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Pastor divorces wife after 26 years  print

Published on October 12, 2012 by   ·   19 Comments

A Nigerian pastor has got his prayer fulfilled by a Customary Court in Lagos.

After accusing his wife of 26 years and mother of his seven children of disrespect and lack of support, he wanted the marriage annulled.

An Igando Customary Court granted his prayers Friday.

The Court President, Mr Adewale Eko, held that Pastor Goodness Enemechukwu and Augustina were no longer husband and wife, as efforts of the court to save the union failed.

“This court has no choice than to dissolve the union, in spite of the fact that the wife still claims she loves her husband. The parties are free to go their separate ways,’’ he ruled.

He said that the first three children of the marriage, aged 25, 23, 21 were old enough to decide where to live.

” The custody of the remaining four children, who are under age, is hereby referred to the Family Court,” he said.

The court ordered Goodness to allow Augustina to enter his house and pack her belongings in the presence of some court officials and policemen.

Eko also ordered the cleric to pay N100,000 as rehabilitation cost to Augustina, and N10,000 monthly for the upkeep of the children.

Goodness, a pastor of the Jesus World Church, filed for divorce on 4 September.

“My wife is giving me a tough time; she does not respect me, she fights me and rains curses on me,’’ Goodness told the court.

He claimed that Augustina refused to support his ministry, and that she discouraged worshippers from coming to the church.

“Because of her troubles, I had to leave the house for her and move to the camp,” the pastor, who resides at Okerube, a Lagos suburb, said.

He prayed the court to dissolve the union to enable him to forge ahead in his pastoral work.

Augustina denied the allegations, saying that she has been a submissive wife.

She accused Goodness of womanising.

“About six members of the church have called me on phone, telling me to warn my husband. I told him to stop disgracing God and turn a new leaf, but he refused,” she said.

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19 Comments for “Pastor divorces wife after 26 years”

  1. Dan

    Wonders shall never end. A Pastor divorcing his wife after 26 years? You can’t manage your family, how then can you pastor your flock? Signs of END TIME!

    • If you know anything that will cost you eternal life, you refrain from it. Never say never. If after that number of years with grown up children and still yet the man is bent on letting the woman go, you might wonna think twice before you judge that man. That you are a pastor or a Christian has nothing to do with it when the devil comes through your wife to pull you down. The only force that enhances the power of satan at a rapid and uncotrollable pace to connect you to him (satan or demon) is through your wife and so the only way to deal with it when you figure out that your wife has made bonds with the demons is to let her go!

  2. yahaya dogo

    Thanks Dan,you’ve said it all.really signs of the end time. that pastor is from the pit of hell. This are the people disgracing Christianity.

  3. ferdyokwu

    A tip of the iceberg! Hear the wife: “She accused Goodness of womanising.

    “About six members of the church have called me on phone, telling me to warn my husband. I told him to stop disgracing God and turn a new leaf, but he refused,” she said.
    This revelation is typical of most of these “miracle church” pastors, What do we expect from these new generation, end time churches that operate in a disorderly and uncontrolled manner!

  4. otunba sege

    are you sure this guy is a pastor ? he sounds like a desperate biz man

  5. Lord Esiri

    These fake Ibo pastor should be stoned to death. There’re many that sleep with married women. Who ordained him? Christ calling from where? Divorce so that he can marry his church member. This 419 pastor has got powers from the river, or from Auchi river. Collecting 10% illegal tithes.

    • Syl

      Esiri, can’t you give constructive criticism? What has he’s being Ibo got to do with it and by the way who gave you the power to say he should be stoned to death? If you don’t know what to say or how to put your comments in order I suggest you STFU.

  6. Very bad development. Unfortunately this kind of thing takes place pretty often. Normal abnormality and abnormal normality! You may even be surprised to hear such a pastor claiming to have been led by the ‘spirit’ to divorce his wife. That should be the spirit of the devil at work. A big shame!

  7. Ogoni Boy

    Hmmmmn, The pastor would have read more in the Bible about forgiveness and applied same to the razor-mouthed wife. Some women are just knives instead of wives in their supposedly marital homes. Pastor Goodness, if God is divorcing people for being disrespectful i wonder how many people will live in Nigeria today. What are you going to preach to your church members about forgiveness? After 26 solid years of marriage, is it now that your wife indifference to your aspirations really becoming unbearable? Iam deeply disappointed and pray for your change of heart to take back.The Bible teaches us that we are not to get divorced.
    In Matthew 5:32 Jesus teaches about divorce:
    “But I say that a man who divorces his wife, unless she has been unfaithful, causes her to commit adultery. And anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”

  8. Michael

    This is a real malady happening in my country, and it’s growing by the day even among these so called men of God.

  9. igyem nukwis jos

    all the comments made by all of u are in order but i have to add by asking this little QUESTION;is he really a good christian.? if u are not born again, u cannot be a pastor except money making, antichrist and 419 pastoral if not, christianity do not divorce and there is 100% forgivenss in christianity. pls donot call anybody that call himself apastor except such a pastor have being ordained by a recognised church not this mushroom churches.

  10. igyem nukwis jos

    he is after ur tithes and ur women in the church and not ur salvation.shine ur eyes or u will loose all.

  11. They need prayers, because this is the work of the enemy… Even the prayers need to be prayed for…

  12. This is satan at work.

  13. ZIMAKO

    satan has conquered him and now he is heading for final destruction

  14. omo daddy

    This has nothing to do with Satan, Angel or anything or anybody celestial. The Pastor is tired of his madam after seven kids and 25 years. Madam is tired of Pastor doing “counselling”. the two of them are jokers. they both are not speaking the truth.

  15. clear head

    You all have no right to judge the pastor so harshly. He told his side of the story and the wife told her own side. none of us lived with them, so no one can tell who is telling a lie here. it could be the wife and she also could have been a wayward woman. pls, the burden you cannot bear, stop putting it on other people. What if the pastor is right in his allegations? how many of you calling him names can endure a wife like that? So what if he is pastor? Is that enough reason to allow a woman to kill you before your time? God has not put judgement in our hands.Pastors are humans too, with feelings. If he however has done something wrong, let God be the judge.

  16. george

    this thing happen everywhere today .
    the world has turn upside down.
    come to ghana or usa and see this happen everyday.
    the truth is if you are not in some one position you think different but when you find your self in same issue you will know how bad it is.
    and beside this is jesus prophecy taking place fight for your own future

  17. faith

    indeed dis is d perilous time.but take heed lest you fall

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