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12-12-12: Just another day?  print

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12-12-12: mass weddings in Hongkong, Singapore




What does it mean to you?

The date, with a repeating number, is so magical in its rhyme this generation will never come across it again, in this life cycle.

The world has had similar magical dates since 2001, when we opened the year with 1-1-1. The following year, we had 2-2-2 in February and the third year 3-3-3 in March 2003.

The year 2004 also produced 4-4-4 in April. While May of 2005 also gave 5-5-5.
In 2006, it was 6-6-6. And so the other years have churned out the special dates: 7-7-7, 8-8-8, 9-9-9, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11. And now 12-12-12.

It is the 12th day of the last month of 2012.

The date is not to be confused with 12-21-12, the rumoured date said to be the terminal end of our world, according to the Mayan ancient calendar.

So what does 12-12-12 mean other than being another date like its successor, 13-12-12 or its predecessor that reigned today 11-12-12? Well, we agree, in one respect that it means something: it is the last time for almost a century when the day, year and month will come in a synchrony.

In the United Arab Emirates, mothers have taken special significance of the day. The City Hospital in Abu Dhabi that normally delivers four babies by caesarian section daily. Tomorrow, seven mothers want their babies born.

Self-acclaimed mystics have also been ascribing some symbolisms to this special date, if you believe in them. And thousands of marriages we learnt, have also been scheduled for this day. Girls surely like iconic days.
One couple, Krisztina Sebesi and Rex Lu, that plans to tie the knot tomorrow in Ontario, Canada, have gone further to reflect the numerals in some other things connected with the ceremony. As Ottawa Citizen online newspaper reported: “Their thank you cards feature palm trees with 12 coconuts. The buffet will feature a dozen different courses. And the number of little starfish adorning the cake? Twelve, of course.” (Read more:

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