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An average fashionista enjoys wearing tight clothing to look fit and fabulous regardless of the pain of wearing them.

There are many health risks involved squeezing yourself into  tight fitting clothes.

Medical practitioners have done  some studies on “tight fitting” clothing including skinny jeans  and found out that the people that wear tight fitting clothes  can develop a nerve condition called meralgia paresthetica, also known as “tingling thigh syndrome .

This condition, according to The Canadian Medical Association Journal, causes a burning sensation under the hip bone. This can cause numbness and tingling in the legs. Another scary-sounding problem caused by too-tight jeans is  jeans folliculitus, a type of skin irritation.

It  also discovered that women wearing ‘tight fitting’ clothing can also get a yeast infection. A yeast infection thrives in a warm, moist place and they can be itchy, painful, and irritating. Tight clothing doesn’t provide enough airflow to particular areas and as it becomes moist, the wearer ends up with a terrible case of yeast infection.

The pressure of the tight clothing pushes against the stomach which  causes intra-abdominal pressure, explained  Barbara Kasey Smith of Helium, an online journal. As a result of wearing tight fitting clothing, the acid from your stomach squirts back into your esophagus, which gives you a terrible case of heartburn.

Have you ever been wearing a pair of tight jeans and felt faint? When garments are so tight around the middle area of the body, it can cause the chest not to fully expand causing breathing to be shallow. It has also been known to decrease oxygen intake and result in a person fainting.

Tight fitting clothing is also harmful for men because it can cause infertility in them and the testicles can also suffer damage.

Think before you slip into your next tight clothing article because it can be risky for your health. We all like to think we look curvy and sexy in our tight fitting jeans but actually we are causing damage to our bodies in many areas. Wouldn’t you rather save yourself all the suffering and pain and wear clothes that are comfortable and fit well?

Look for more forgiving cuts with looser legs and thighs, straight leg jeans give you the lean look without the tight fit of skinny jeans. You can opt for jeans with more stretch in them.

—Fashion and  medical online journals

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