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Jonathan weeps at brother’s burial

Published on December 7, 2012 by   ·   19 Comments

President Jonathan weeps at brother's burial

Senate President david Mark commiserates WITH GOODLUCK

Pall bearers with the casket of Meni Jonathan

The faces of Nollywood were there too

some female dignitaries at the event

The choir at the service

President Jonathan weeps at brother’s burial

President Goodluck Jonathan could not hold back his emotions at the burial rites for his younger brother, Meni Innocent Jonathan, who died 20 November, as he burst into tears.

Senate President david Mark commiserates WITH GOODLUCK

Part of the rites was the Service of Songs held for Meni at the Dame Patience Jonathan Square, Otuoke today. It attracted notable government officials, including Senate President David Mark. Representatives of Nollywood were there too. But a notable absentee was vice-president Namadi Sambo, who kept away to prepare for the wedding of his two daughters in Kaduna Saturday.

Pall bearers with the casket of Meni Jonathan

Meni Jonathan will be buried on Saturday after a commendation service at the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Otuoke at 10 am.

Here are some photographs of the Otueke event today

The faces of Nollywood were there too

some female dignitaries at the event

The choir at the service

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19 Comments for “Jonathan weeps at brother’s burial”

  1. Congratulations Meni.Thank God you are out of ghetto to a better place.Respect!!!!

  2. Taiwo

    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  3. BEN

    Why was this idiot called president shedding crocodile tears? How many families have wiped out by actions and inaction of his most corrupt government in Nigerian history? So he was not too busy to attend and he was not scared of Boko Haram this time,although he never visited poor families who lost their bread winners to Boko Haram .A complete idiot and hypocrite!!!!
    Nemesis will not catching up with you and all your generations!!!! The blood of innocent Nigerians that have been shed because of your actions/inactions will hunt you and generations forever!!!
    RIP Mene,you were unfortunately related to the worse Cabal Nigeria has ever produced!!!

  4. @Isa Musa. The dead is a Christian and nobody promised him 72 virgins, so i don’t understand your congratulations.

  5. ben

    Rip meni those who make mockery of d dead will not remain on earth 4reva.

  6. Miffed Nigerian

    But for the abuse of public office, this would have been a quiet and less expensive funeral. Most of those in attendance are charlatans.

  7. Boli Atepa, from Ny-alesund in North Pole

    Has he wept over any life lost to Boko Haram? Where is his wife?

  8. @Boli i thought you people used to say blood is thicker than water.

  9. julie

    You can only talk and course and abuse. Are you not tired of discrediting the man that God has placed on authority. If they put you there you will do the worst. It is only wickedness of heart that is worrying you. You better pray for your president so that God will do your own for you and lift this country up. As you course the authority, you are making your future even worst. Grow up!

  10. Kadiri

    what of the people that were killed otueke and zaki biam did OBJ weep?

  11. @BEN: who are u to judge or curse someone, are u GOD? see, don’t be sentimental, corruption and other sort’s of acrimony’s has been a Nigerian before our dear president enter aso-rock. the revolution of these countary is between me and u. i think we have to start from our little office, because if u (i mean BEN) get there ur action and inaction will be worst. RIP innocent

  12. Lobisto

    The heat is too unbearable both night and day without electrcity, even a flicker of it. People much younger than the deceased are dying of heatwave and menigitis. All the young victims have no access to helicopter or state house clinic or can afford to pay for any services in a clinic. Let’s continue to pray for our leaders to sit down and do their work and stop thinking of politics and the next term. Let’s pray for them to know when thay are incapable of the job and for them to bow out honourably

  13. tunsco

    May God almighty help Nigeria. Just from Qatar, specifically, Doha, on climate Change summit. do you know what? houses are being built for the yet to born generations. Good road, all day power supply infact, it is eldorado. but here in nigeria, our rulers are busy stealing and stealing. but i think God put Jonathan there for a purpose. if the purpose is to continue plundering the Nigerian resources, let it be so. But one day, God will bring every action into judgement. Adieu Mene. Evil that men do…

  14. rainbow

    RIP Meni may God keep ur soul

  15. emmanuel

    may his gentle soul rest in peace

  16. Alabarca

    may God keep ur soul meni.

  17. ohanze isiahia

    Take it easy with d president cos no one is perfect.

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