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Nigerian doctor denies rejecting pregnant lady  print

Published on December 3, 2012 by   ·   12 Comments

Ijeoma umumadumere, nee Ahamefule

.But Brother of dead woman says he stands by his story

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Dr. Jefia Abe,the Medical Director of Garrison Clinic in Port Harcourt where one Mrs Ijeoma Umumadumere,nee Ahamefule, with a five-month old pregnancy was allegedly refused treatment because she could not pay N20,000,and later died in another hospital, has posted a stout denial.

Jefia who spoke to P.M.NEWS today in his bungalow hospital at Udom Street,beside the defunct NITEL, claimed that the brother of the deceased, Uzuoma Ahamefule, who originated

Ijeoma umumadumere, nee Ahamefule

allegations against him and the hospital on the internet from his base in Austria had apologised for the misinformation that has gone viral. Uzuoma has denied offering any apology. On the contrary, he said Dr. Jefia has been begging him to cease further dissemination of her sister’s tragedy.

The doctor said he is weighing the option of legal action for what he called “obvious lies.”

“He, Uzuoma, has apologised to me on phone after knowing the truth about what actually transpired when his sister was rushed to my clinic by her husband with Five months pregnancy with what we call pre-eclampsia. She was tested and we found glucose and protein in blood. Her blood pressure was 240/120.”

He said that contrary to the allegations of Uzuoma, he attended to her when the husband rushed her in. He directed that her blood pressure be read and was alarmed to find out that her blood pressure was 240/120 mmhg, which was on the high side.

The Medical Director said he ordered the nurse on duty to admit her so that they could commence treatment immediately. A bed was prepared for her in Ward 2.

According to the Medical Director, in a bid to save her life, like it is done in the practice, we did not insist that she must register as our ante-natal patient that would have cost her N2,000,( Two thousand Naira only) before attending to her that day.

Dr.Abe Jefia, who showed our Correspondent the case file claimed that immediately the patient’s husband was informed that the woman was five months pregnant and would be placed on admission for close observation because of her medical condition, he asked to know the medical bill. And he was told that it would be N15, 000.

“The Nurse who dashed to the Pharmacy to get an injection for the patient had come with the injection to administer to her without insisting on deposit. Then she heard the patient telling her husband that they should hurry out to meet a sister who is a Nurse/Midwife that has been attending to her. They hurried out and left”.

From the case file shown to our Correspondent, a bill of N15, 000 was written as charged to the late pregnant woman, but N500( Five hundred Naira only) was paid instead of N2,000,(Two thousand Naira only).

Dr.Abe Jefia , lamented that Uzuoma Ahamefule, the brother who understandably was pained that he lost his sister out of emotions sent out damaging e-mail on the internet about his Clinic without cross-checking facts and circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident.

He said Uzuoma did not know that her sister’s death was not as a result of negligence on his part, but ignorance on the part of the bereaved and the husband.

Regrettably, according to him,some Nigerian print and online media went to town with the inaccurate story.

He said that the late Patient and the Husband took a decision of leaving his hospital because “they underestimated the life threatening situation of the pregnant woman; they had the mindset that they had a Nurse they felt could handle her case.”

He said that when he came out and asked the Nurses about the pregnant women he just diagnosed, they said she was gone. He was taken aback because with her blood pressure the life of the both the baby and the mother were at risk.

He also said that it was observed that the woman had not registered for antenatal for medical attention even at five months pregnancy.

The Medical Director said he has been inundated with calls from friends and colleagues within and outside the country because of Uzuoma’s publication.

Uzuoma’s email has also been forwarded to him.And after they spoke on phone,he claimed Uzuoma apologised.

However, he threatened that he would seek legal redress after getting legal advice from his lawyer for the damage the publications so far have done to his Clinic and career as medical doctor.

P.M.NEWS spoke with Uzuoma on telephone today and flatly denied ever apologising to the Nigerian doctor.

He said on the contrary, it was the Nigerian doctor who apologised to him over the death of his sister and begged him not to take the case further into the arena of the public.

“During one of the calls, he told me he was on his kneels. He was begging me, that the story is all over. And I told him he didn’t act professionally; when he knew that my sister could die if she was not well taken care of, with the symptoms that he himself had diagnosed”.

Uzuoma said the true story was that when his sister was diagnosed with having high blood pressure and eclampsia, the doctor left her in the clinic in the hands of the nurses for two hours, after leaving the instruction that treatment should not commence until the husband had paid N20,000.

“It was when the husband felt that the clinic would not treat her unless he produced the money, that he decided to try another hospital.”

