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We resumed our discussion on Moniplexes after my Mentor had shared some personal experiences with us. He suddenly fired a question at Dele. “My friend, I want you to be as frank as possible with me on this question. If you are not sincere in your answer it would be like the case of a patient who misinforms his doctor about the symptoms he noticed in his system. Of course, you can guess the outcome!

Ayo Arowolo

“What was your motive for coming to London? What drove you here? Was it money or the desire to realise your career goal? And let me ask you this: Assuming money is not going to be a problem again, I mean if God says He will guarantee your financial prosperity irrespective of the career you choose, would you still work with your former employer if he offered to re-absorb you?”

I was waiting for what Dele would say. My Mentor also paused, waiting for Dele’s answer. But something strange started to happen. Tears started to stream down Dele’s face. He wasn’t far away from sobbing out loud. I was a bit surprised at the turn of events.

“Don’t worry. Just go ahead and pour out your heart. Allow God to do the healing,” my Mentor soothed Dele. I felt a little bit of unease myself. Eventually, Dele regained his composure, wiped off his tears and began to speak.

“Sir, I believe God is using you to address an issue of concern to me. Let me be frank with you sir. I came to London 12 years ago not to achieve any particular career aspiration. I was driven here from pressure at home, the need to make money and be able to assist my relatives. I was particularly scared that with the way things were going, I might not be able to take care of my mum before she died. I wanted to make money by all means even if it involved washing corpses, which I did for some time. But I was lucky I got a good job early enough. As my wife said, I made good money, but I was not fulfilled. I realised that I had a passion in something else other than the job I was doing. I feel more at peace with myself anytime I am behind my piano composing music. At a point, I lost interest in the job. I was not concentrating.

So, I was not surprised at all that I was sacked. I saw it coming. Honestly at that point, I wanted to return to Nigeria, but I was thinking of the embarrassment I would face going home without money to do what I would like to do. I resorted to drinking and partying just to suppress the deep sense of emptiness I felt in me. What I am saying, sir, is that even if I am asked to resume on a salary twice what I was earning, I won’t go. I want to do something meaningful with my life. I particularly long to go back to Nigeria.”

I could read a sense of relief on Dele’s face. “Thank you for being honest with yourself,” my Mentor said. “I asked those questions for a number of reasons. Our God is a purpose-driven God. He created everybody to achieve a particular purpose while on earth. You can’t find satisfaction until you discover God’s purpose in your life and begin to pursue it with all your strength. Money cannot give you satisfaction. Your wife cannot either. Material possessions cannot answer to your true happiness. You only find satisfaction by staying in the centre of God’s assignment for your life. That is the only thing that matters in this world, really. My friend ( referring to me) was in a similar situation before. He had planned to use the opportunity of a trip to the United States to relocate from Nigeria. But as he soon found out, fulfilment can only come when you are in the centre and the place of God’s assignment for your life.

Here is  the message I was trying to preach to you Dele,” my Mentor intoned. “God has an assignment for every single human He created. You will not find fulfillment until you locate that assignment and commit yourself to achieving it. Sometimes, God’s assignment for you can be geographical. You have to stay exactly where He wants you to stay to fulfill His assignment for you. And if you rebel, He can use pain to bring you back. Working where God has not assigned you is the fourth symptom of moniplexes.

Regardless of the course you studied in the university, what is important is to find out what you are wired to do. My friend (referring to me) studied Political Science both at graduate and post graduate levels but he has been a journalist since graduation. Don’t be afraid to vote for your passion. It may not make sense to anyone else but as long as you are at home with it, it will bring you before kings. I always like to refer to the story of Joseph as told in the Christian Bible. His gift was his unusual ability to interpret dreams. He was sold into slavery by his brothers who felt threatened by his passion. While serving his master, he was lied against and got thrown into jail unjustly. Ultimately, by divine arrangement, Joseph found himself ruling as prime minister in Egypt. What got him out of darkness was his gift.

I will leave you to reflect more on the question I asked you,” my Mentor stopped again. We decided to close for the day to resume the following day.


• Are you going through any painful experience now?

• Loss of a job?

• Confusion over your career?

• Financial crisis?

• Be still and know that God is with you in all these

• He wants to build yet another character in you.

Don’t ever give up.


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