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Woman bites off another woman’s Nipple  print

Published on November 13, 2012 by   ·   17 Comments

A woman breasts and the nipples: Anastasia chopped off Hauwa's right nipple

Iron Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion entered the book of infamy when in a fit of anger, grabbed the ears of rival, Evander Holyfield and chopped off some cartilage off with his teeth, spitting it on the floor.

In Nigeria, a 28-year-old woman, Anastasia Uche of Kurudu, Abuja, has also entered the record books for biting off a fellow woman’s nipples during an argument.

A woman breasts and the nipples: Anastasia chopped off Hauwa’s right nipple

Anastasia has been charged before the Karu Magistrate court in the suburbs of Nigeria’s capital of Abuja, according to Nigeria’s News Agency.

The police prosecutor, Cpl. Pascal Njoku, told the court that Anastasia bit Hauwa Musa on the right breast and severed the nipple, thereby causing grievous hurt to Hauwa.

Njoku said that the offence contravened Section 241 of the Penal Code.

The accused pleaded not guilty and her counsel, Mr Michael Ejeh, applied for bail for her.

Magistrate Christopher Oba told both the complainant and the accused to explore the possibility of resolving the matter, saying: “Nobody benefits from trouble.’’

“I will advise that both parties in this matter should sit down and explore the possibility of resolving this matter,’’ he said.

He, therefore, granted bail to the accused in the sum of N50,000, about $330 and a surety in the like sum.

“The surety must have a reasonable means of livelihood and a traceable address within the jurisdiction of this court,’’ he ruled.

The magistrate adjourned the case to 21 November for hearing, if both parties failed to resolve the matter.

You wonder what they will resolve: will the nipple be re-attached Hauwa’s breast?

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17 Comments for “Woman bites off another woman’s Nipple”

  1. @Pm news, thanks for the amazing picture

  2. Gideon Orkar

    PM could you have used more pictures of nipples?

  3. ijawman1

    They are cannibals, Hauwa should be thankful it was only her nipple.

  4. Ms. Doubtful

    Gorgeous breasts

  5. man alone

    PM News you sell pornographics to your readers, all in the name of news. This is junk journalism and it is highly condemed. please try to employ moraly upright individuals or you will start loosing some of your readers.

  6. Nawa o!!!!!!!
    so many things are happening this days. Just wondering, were the fighting naked? How did Anastasia Uche see Hauwa Musa’s nipple to bite off? its a mystery…………..

  7. @man alone you lie!You seem to be from another planet entirely.Do you know that people pay to see breasts?Yet for free you think readers will run?You lie wallahi.

  8. @soronnadi you kins of course.You just made her nipple-less!

    • Mr Fadl-Rahman

      I’m astonished by your level of reasoning so that is why you came to this site just to see pornographic pictures I’m sure you don’t have children and if you do i wonder if this is what you would encourage them to view… You bear a Muslim name “ISA” yet you encourage looking at the genitals of a female its very sad… Ramadan was just a few months back I’m sure if you’re a Muslim you would av avoided the slightest exposure to pictures like this but now Ramadan is over the sin continues, and if you’re a christian i don’t think this is what your pastor preached last Sunday… Reflect over your self!

  9. Harrison

    Hi, you guys should not have photographed the nipples? haba!!!

  10. Mr Fadl-Rahman

    Its very sad that journalism is now being taken over by all sorts of people so this is the best pm news could do to post picture of the nipples of a woman all in the name of news. This website should have just been named “pm porn” or something like that, didn’t the editor of this site think about young readers… its sad but im sorry to say this is something you would never see on

  11. joseph

    The judge to this case should be forced to resign. What are you settling out of court? it is a crimminal case that should be prosecuted in court.

  12. Joy

    PM News, there is no need to inlcude the pictures, it is part of private part of someone.

  13. Joy

    If you like, you may not release the message to the general public, but the ultimate thing is that you’ve seen the truth.

  14. sega

    How she go fit breast feed now? Pity on the poor lady.

  15. Wow! what can I say? Occasionally we see things like this happening in Nigeria and I just wonder if we are the only country with occasional mess and when we are going to have a world free of trouble. Then I realized that this will never happen, there would never be absolute peace, not in the world we live in and not even in our personal live so we just have to learn to deal with them as they come. God bless and help Nigeria

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