(13) years old house help what a shame.

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