“I stand by what I wrote about Garrison clinic and his doctor and nurses. The only error I made was in the amount my brother in law paid for the consultation and test. I said N5,000, but the amount paid was N3,000. He initially paid N1,500 and it was when he was leaving with his wife, that a nurse rushed to him to demand another N1,500 for the test, making a total of N3,000.”

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12 Comments for “Nigerian doctor denies rejecting pregnant lady”

  1. Akpos

    I am a medical doctor practising in Europe. If i encounter a pregnant woman with proteinuria and glucosuria (glucose and protein in urine) with a blood pressure of 240/120mmhg! Boy thats a red flag EMERGENCY. You dont leave such patients for nurses! you take CHARGE and commence immediate life saving measures for both mother and unborn child. I wonder what kind of medicine we practise in Nigeria!

    • Banji-F

      That is in London but the doctors in the south east are very money conscious so without a deposit they do not treat patient no matter the emergency.

      • Henry

        It is sad that such a thing happened in the first place. Port-Harcourt is not in South East zone by Nigerian standards and the doctor is not Igbo. I think it makes sense to get ones fact correctly before criticising.

  2. Areafather

    Igbo and money ,shame on you ppl

  3. Akpos

    what is wrong with Nigerians, i made a comment purely on incompetent care given by a medical doctor on a patient without regards to what colour of skin or language the doctor speaks and some people have immediately deviated from the issue to start abusing a particular tribe! They did not even bother to read the doctors name before insulting a tribe! U see why Nigeria’s problem is not Jonathan or Buhari or Tinubu. It’s us, we re just not intelligent.

    • frank akin

      Please never make reference to USA or EU when you are discussing Nigeria issues. Nigeria is worst than Somalia. I will not allow my dog to be attended to by a Nigerian doctor. These people are nothing but a high school with knowledge of biology and chemistry. Money, greed and corruption is the order of the day and you dare go to the hospital you might as well prepare your will.

  4. From the story above, I feel the Doctor is lying. How can a doctor found out that the woman has protein and glucose in his blood, I wonder why he should the situation to the nurses. I was not there but I can bet that the nurses he is talking about are quack nurses that know next to nothing. The doctor should be prosecuted and if found guilty should go to jail so that others wont take their work unserious. I pray the good Lord should accept her sould in heaven. The bereaved should take heart.

  5. The Doctor should be made to pay for this. Greed is a terrible thing.

  6. BEN

    This is very pathetic story indeed and my sincere heartfelt sympathy goes to the family of the deceased.Please,let no one play blame game here,all parties involved in this issue are guilty one way or the other and this has nothing to do with any tribe or profession. I am a specialist doctor,i practised in Nigeria,Europe and now in America,so i have an idea what might have transpired.
    The patient : Nigerian patients ,mostly the low income population have a habit of misplacing their priority ,often time,they rather exercise their faith rather than take care of their own health.When their condition becomes unbearable,they turn to doctor and expect him to understand and perform magic. Why did the husband who had 5 thousand naira failed to register his wife for antenatal care and why did he wait for 2 hours when he sensed the doctor was not going to attend to her? Hypertension in pregnancy is a serious condition which could be successfully managed by qualified doctor and in developed country,it should never be a cause of any woman’s death.
    The doctor: A doctor knows the implication of pre-ecclampsia to both mother and foetus,it is an an emergency,whether the patient has money or not ,there must be some treatment initiated immediately to save the situation. Even if you will insist on taking your money before you discharge the patient.
    Alternatively, if the patient or the husband insist on going to another hospital,it is your duty to make them sign (discharge against medical advice) to that effect.This a medico-legal issue,a doctor must cover his back all the time. From experience, you may not really be able too collect your money,i once had a patient like that when i was in Nigeria with similar situation.I treated her without taking kobo, they could not pay my money,i later deliver the baby at term ,but husband and wife just took their child and ran away one day ,i never saw them again,but at least i saved the lives of both mother and child.
    Finally,may be just maybe if the brother who is in Australia had given some help financially before she developed pre-ecclampsia,may be the story would have being different- every little help.
    The government in Nigeria is just placebo-no government at all but armed robbers in government houses,we need to be our brother’s keeper.



  8. Khadijah

    I beg to differ not on all issues raised by Ben, most especially on the issue of the man waiting for two hours before taking his wife to another hospital, we are talking about a lay man here who even though saw the situation at hand but may not have understood the implications, the doctor being a specialist in his field could have given them adequate info. If I go to the hospital and the doctor leaves his nurses to attend to me I would take it that the situation is not life threatening, and I also believe that regarding payment, the files have been doctored, I don’t want to believe the 200 naira story. Regarding the womans husband I agree with you that he is not without blame why was she not registered at a hospital for care, and also you do not know if the brother in question was not informed of the situation.

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