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Malaysia foils N1b Nigerian cocaine cocktail

Published on November 20, 2012 by   ·   3 Comments

Cocaine cocktail put inside cans of coconut milk

File photo: some seized cocaine in Nigeria

Malaysian narcotics agents have foiled a Nigerian syndicate’s bid to smuggle cocaine worth $7.1 million(about N1.05 billion) hidden in coconut milk cans, a top police official said Tuesday.

“International drug syndicates especially those led by Nigerian nationals have been found to be active in smuggling various types of drugs,” Noor Rashid Ibrahim, narcotics criminal investigation director said in a statement.

Acting on a tip-off from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, authorities found the drugs in a container at the country’s top port, Port Klang, he said. It had arrived on a ship from Guyana last Monday.

Noor Rashid said the liquid drugs seized could produce about 76 kilogrammes (168 pounds) of cocaine when processed.

“Their modus operandi has become more sophisticated, hiding drugs by dissolving it in liquid form to avoid detection,” he said.

The seized container was filled with 980 cartons of cans containing coconut milk and pineapple cubes, he said.

Noor Rashid said upon investigation by the chemistry department, 16 cartons comprising 384 cans of coconut milk were found to be filled with drugs to avoid detection.

In Malaysia, the death penalty is mandatory for convicted drug traffickers.

No arrest was made but Noor Rashid said the drugs were bound for Mozambique via South Africa on another ship.

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3 Comments for “Malaysia foils N1b Nigerian cocaine cocktail”

  1. Sojee

    Ship arrived from Guyana to Malaysia enroute Mozambique and SA and it is owned by Nigerians despite reports that no arrest has been made! And our government is silent…….SMH

  2. frank akin

    Will you be surprised if the people behind it are the cabal in the government. The day our rulers do anything right is the day Jesus will come back to earth if you believed that. Just trying to put humor into a failed state.

  3. aghem richard

    This is speculation about Nigerians, and how foreign affairs office will not see any reason to investigate or ask questions, what the malaysian official said was a generilazation about Nigerians,in al the news Nigeria did not feature from depature point to E P A,so why is it said that Nigerians are involved in it without and arrest.

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